Borovoy uterus with myomas

Since ancient times the boron uterus has been considered a female herb. Her abilities have no boundaries. The uterus has curative properties that help prevent many diseases of the female reproductive system. The bovine uterus is used for myome, with diseases of the appendages and ovaries. It removes various inflammations, and also has antiseptic, diuretic, antitumor and resorptive effects.

Also this herb is able to strengthen immunity and improve the reproductive function of a woman. Borovaja uterus or an ortilia lopsided is used for medical therapy at sterility or barrenness, adhesive processes of fallopian tubes, erosions of a neck of an organ of a uterus, polycystosis of ovaries, cystitis. In addition, the healing properties have a beneficial effect in toxicoses in pregnant women, menstrual cycle disorders and painful periods of the premenstrual cycle.

As already mentioned, is used for treatment of the hog uterus and with myomas, and reviews about the properties and consequences of using such a

herb are only positive. Therefore, lately there has been an increase in interest in one-sided orthility. The demand for it was incredibly high. Because, even with the name "female grass", it is able to help men( for example, the medicinal properties of the hog queen are used for prostatitis in men).

Many experts in the field of medicine confirm that the grass of the hog queen is one of the best natural herbal remedies, which is used for the conservative treatment of many gynecological diseases. They also note the beneficial effects of grass in infertility and diseases of the genitourinary system of both the female and the male body.

And many women's forums provide a lot of information about the healing properties of this herb. On them, women are divided recipes cooking decoctions and tinctures. They also ask a lot of questions about the consequences and rules of the use of the uterus in the case of myoma, and the responses are received only with positive answers and ecstasy.

Description of medicinal herb

The hog queen has many names. Among them, one-sided, one-sided, a Baba, a bokotsvetku, a motherboard, a furrow and many others are singled out. It can be found throughout the forest zone in a temperate climate on almost all continents of the globe. But often the boron uterus is found in coniferous forests, meadows, glades, fringes and swamps. It is a perennial plant, up to twenty-five centimeters high. Has inflorescences and leathery green leaves.

The boron uterus is very widely used in myoma. Only the above-ground part of the plant is used, that is, leaves, stem and inflorescences. This herb contains tannins, various kinds of glycoside, arbutin, hydroquinone, flavonoids and resins. In addition, the bovine uterus is rich in coumarins, saponins, organic acids and vitamin C.

It is known that medicinal herb is used by many peoples to prevent and eliminate many diseases. Special distribution borovaya uterus was in Siberia. And already since 2003, Russia has adopted official regulatory documents for the use of Borovoe uterus for medicinal purposes.

The bovine uterus in myoma and other types of diseases of the reproductive system is used in various forms of its preparation. It can be alcohol and oil tinctures, decoctions and infusions. It is also used for syringing. All these forms have analgesic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antitumor and diuretic effects.

Use of a hog uterus with a myoma

Treatment of uterine fibroids with a bovine uterus Often, one-sided lentils are used for treatment in the form of various alcohol tinctures or decoctions. Tinctures of borovyh uterus on the basis of alcohol are easy to get in usual drugstores, but it is possible to prepare and itself. To do this, take half a liter of alcohol and 50 grams of grass. Mix thoroughly and insist for two weeks. Every day tincture should be shaken. And after a two-week period, it can be wrung out and strained. The prepared alcoholic tincture should be stored only in glassware and in a dark place.

For the treatment of uterine fibroids, the bovine uterus in the form of an alcoholic tincture is used for three weeks. To do this, three times a day, take thirty drops of tincture. After that, take a break, which lasts seven days. And, if necessary, repeat the course of therapy anew.

To prepare an infusion or decoction of an ortilia lopsided, you need to take one tablespoon of herbs and one glass of boiling water. Mix and heat on a water bath for fifteen minutes. Or just boil on low heat in enameled dishes for five minutes. After that it is necessary that the broth is infused( two or three hours).Also, the bovine uterus can be insisted in a thermos bottle.

Infusion or decoction from the bovine uterus is used for myomas about three weeks. To do this, take one third of the glass of broth. After a three-week course, you need to take a break. And, if necessary, repeat therapy. The broth of the hog queen does not taste very pleasant. Therefore, it is recommended to use it together with the tea of ​​wintergreen or wintergreen grass. They complement the curative properties of the hog uterus, and also increase its effectiveness.

When using a hog queen for a course of treatment, you need to remember that it has its contraindications. They consist in the incompatibility of its use and other medications. So, for example, it is forbidden to take boron and hormonal medications simultaneously, as well as estrogen-based contraceptives. If there is a disease of the gastrointestinal tract( for example, gastritis), then it is recommended to take decoctions and infusions only after eating. It is forbidden to treat the harvested uterus to pregnant women or nursing mothers. In addition, one-sided lychee should not be used in the first days of the menstrual cycle.

Before starting treatment of uterine fibroids with a hog uterus, it is recommended to consult a physician. Because, if you use it improperly, you can get unforeseen results of therapy and undesirable consequences. It is also important to remember that in the first two weeks of taking the bovine uterus, there may be exacerbations of the disease. But in the subsequent period of its application there is a relief of the disease and the process of recovery.

With uterine myoma, douching can also be performed. To prepare the material, take three tablespoons of herbs and pour one liter of water. Then you need to boil over low heat for fifteen minutes and let it brew for at least six hours. The course of treatment is carried out for ten days twice a day. At the same time, douching in the menstrual period should be avoided.

Often, the boron uterus is used for myome as an oil tincture. The recipe for its preparation is similar to the recipe for alcohol tincture. But the effect of the oil composition is no different from the simple methods of brewing it or insisting. Because all active substances that are contained in the grass, easily dissolve in water and alcohol.

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