How to become pregnant after an abortion and medical abortion?

Sometimes women have to have an abortion. But life does not stop there, and many later think about pregnancy. Since abortion often negatively affects female reproductive function, many women have a question about how to get pregnant after an abortion. Some seek help from doctors, others look for recipes for traditional medicine. But this is not always necessary: ​​the probability of getting pregnant after an abortion in most women is quite high.

How to get pregnant after an abortion?

Let's try to figure out whether it's possible to get pregnant after an abortion. According to experts, in a healthy woman, pregnancy after an abortion may appear even before the onset of the first menstruation. Therefore, we must not forget about contraceptives. The woman's organism perceives the artificial termination of pregnancy as the beginning of a new cycle. So if the necessary layer of the endometrium has formed in the uterus, and ovulation has come just in time, nothing will prevent fertilization.

At the same time, each woman has different reactions to abortion. Some can become pregnant after abortion immediately after the restoration of the menstrual cycle, while others may lose the ability to conceive for 2-3 years or more. According to many years of statistics, about 10% of women have problems with conceiving a child after an abortion. And in most cases this happens after the first abortion, made at a young age.

How to get pregnant after an abortion a woman will be told in detail by a gynecologist. It is very important to find a "your" doctor who can be trusted. And, of course, you need to be able to listen to your body.

If a woman thinks about whether to get pregnant after an abortion, the following tips will be helpful, following which one can maintain a healthy reproductive function:

  • A few days after the abortion, be sure to visit the doctor to check the status of the uterus. If necessary, the doctor will prescribe a special treatment that will help prevent the development of inflammation and scarring.
  • If after an abortion several years have passed, before you conceive a child, take a look at the doctor. If necessary, the doctor will conduct therapy, which will greatly facilitate the onset of conception.
  • If within half a year after active attempts to become pregnant, which was preceded by abortion, conception does not come, be sure to check with a doctor.
  • Specialists do not advise to become pregnant within the first six months after the abortion. Therefore, during this period, use contraception. It is better if they are picked up by a doctor.

How to increase the probability of conception after an abortion?

Many factors significantly reduce the possibility of becoming pregnant. One can single out the main ones:

  • the use of oral contraceptives for a long time;
  • disorders of the menstrual cycle, the existence of uncharacteristic vaginal discharge and bleeding of an unexplained nature;
  • dysfunction or chronic diseases of the uterus after a previous abortion;
  • frequent pains in the lower abdomen, the presence of uncomfortable sensations in the lower back;
  • chronic fatigue, persistent stress.

One of the main reasons for the impossibility of conception after abortion experts call a negative psycho-emotional mood. Many women after an abortion experience feelings of guilt, fall into depression. As a result, an unfavorable background for conception is created. If a woman wants to become pregnant, you need to stop torturing yourself and blaming yourself. It is better not to think constantly about how to get pregnant, but simply believe in a miracle and confidently expect that it will necessarily happen.

Well, in order to increase the probability of getting pregnant after an abortion, a woman should normalize her way of life. Doctors recommend following the following tips:

  • sleep at least eight hours a day;
  • to engage in physical exercises, health procedures;
  • must include in the daily routine a walk in the fresh air;
  • to exclude from their lives alcoholic beverages, smoking;
  • to refuse from sharp, sweet and fatty foods, to give preference to healthy and healthy food;
  • to see in the surrounding world as much as possible positive and beautiful.

Probability to become pregnant after an abortion

How to become pregnant after a medical abortion?

Modern women are increasingly resorting to medical abortion. Its essence is reduced to taking certain pills, under the influence of which there is a spontaneous rejection of the fetal egg( miscarriage).These drugs short-term affect the hormonal levels of women and prevent the stable development of pregnancy.

The drug for medical abortion should be prescribed only by a doctor, since such drugs have contraindications( ectopic or unspecified pregnancy, severe heart diseases, liver failure, inflammation of the digestive system).In addition, medical abortion is only possible for up to eight weeks of pregnancy.

How to become pregnant after a medical abortion? Drug interruption of pregnancy is less traumatic for the female body. Therefore, conception after it can usually occur much earlier than after a surgical abortion.

At the same time, doctors in such cases do not recommend hurrying with a new pregnancy. It is necessary that at least six months have passed since the medical abortion. Although in some cases, doctors talk about a period of three months.

Early pregnancy may be accompanied by greater risks and complications. It can be an ectopic pregnancy, a threat of interruption, various pathologies of pregnancy and fetus development.

The main recommendations on how to get pregnant after an abortion of a medication are the same as after a surgical termination of pregnancy. The main thing is to observe an experienced doctor, lead a healthy lifestyle and maintain a positive attitude. And then you will succeed!

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