Products with breastfeeding

A woman who breastfeeds should pay special attention to the food she consumes. There are many reasons for this. But there are two main ones. The first - the mother's body needs to restore those substances that have been spent on bearing and giving birth to a child. And the second - all the products that mother takes, along with breast milk enter the body of the child. Therefore, during this period, women are interested in what foods can be consumed during breastfeeding? There are lists of permitted and prohibited products for nursing mothers. But let's see if it is possible to take some of the most common products in breastfeeding.

Porridge with breastfeeding

Whole grains of cereals are one of the main sources of B vitamins. Therefore, porridge during breastfeeding is extremely useful. In addition, the porridge contains dietary fiber, which is very useful for the digestion of women. Another advantage of cereals is that they maintain the necessary level of sugar in the blood. Nursing mother can eat

almost any porridge - oatmeal, buckwheat, rice, millet, corn, semolina, barley, pearl. Just remember that if a child suffers from constipation, it is better to give up rice porridge. In the event that the baby has a tummy whipping, the mother needs to exclude pearl porridge from her menu.

Some women prefer to buy special porridges for mothers breastfeeding. As manufacturers point out, such gruels are enriched with necessary vitamins and minerals.

You should not eat porridge when breastfeeding those mothers whose children have intolerance to a particular gluten protein. Especially a lot of gluten is found in wheat, semolina, barley, oats, barley, rye.

Chicory for women breastfeeding

Many women like to drink a cup or two of fragrant coffee. But during the period of breast-feeding this drink is considered undesirable. A substitute for coffee called experts drink from chicory. Therefore, nursing mothers are wondering whether chicory can be given during breastfeeding.

Chicory belongs to medicinal plants. It is useful for those who have irregularities in the immune system. Chicory can be attributed to useful products in breastfeeding, as it increases appetite. After all, the more nutrients the lactating mother receives, the better the composition of breast milk. In addition, as a choleretic plant, chicory improves digestion.

Taking chicory while breastfeeding, you can alleviate the condition of those women who suffer from swelling. This plant has a diuretic effect.

In this case, chicory is contraindicated in vascular diseases, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, which is often found in women after pregnancy and childbirth.

An unequivocal answer to the question whether chicory can be used in breastfeeding does not exist. Special studies on this issue have not been conducted.

Some doctors say that it is possible to drink chicory to a nursing mother, but with caution. First, you can not get carried away with this drink. Secondly, after drinking this drink, you need to closely monitor the baby's condition. Since chicory is an invigorating drink, its greater concentration in breast milk can have an exciting effect on the child's nervous system.

Fish with breastfeeding

Fish is not only a very tasty food, but also quite useful. But does it apply to authorized foods when breastfeeding?

Specialists say that nursing women can eat fish. Most varieties of fish contain a very valuable substance for the development of the baby's brain - omega-3 fatty acids.

In Denmark, special studies have been carried out on the effect of the feeding of the fish on the mother's body. As a result of the research it was found that physically and intellectually the children of those mothers who regularly used fish during breastfeeding developed better. In addition, if the mother ate at least 56 grams of fish a day, children at the age of six months showed a development rate of 26% higher than that of their peers.

However, it should be excluded when breastfeeding fish of those varieties that have the property of accumulating mercury. This micronutrient can negatively affect the nervous system of the child. These types of fish include a tile, royal mackerel, swordfish, shark, albacore, white tuna.

Specialists recommend in the diet of a nursing woman to introduce mackerel( North Atlantic mackerel), salmon, herring.

Liver in the ration of a nursing woman

Liver for breastfeeding Nutritionists unanimously assert that the liver during breastfeeding is not only allowed, but also necessary for a woman. This food is extremely useful. The liver contains many vitamins and beneficial microelements, including vitamins A, E, D, K, iron, phosphorus, sodium, calcium, potassium. In addition, the value of the liver in breastfeeding is also that it contains about 18% protein and only 3-4% fat.

Some doctors recommend to enter the liver from the first day of breastfeeding. But in the beginning, this product during breastfeeding is consumed no more than once a day. In this case, the mother should look closely at the state of the child.

The liver when breastfeeding is better to eat in boiled or stewed. In no case, experts do not recommend a woman to eat fried liver.

During this period, it is best to use beef liver. In a limited number of lactating mothers can eat pork liver or cod liver. These varieties have a large enough fat content.

Breastfeeding eggs

It is known that egg white refers to allergenic products. Therefore, many nursing mothers are wondering whether it is possible to eat eggs during breastfeeding. It is impossible to know in advance whether the food will trigger an allergic reaction in the child. Therefore, you should start to enter eggs in the menu very carefully. First, mom eats a very small piece of boiled egg and watches the baby's condition. If negative reactions are not noticed, next time you can eat a bigger slice.

But in general, nursing mother is recommended to eat no more than one egg a week. Eggs with breastfeeding can not be eaten often because they contain large amounts of cholesterol. And this, as you know, is a harmful substance for the heart.

Before eating eggs should be thoroughly washed and hard boiled, as they can be a source of dangerous disease of salmonella.

If a woman doubts whether any product is available for breastfeeding, it is best to seek medical advice from a doctor. During this period, mother is responsible for the health of her child, so do not expose him to undue risk.

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