How to make a hardware medical pedicure


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What is it?

  1. Honey combs, flat calluses, cracks on the foot and heel;
  2. Problems of nails of various kinds( ingrowth, fungi, cracks, change in plate shape);
  3. Warts;
  4. Diabetic foot or blood supply problems of the lower limbs;
  5. Like classic manicure and pedicure, the technique can be used to soften hard skin, eliminate dead cells, etc.;
  6. Root or core corns that are not removed by other means.
Medical peeling

How to proceed

  1. procedure The patient is located in a comfortable armchair, reclining position;
  2. Depending on the nature of the problem, the doctor is only able to use the device or combine it with a manual cleaning tool;
  3. First, dust is removed from the foot using soft cleaners without alcohol. Further, a medicinal antiseptic is applied to the skin. It will help to recover faster after the procedure and minimize the probability of infection after a pedicure;

    Foot care Photo - Foot care

  4. After that, a composition is applied to the treated area to remove dead and keratinized cells. In most cases, salons use a professional alkaline solution for such purposes. It is fixed for a certain time on the foot and heel, after which it is peeled off with a grinding nozzle;
  5. For feet, a large number of different attachments are used. For example, from calluses can be applied grinding or highly abrasive, for nails softer, brush type;
  6. After the heels, grinding and cutting of the nails on the feet begins. Many masters recommend not touching the cuticle, because it serves as a protective barrier for the plate. Therefore, the nails are simply trimmed to the desired din and carefully ground;
  7. If necessary, the ingrown nail is treated or prevented. Here, a small hook is placed on the apparatus. It helps to clean the surface under the plate and raise the lowered and cutting edges of the nail;
  8. Sometimes more specialized orthopedic attachments are used, they allow not only to raise and pull the nail, but also to fix its position. After such a pedicure, the effect will last longer, in addition, there is a high probability that with the right footwear, the problem of ingrownness will not bother you at all;
  9. At the end of the beauty session, the skin and plates are treated with formulations to accelerate the regeneration and restore normal water balance. Sometimes clinics offer their clients a post-massage with vegetable oils( karyite, olive, almond) or additional spa treatments.
Pedicure in the salon Фото - Pedicure in the cabin Nail care Фото - Nail care
  1. The first day is not recommended to soar your feet or swim in a hot bath - it can steam out the skin and dry the upper, fresh layer;
  2. Do not wear narrow shoes. It should be exactly in size, do not put pressure on your leg. It is also desirable to purchase a "breathing" model, then the effect after the hardware care will last longer;
  3. Each evening, apply antiseptics with antifungal components to the heels and nails. They perfectly moisturize and protect against the spread of spores;
  4. Repeat the procedure every month, if necessary, more often;
  5. To keep the smooth heels longer, each time in the shower, scrub them with a simple mixture of salt and any oil( sunflower, olive, shea, etc.).

Price overview

City Cost, y.e. City Cost, y.e.
Moscow 60 Krasnoyarsk 55
St. Petersburg 60 Lipetsk 50
Novosibirsk 55 Minsk 60
Belgorod 50 Nizhny Novgorod 55
Vologda 50 Odessa 55
Voronezh 55 Omsk 50
Dnepropetrovsk 55 Rostov-on-Don 50
Donetsk 55 Perm 50
Ekaterinburg 50 Podolsk 50
Irkutsk 50 Samara 55
Kazan 55 Saratov 50
Kaliningrad 50 Tver 50
Kaluga 50 Tula 50
Kirov 50 Ufa 55
Kostroma 50 Chelyabinsk 50
Krasnodar 55 Yaroslavl 50
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