Whether it is possible sweet at thoracal feeding?

Many breastfeeding women note an acute desire to eat something sweet. This desire is explained simply enough. During the period of breastfeeding a woman spends a lot of energy - increased anxiety, stress, sleepless nights, the process of lactation. Swallowing sweet when breastfeeding, a woman feels a surge of strength, energy, her emotional state improves.

Food that contains a large amount of carbohydrates, promotes the production of the hormone serotonin in the body. He is responsible for maintaining the tone of the body, eliminating insomnia, fatigue, pain relief. With a lack of serotonin, a person's mood spoils, a desire to eat sweets. In addition, fatty, chocolate sweets activate the production of the "hormone of joy" -endorphin in the body. That's why, often you just need to pamper yourself with a piece of goodies.

But is it sweet for breastfeeding? Let's find out on the example of the most popular sweets.

Biscuits with breastfeeding

Most varieties of cookies are made from white flour wi

th the addition of sugar. In addition, this batch includes, depending on the recipe, aromatic seasonings( cinnamon, vanillin), jam, colored glaze, various additives. In addition, that flour products provoke the development of constipation in the child, various additives may be dangerous enough. Often they are able to cause allergic reactions in the baby - skin rash, digestive problems.

Many nutritionists recommend to women oatmeal cookies for breastfeeding. This kind of baking very rarely causes undesirable effects in children, and, at the same time, contains many useful substances. Oatmeal cookies with breastfeeding are the source of a large number of carbohydrates, which burn slowly enough in the body. This provides the woman with a sense of satiety and adds energy for a long period of time.

Best if oatmeal cookies will be homemade baking. Then it can add useful dried fruits, pumpkin, apple. The woman will be assured of the quality and usefulness of such baking.

If the nursing mother buys a cookie, you should try to choose varieties with the least amount of sugar. It is better to refuse baking, which is sprinkled with sugar or powdered sugar, into which dyes and flavors are added.

In addition to oatmeal cookies, when breastfeeding a woman can use rye cookies.

Halva for nursing mother

There is an opinion that halva during breastfeeding is extremely useful, as it improves lactation. This statement is not without foundation. Nuts and seeds, which are part of halva, can indeed promote increased production of breast milk, and make it more nutritious.

But, at the same time, halva during breastfeeding is dangerous for the child in that it can cause him to develop allergic reactions. After all, the same useful seeds and nuts are quite powerful allergic provocateurs.

Therefore, if the mother wants to eat a piece of halva as a sweet while breastfeeding, you need to be careful. It is better to introduce this product into the diet gradually, starting with a very small piece. After that, during the day, it is necessary to observe the condition of the child. If the baby does not have any undesirable manifestations, the next day you can eat a slightly larger piece.

In the event that the crumbs have an allergy to nuts or seeds, a woman can not use halva during breastfeeding.

In addition, even in the absence of allergies to this food, a baby may have difficulty digesting after a nursing mother regrets halva. This is due to the fact that halva refers to heavy foods for the gastrointestinal tract. The child may have intestinal colic, diarrhea, increased gas formation.

Breastfeeding Chocolate

To the chagrin of many chocolate fans, this product is not included in the list of permitted sweet foods for breastfeeding.

Chocolate refers to foods that often cause severe allergic reactions. The child usually has an allergy with skin rashes throughout the body, which are accompanied by severe itching.

Another argument against the use of a woman's chocolate in breastfeeding - a large number of flavorings, preservatives, artificial substitutes.

Doctors recommend to exclude chocolate from the diet of a nursing mother at all until the child reaches 5-6 months of age, and even better - until the end of breastfeeding. But if a woman still wants to eat a piece of chocolate, do not buy bars or chocolate sweets. It is better to buy a tile of real high-quality bitter chocolate.

And, of course, enter into the diet of chocolate for breastfeeding is necessary with very small doses. If after this during the day the child's condition has not worsened, you can eat a bit more next time. But in no case, you can not get carried away with chocolate. While a woman is feeding a baby, chocolate can be eaten in limited quantities.

Ice cream in the ration of a nursing woman

Ice cream with breastfeeding To the delight of many sweethearts, ice cream for breastfeeding does not apply to prohibited foods. Of course, unless the child has an allergy to milk protein.

This kind of sweet with breastfeeding should be chosen very carefully.

First, it is better to give preference to the ice cream from a well-known manufacturer with a minimum content of chocolate, different additives and milk fat. Most of the milk fat is contained in the filling( 12-15%), and the least - in milk ice cream( 3.5%).

Secondly, you need to try to choose varieties of ice cream with a low sugar content. The leader in sugar content is fruit ice cream, in which it contains up to 30%.

Thirdly, it is preferable to choose ice cream without additives for breastfeeding. It is better to add raisins to it, homemade jam.

Fourth, it is necessary to look at the expiration date and the state of the ice cream briquette. Do not take a deformed, uneven briquette.

Like all products, ice cream for breastfeeding should be introduced gradually, following the reaction of the baby. Any kind of this product is rich in sugar, fats, carbohydrates. If the breastfeeding mother is overly interested in ice cream, the child may experience increased anxiety, a skin rash, and abdominal pain.

Many mothers prefer to cook their homemade ice cream during the breastfeeding period. In this case, you can be sure of the quality of the products, pick up those that will not cause unwanted reactions in the baby.

A woman needs sweets for breastfeeding for a good mood, increased stress resistance. A nursing mother should not deny herself the use of these products. You just need to competently approach the choice of delicacies, so as not to harm yourself or the child.

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