Benefits of nuts with breastfeeding

Nuts contain vegetable proteins, fats, micronutrients. They are rich in vitamins, especially A, E, B group. Magnesium, calcium and iron contained in nuts have a positive effect on the work of the cardiovascular, nervous, urinary systems.

It would seem that this is a very useful product for a woman nursing a child. But at the same time, nuts occupy the third place in the list of products that cause allergic reactions. So, can you eat nuts with breastfeeding? Let's try to understand this question.

Nuts for breastfeeding

Specialists recommend to refuse when feeding a child from such kinds of nuts as peanuts, cashews, hazelnuts, almonds, pine nuts. These foods are food allergens. Regarding the use of walnuts by women during breastfeeding, the opinions of doctors differ. Most doctors still advise to introduce this product into the ration of a nursing mother.

Thanks to the beneficial substances in its composition, walnuts strengthen immunity, improve heart function, relieve fatigue, prevent

depression, remove slags, and have a diuretic effect.

But it is especially useful to use nuts when breastfeeding those mothers, whose children are not gaining weight, suffer from diarrhea. Specialists point out that this food product increases the fat content and usefulness of breast milk. There is an opinion that walnuts can increase the amount of mother's milk. But this fact is not confirmed by any scientific studies.

In order to avoid the appearance of severe allergic reactions in a child, to enter into the diet walnuts with breastfeeding should be gradual and cautious. You need to start at half a nut a day. If the child does not have undesirable reactions( skin rash, intestinal colic, constipation), the next day you can increase the dose twice. Of course, do not eat many nuts every day. This product is quite heavy food. In addition, a woman who consumes many nuts with breastfeeding can significantly increase the fat content of milk. This, in turn, leads to violations in the digestion of the baby, too much weight gain. Very fatty milk has a viscous consistency, which can cause lactostasis( milk stagnation in the milk ducts) in the mother.

As you know, everything is good in moderation. Therefore, every day 2-3 walnut kernels during breastfeeding will benefit both the woman and her child.

For those same mothers who want to increase the fat content of breast milk, there is a good recipe, tested by many generations of women. A handful of walnuts are ground and mixed with 100 ml of boiled milk. This mixture is insisted in a thermos bottle for two hours and is drunk throughout the day. This recipe is especially good for low nutritional breast milk, frequent diarrhea in a child.

Seeds in breastfeeding

Seeds with breastfeeding Many women have heard about the beneficial properties of seeds, in particular, the high content of "female" vitamin E. But, probably, the main advantage of seeds is the ability to calm and distract from unnecessary thoughts. In addition, it is believed that the seeds in breastfeeding are extremely useful, since they enhance lactation.

Breastfeeding specialists say that seeds can really increase the production of breast milk from a woman. Therefore, if the mother abuses them, it can lead to hyperlactation, which is completely undesirable.

But more dangerous is that all purchased seeds are treated with chemicals for longer storage. Not to mention the fact that often a sunflower grows in conditions that do not meet radiological and ecological standards.

Another argument against the use of seeds in breastfeeding is that it is an allergenic enough product. Most pediatricians recommend in the first months of feeding in general to exclude them from the diet of the mother.

Surprisingly, the seeds are heavy food, digested for a long time. At the child they can cause pains in a stomach, the raised or increased gazoobrazovanie, diarrheas.

Therefore, enter the seeds in the diet when breastfeeding should be gradual. First, a mother can eat a small handful of seeds. If the child's condition does not change, the next time you can increase the amount.

More harmless are the pumpkin seeds. But to abuse them, too, is not worth it.

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