How to treat rhinitis with folk remedies?

Rhinitis( rhinitis) is an inflammation of the nasal mucosa. Distinguish infectious rhinitis as an independent disease caused by various viruses and pathogens and rhinitis as a symptom that accompanies other diseases.

There are many methods of traditional and traditional medicine for getting rid of rhinitis. In this article, we will tell you how to treat rhinitis with folk remedies on your own.

Symptoms of rhinitis

A classic manifestation of rhinitis is nasal congestion, sneezing, mucous discharge from the nasal passages against a background of general weakening of the body. Often accompanied by fever, headaches, decreased sense of smell.

In rhinitis, sensations of burning and tickling in the nose are possible, the mucous membrane swells, creating an obstacle to normal breathing.

With vasomotor rhinitis, mucosal edema is observed, nasal congestion, tearing of the eyes, abundant discharge of mucus from the nasal cavity, headache. Abrupt reaction comes to smoke, frosty air, dust, smells, with

physical or psychological stress.

Symptoms very quickly appear and also disappear quickly. Often vasomotor rhinitis is confused with allergy, as the symptoms in both diseases are very similar.

Treatment of rhinitis at home

How to treat rhinitis by yourself? Many people with the first appearance of the common cold begin to dig in the nose vasoconstrictor drugs. It should be remembered that such drugs can not be used for more than 5 days and it is necessary to strictly observe the dosage of the drug.

For the treatment of rhinitis, even experts recommend using folk recipes. How to treat rhinitis with folk remedies? There are a lot of ways. It is important to remember that some drugs can cause allergic reactions, so choose a method of treatment should be very carefully.

Consider the most effective prescriptions for treating rhinitis at home.

- How to treat rhinitis with beet juice: it is necessary to bury the beet juice several times a day during the week. For the treatment of vasomotor rhinitis, tampons moistened in beetroot juice should be inserted for half an hour in each nasal passage for seven days. If healing does not occur, you need to take a break for several days and repeat the course of treatment.

- Nasal massage is carried out by easy tapping of fingers along the wings of the nose and nose bridge. With the help of massage, mucus will quickly separate from the nose and nasopharynx, making breathing easier. The procedure should be done every day several times until complete relief.

- Massage of the frontal and maxillary sinuses: the index fingers need to be pressed on the sinuses. Repeat pressing several times. You can apply rubbing movements. The procedure improves blood circulation.

- How to treat rhinitis with household soap: lubricate the nasal passages three times a day with soap. To do this, you need to rub your finger with plenty of soap and cover your nose from the inside.

- Leg warming: before going to bed you need to take hot foot baths with the addition of mustard and salt. After the procedure, rub your feet with alcohol and put on warm woolen socks.

- Treatment of rhinitis at home with the help of onions: the rubbed onion gruel should be wrapped in a handkerchief and put on the wings of the nose. Compress the best cover with a dry cloth on top and hold for 15 minutes. It is necessary to repeat the procedure 3-4 times a day. Also, you can do the instillation of onion juice into the nasal passages. This method is very effective and allows you to get rid of rhinitis in one day. To prepare the solution, one part of the onion juice should be diluted in three parts of the water so as not to burn the mucous membrane of the nose when digging. You can insert in the nose gauze or cotton swabs, soaked in a solution of onion juice.

How to cure vasomotor rhinitis

Vasomotor rhinitis is usually associated with disorders in the nasal mucosa, changes in vascular tone. This disease affects both children and adults. More often vasomotor rhinitis is observed in people with increased nervous excitability.

How to cure vasomotor rhinitis by yourself? First, you need to exclude the possibility of allergies. In the treatment of rhinitis, individual intolerance of some traditional medicine should be taken into account.

Here are a few recipes of alternative medicine and tell you how to cure vasomotor rhinitis at home:

- How to treat rhinitis with calendula: rinse the nasal passages with infusion of calendula twice a day with a syringe without needles 3-4 washings at a time. The procedures should be carried out within a week. To make a solution, pour 1 tablespoon of calendula with a glass of boiling water. Let it brew for half an hour and drain the solution.

- How to treat rhinitis with salt baths: Irrigate the nasal mucosa with salt solution twice a day for a month with a syringe without a needle. The procedure is carried out every other day. To prepare the solution, stir half a teaspoon of sea salt in a glass of water. After washing the nasal passages, it is necessary to drip into each nasal passage along a drop of eucalyptus oil.

- Treatment with chamomile baths: you need to draw in each nasal turn alternately for 5-10 seconds infusion of chamomile flowers. To make a present, a tablespoon of camomile flowers pour a glass of boiling water, insist for 20 minutes. Treatment is carried out for a week.

Rhinitis treatment with folk remedies - How to treat rhinitis with inhalation: it is necessary to breathe hot steam of boiled potatoes for 15 minutes. When inhalation, to avoid swelling of the mucosa and to eliminate the occurrence of the greenhouse effect, you can not cover from above. Repeat procedure 10 times every other day. Before the beginning of inhalation boiled potatoes need to be kneaded a little in hot water, in which it was cooked.

Rhinitis prophylaxis

Now you know how to treat rhinitis with folk remedies. But much more important is not treatment, but timely prevention and prevention of the disease.

For prophylaxis of rhinitis it is necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle, to abandon bad habits, to temper the organism and to go in for sports in the open air. It is important to strengthen immunity and nervous system, to treat infectious diseases in a timely manner.

And remember - your health is in your hands!