Abortion after cesarean section

Recently Caesarean section has ceased to be a rarity. The process of childbirth does not always go smoothly, and often urgent measures in the form of an urgent cesarean section are required to save the baby and mother. In some cases, caesarean section is planned in advance because of the impossibility of natural delivery due to pathologies of the fetus or mother.

In this article, we will describe whether it is possible to have an abortion after a cesarean section, and also when an abortion is performed after a cesarean.

The woman's body after cesarean section

After the caesarean section, the female body is restored about two months later. Active recovery of the uterus occurs during the first month, and at this time it is important to avoid any mechanical effects. During this period, the risk of infection of the uterus surface injured as a result of the operation is great. Before its full healing, intimate life is contraindicated.

Menstrual cycle of every woman after childbirth is restored ind

ividually. If a woman does not breastfeed after a cesarean section, her menstrual cycle is restored in one and a half to two months. The first two menstruation after surgery are usually abundant. In nursing women, the menstrual cycle is set depending on the feeding regimen.

Caesarean section cuts the uterus to extract the fetus. For a complete overgrowth of the wound after the operation, it takes at least two years, and for this reason, doctors recommend to be protected from the very beginning of the restoration of sexual activity after childbirth.

Pregnancy after Caesarean section

Caesarean section surgery alone reduces the likelihood of a new pregnancy. In the mucous membrane of the uterus irreversible changes occur in the place of the incision. Attached to the rumen oocyte simply can not.

However, medicine knows of rare cases of gestation and self-delivery after cesarean section, but this is more likely an exception to the rule. Pregnant woman after cesarean puts at risk not only the health of the fetus, but also her own health and life. During pregnancy, the uterus increases in size and there is a high risk of rupture of the caesarean section.

Pregnancy after cesarean with unhealed rumen is accompanied by severe toxicosis, sharp painful sensations in the lower abdomen, bloody discharge, general weakness and physical malaise.

Caesarean section is not an obstacle for the birth of follow-up children, but doctors recommend waiting at least three years for a new pregnancy.

Can I have an abortion after a cesarean?

The absence of menstruation during lactation does not preclude the possibility of conception even in the first two months after cesarean section.

Can I have an abortion after a cesarean? Women who have undergone cesarean section surgery are recommended to protect themselves for three to four years after delivery, since there is a risk of rupture of the scar on the uterus during subsequent pregnancy or childbirth.

An unplanned pregnancy after caesarean section is most often recommended to be stopped by artificial means, since the scar has not yet fully formed, the uterus is not strengthened. When choosing a method for an abortion after a cesarean, the pregnancy period is extremely important.

Surgical abortion ( scraping of the uterus) is carried out at the gestational age of up to twelve weeks. By special adaptation the doctor expands the cervix and makes the scraping of the fetus from the uterine cavity. This procedure is performed in a hospital. Surgical abortion after caesarean section is most often the cause of complications and undesirable negative consequences.

Medical abortion is the initiation of bleeding with the help of medications. It is performed on the gestation period up to 50 days. The medication is taken outpatiently under the supervision of a doctor. A detached fetal egg leaves through the vagina with blood. Feels like medical abortion resembles menstrual pain. This method of conducting an abortion after a cesarean is most preferable.

Mini-abortion ( vacuum aspiration) is carried out with the help of a special device that creates a vacuum in the uterine cavity and sucks the fetal egg. This method is considered the most sparing. Mini-abortion is performed during pregnancy until 6 weeks.

When do abortions after cesarean delivery? For medical abortion after caesarean should be at least one year, vacuum-aspiration can be carried out after six months.

If the pregnancy still occurs within six months after cesarean delivery, abortion is performed exclusively using the traditional scraping method, that is, surgically. The operation is performed under full control with the help of ultrasound: it is necessary to avoid complications associated with cicatricial cicatrix.

Can I have an abortion after a cesarean?

Consequences of abortion after cesarean

Any method of conducting an abortion after a cesarean has unpleasant consequences for a woman's health. After drug abortion, prolonged bleeding is possible. After surgical abortion, a woman needs mandatory rehabilitation, including antibiotics and antifungal drugs.

When an abortion is performed after cesarean section, the scar on the uterus becomes thinner. This causes the miscarriage of subsequent pregnancies and can lead to rupture of the uterus. In addition, abortion after cesarean, as, indeed, in all other cases, can cause bleeding, infection complications, cause infertility and miscarriage. It should also be mentioned that the artificial termination of pregnancy significantly increases the risk of developing tumorous diseases.

In addition, surgical abortion is the cause of the emergence of new scars on the uterus, and vacuum aspiration and medical abortion pose an additional burden on the fragile uterus after a cesarean. Do not forget that no such procedure goes without a trace for the physical and psychological health of women. It is better to take care of the methods of contraception beforehand in order to avoid abortion and its consequences, and especially after cesarean section.

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