What to eat when breastfeeding

Pregnancy and childbirth are a rather difficult period for the female body. Therefore, in the postpartum period, a woman needs to recover, replenish those substances that were spent during the bearing and birth of the baby.

At the same time, the choice of food for breastfeeding should be selected taking into account the fact that the mother's organism is associated with the child. Breast milk contains elements that are produced by the maternal mammary gland. At the same time, those nutrients that are contained in the mother's blood are used. In the blood of a woman they come from her intestines. Thus, breast milk contains foods that make up the mother's diet. It is very important that what is eaten during breast-feeding of the mother is of good quality and contains useful nutrients to the child's body.

Modern women often suffer from many diseases, for example, disorders of the digestive system, allergic reactions. In addition, many pregnant women are susceptible to toxicoses. All this contributes t

o a change in the normal barrier function of the intestine. As a result, substances that cause allergic reactions, which normally should be eliminated from the body, are absorbed into the blood. After that they fall into the breast milk.

So, what do you eat when breastfeeding?

Mother's nutrition during breastfeeding

The breastfeeding nutrition should first of all be full-fledged. The diet of the mother, and hence of her child, should contain as much natural and fresh food as possible. It is very important that the food contains a large number of products that have calcium in their composition. It is necessary to completely exclude from the diet products containing preservatives, artificial colors.

It is very important that the mother's nutrition during breastfeeding does not contain potential allergens. Of course, it is impossible to know in advance which product will trigger an allergic reaction in the baby. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce new products gradually one at a time. It is best to try new food in the morning. Then a possible allergic reaction will occur in the afternoon, when it is easier, if necessary, to seek help from a doctor. Symptoms of an allergic reaction are usually upset stomach, skin rash, poor child's well-being. Each subsequent new product is introduced in three to four days.

Mothers often ask what they eat when breastfeeding or refuse to minimize the process of gas formation in a child. The reason that many babies suffer from increased gas formation is the high sensitivity of their digestive system. In order to help the baby, the mother must abandon the products that can provoke excessive gas formation. First of all, these are raw vegetables, especially cabbage, black bread, beans, kvass and other fermentation products. These products are administered gradually in very small doses. At the slightest signs of deterioration of the child, they must be abandoned.

Foods that can be eaten by a nursing mother

Mom A breastfeeding diet includes a fairly large amount of food. With their help, the mother should make a varied diet containing the necessary amount of essential nutrients, vitamins and trace elements.

The main importance in the diet for breastfeeding is given to dairy products. Nursing mother can include in her menu sour-milk products - kefir, bifidokefir, curdled milk, yogurts without additives and dyes. A day is recommended to consume about 600-800 ml of such products.

Milk is best used for making cereals, mashed potatoes. In this case, the mother can take about 200 ml of milk.

In addition to the above dairy products, a woman can include in the diet of raw cheese and cottage cheese.

When entering into the menu of dairy products, you need to pay attention that what is eaten during breastfeeding, should be an average fat content of 2.5%.The fat content of cottage cheese should be within 5-9%.Too fatty foods are not recommended, but those that have zero fat content that feeds a woman are not suitable.

Fats in the nursing mother's menu can be represented by butter, vegetable oil of all kinds. It is better to limit the cream varieties of margarine.

Nutrition during breastfeeding must necessarily include low-fat varieties of pork, beef, poultry, rabbit, any species of sea and river fish. Exclude only mackerel, which is an allergen.

The list of products of the diet during breastfeeding includes different cereals, bread with bran.

For mum-sweet tooth, acceptable treats for this period may be crackers, dry biscuits, marmalade, marshmallow, pastille.

It is very important that mother's nutrition during breastfeeding contains a sufficiently large number of vegetables and fruits, except for banned.

Drinks that can be consumed by a nursing mother are weak green and black tea, loose coffee( preferably with milk), fruit drinks, compotes, and still water. It is very good during the lactation to drink herbal teas with thyme, oregano. They stimulate an increase in the production of breast milk.

A lactating woman should drink about 1.5-2 liters of clean water a day.

If with everything that is eaten during breastfeeding everything is clear, you need to understand what products are prohibited during this period.

What can not be breastfed

A woman who breastfeeds a child should exclude the following products from her diet:

  • alcoholic beverages, including beer;
  • chocolate, crabs, crabs, mackerel, which belong to strong allergens;
  • garlic and onion, a specific strong odor which is often not liked by the child;
  • strong coffee and tea, which have an exciting effect on the baby;

Categorically it is impossible at this time to mum to smoke. Nicotine has a toxic effect on crumbs.

Many nursing mothers are interested in what can not be done with breastfeeding women who have problems with digestion, a predisposition to allergic reactions, and suffered a late toxicosis. Such women need to exclude from their menu the following products:

  • honey, eggs, milk, sugar, nuts, beans, black bread;
  • mayonnaise, canned food, smoked meat;
  • strawberries, raspberries, citrus fruits, grapes, tropical fruits;
  • products that contain artificial colors and preservatives;
  • fat meats, bacon.

In addition, a woman should drink juices during breastfeeding. They contain a large amount of minerals, vitamins.

Juices with breastfeeding should be with the pulp. Such juices contain dietary fibers that are necessary for the normal functioning of the digestive system.

You can not use a lactating woman for those juices that can cause allergies - from red apples, citrus, tomato juice. It is better to drink special juices when breastfeeding, which can be purchased at a pharmacy or a store. Or you can make juice yourself, for example, from pumpkin, carrots.

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