Pain after abortion

Abortion is an artificial termination of pregnancy in the early stages. With the onset of pregnancy, the breasts and the whole body of women begin to prepare for childbirth, and abortion becomes the cause of a malfunction in the body of a woman and entails not only physiological, but also hormonal changes.

Pain after abortion can be of a different nature, depending on how the artificial abortion was carried out. Pain after abortion, made surgically, is caused by contraction of the uterus and returning it to its original size. The cause of pain after medical abortion is the rejection of the fetus.

In this article, we will talk about pain after abortion and some rules that will help to avoid complications after abortion.

Pain after surgical abortion

When the abortion is surgically or vacuum vacuumed( mini-abortion), the most painful part of the procedure is the removal of the fetal egg. The operation is performed under general or local anesthesia.

After a surgical abortion, the uterus shrink

s to its original size, and because of this, the abdominal pain. Painful sensations pulling, aching, in character resemble pain during menstruation. This phenomenon is quite natural and should not cause concern. With a normal outcome of the operation, painful sensations will pass in a few days.

There are cases when pain after an abortion is caused by complications. In the critical majority of cases( about 90%) with surgical abortion, the infection causing the endometritis - inflammation of the inner lining of the uterus is put into the uterus cavity. With endometritis, the body temperature rises, the abdomen of the abdomen after an abortion hurts more than 7 days, the pain sensations increase, and the discharge has an unpleasant odor. If you have these symptoms, you should immediately call your doctor.

There are cases when during the operation the fetus was not completely removed and small parts of the fetal egg remained in the uterine cavity. Remnants of the fetal tissue do not allow the uterus to contract normally, causing severe and prolonged bleeding, which threatens a great deal of blood loss. In this bleeding is not always accompanied by severe pain, there are only unpleasant sensations in the lower abdomen. When there is pallor, cold sweat, increased heart rate as a result of blood loss, a woman needs immediate hospitalization.

Pain after medical abortion

Medical abortion does not require surgical intervention and is an induced miscarriage through the use of medications strictly under the supervision of a physician. Under the influence of pharmaceuticals the fetal egg leaves the uterus cavity on its own.

After a medical abortion, the lower abdomen and lower back ache, while the sensations resemble contractions during childbirth. The drug causes a contraction of the uterine muscles, there is a pushing of the fetal egg from the vagina. Usually a woman feels the same way as during a spontaneous miscarriage. Pain sensations are also similar to menstrual pain. Very often pains are accompanied by bleeding, which gradually stops after rejection and exit of the fetal egg.

Doctors do not recommend taking antispasmodic and pain medications at this time. With pain relief, such medications, weakening the intensity of uterine contraction, can disrupt the process of the miscarriage called.

If after a medical abortion the lower abdomen hurts more than two days, you should immediately call your doctor. Perhaps there were some complications.

Why does my chest hurt after an abortion?

With the onset of pregnancy, the breast begins to prepare for feeding the future baby. Interruption of pregnancy adversely affects the mammary glands, because all the processes of preparation for breastfeeding are violated, and the breast begins to gradually return to its previous form. Breasts are very sensitive to various hormonal failures and stresses. For this reason, the breast after the abortion and it hurts. The recovery process is quite long, but usually with time the pain subsides and disappears completely.

Often after an abortion inflammation occurs in the mammary glands. If the breast after an abortion hurts for a long time, seals or swelling are felt in it, then it is necessary to appear to the mammologist as soon as possible. It should be remembered that abortion can provoke the formation of a tumor or mastopathy in the mammary gland.

According to medical statistics, the more a woman makes abortions, the more she is exposed to the risk of breast cancer, and the risk of developing mastopathy after the second abortion is increased sevenfold. And thus it is absolutely unimportant, in what way and on what term the abortion has been made. We must not forget about this danger.

In addition, after breast abortion, the breast may be affected by a continuing pregnancy or a new conception. With prolonged pain in the mammary glands, it is necessary to visit a specialist. The doctor with the help of ultrasound can exclude this possibility, establish the cause of the source of pain and prescribe a timely effective treatment.

Prophylaxis of pain after abortion

It hurts after a medical abortion Any interruption of pregnancy is fraught with consequences, which can occur immediately, and after a while. There are some rules, observing which you can avoid complications after an abortion.

First of all it is necessary to refuse from taking a bath and to avoid any physical exertion. In the period of restoration of the body, sexual relations are strictly forbidden. For an active lifestyle, a woman should return no earlier than a month after the artificial termination of pregnancy.

At the same time, it is necessary to strictly observe the rules of personal hygiene: regularly, at least twice a day, wash with a weak solution of potassium permanganate or boiled water.

Take medications that are prescribed by the doctor after the abortion - hormonal contraceptives and antibiotics. This will help prevent infection, align the hormonal background and restore the menstrual cycle.

Compliance with these rules will help to preserve the health of women and will prevent possible pain after an abortion.

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