Tablets for abortion

Tablet abortion is a modern way of aborting a pregnancy without surgical intervention in the early stages. These drugs contain mifepristone, a special substance that blocks the release of the hormone progesterone. After taking the tablet for abortion, the hormone progesterone required for normal pregnancy development decreases. The muscles of the cervix relax, the flaking of the mucous membrane of the uterus begins, which can be accompanied by bleeding. The second component - misoprostol, provokes the contraction of the uterus. As a result of the increased work of the musculature of the uterus, the fetal egg is excreted. As a result, within 5-6 hours, abortion occurs. The effectiveness of tableted abortion is 95-98% according to statistics. This is only slightly less effective than surgical abortion.

Disadvantages of abortion with tablets:

  • Bleeding may occur.
  • Infection may occur( very rarely).
  • In 2-3% of cases the procedure is not so successful.
  • Tablets from an abortion may not work i

Benefits of abortion with

tablets This type of abortion has several advantages:

  • No surgical intervention. A pregnant woman needs only take under the supervision of a doctor tablets for abortion.
  • Abortion with pills passes without risk of damage to the cervix and uterus itself, as there are no mechanical effects.
  • A sterile operating environment is not required, as the risk of infection is low.
  • A woman experiences less stress than a surgical abortion.
  • The risk of maternal mortality is very low.
  • It is carried out without anesthesia. Many women manage without even anesthetics.
  • Probability of consequences is much less than with other types of abortion.
  • Abortion with pills is cheaper than surgical abortion.
  • When abortion with pills, the rehabilitation period of the body is small.

Important! When abortion with pills, the gestation period should be small( up to 6 weeks), up to 42 days from the first day of delay of the monthly. On longer terms, the effectiveness decreases.

Tablet abortion

Contraindications to abortion using tablets

As with any medicines, these tablets have contraindications:

  • ectopic pregnancy;
  • gestation period is more than 6 weeks;
  • chronic, acute renal failure;
  • hepatic impairment;
  • intolerance to mifepristone;
  • pregnancy, on the background of intrauterine contraception;
  • uterine fibroids;
  • anemia;
  • inflammation of the pelvic organs;
  • inflammatory processes of the gastrointestinal tract.

With caution: with hypertension, lactation, with scars on the uterus.

Stages of tableted abortion

Preliminary examination: diagnosis of pregnancy, determination of the period, identification of possible contraindications.

The first stage of abortion : a pregnant woman takes 3 tablets for abortion mifepristone in a dose of 600 mg. The patient should remain under medical supervision for 2 hours after taking the drug. The norm is spotting and spasmolytic pain. The doctor should give recommendations and funds for the second stage.

The second stage of abortion: , the second method of prostaglandins( Mirolyut, Misoprostol, etc.) is performed at home in 36-48 hours. At this stage, the fetus leaves the uterus. The abundance of bloody discharge and the presence of pain syndrome are highly individual. It is necessary to follow doctor's advice. You can take authorized painkillers.

Follow-up examinations must be completed three days after taking abortion tablets. It is also necessary to undergo an ultrasound examination to make sure that there are no remains of the fetal egg in the uterus. The next gynecological examination and ultrasound is carried out in one to two weeks. If necessary, the doctor can prescribe a blood test for hCG.In case of incomplete abortion, or if pregnancy continues, vacuum aspiration is prescribed( mini-abortion).

Drugs for abortion with tablets

Drugs for abortion are only supplied to licensed health facilities. Ask for help from a gynecologist.

The first stage of abortion requires anti-gestagenic drugs: Mifegin, Mifepriston, Pencrofton.

The second stage of abortion - prostaglandin preparations: misoprostol, mirolut, saitotec

Is it possible to have an abortion at home?

The female body is designed so that any abortion is a risk to life. Doing an abortion at home is an illegal act. Abortions can lead to various complications. Of course, the theoretically tabulated abortion is very simple to do at home. But such complications as uterine bleeding at home can be fatal for a woman. In any medical institution with complications will help in time to cope. An abortion without ultrasound and a preliminary examination can lead to undesirable consequences.

Severe complications:

  • Uterine bleeding can occur after any abortion. Tablet is not an exception! The probability of bleeding can not be determined in advance. Therefore, the woman receives clear instructions in the hospital if she is released home.
  • Infection. With abortion, the uterine cavity bleeds, so the infection can get both outside and inside. If the patient previously had an inflammatory process of the pelvic organs, the situation is aggravated. It is important to conduct a survey, not to start the infectious process and to preserve the childbearing function of a woman.
  • After any abortion there is an exacerbation of chronic diseases, in particular diseases of female genital organs. Even if their symptoms were not previously disturbed, be ready to be treated on time.
  • Removal of the fetal egg may not be complete. The doctor will determine the tactics of the action in this case. You may need additional medications for uterine contraction, mini-abortion, or scraping. Under the control of a gynecologist, we solve this issue. At home, severe bleeding can lead to iron deficiency anemia, and the remains of the fetal egg will become a source of infections.
  • Complications after an abortion may occur after a few months and years. It can be hormonal disorders, infertility, ovarian dysfunction, endometriosis.

With abortion tablets, the timing is strictly limited to 6 weeks gestation.

Abortion is a complex operation, it is unacceptable to conduct it at home.

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