Basic rules for raising children up to one year

What do early development specialists mean when they talk about teaching children up to a year? Certainly not sitting at a desk and leafing through a textbook, but creating an atmosphere in which a small talent can have fun. After all, for crumbs, the game is learning.

Many parents consider it sufficient to visit children's clubs for the comprehensive development of their baby. But the child can not be explained that he should play two or three times a week. The kid wants to play all the time, and not only with the children in the group or the teacher, but, first of all, with his parents. None, even the best children's center will not replace communication with native people. Only in a family where normal interpersonal relationships exist, the child will be able to get vital knowledge, skills and skills with the help of games.

One can not deny the role of teachers. They will show their parents how to effectively stimulate the child's mental and physical activity at home, how to direct his ener

gy in the right direction, how not to allow an entertaining game to be transformed into a primitive dressing school.
How can parents properly organize joint leisure with their child? The kid does not need a lot of explanations. Much more he will be pleased with breadboard models of fruits and vegetables, animal figures, cubes and colorful balls, finger paints and colorful pictures. And modern technologies allow you to accompany the process with exciting video and audio material. The most important thing is for your children to reflect the real world with the child of the game, help the kid to use the acquired skills in everyday life. Only when the child systematically uses the acquired skill in the game, it is considered fixed.

It is not worth copying the course of the lesson that the teacher adhered to at home. Unleash your imagination and intuition. Let the child grows not only clever, but also creative person. For example, if in the lesson you drew an apple, at home blind it from dough or mass for modeling;if you were looking for figurines in buckwheat groats, flock at home in peas.

Do not make your baby sit all the time, just spend a few minutes at the table. Mental development of the child should not go to the detriment of the physical. Change the playing areas, in the warmer months often play in the fresh air. This will turn any game into an exciting journey.

Never abuse a child if he does not succeed. At this age, children do not understand taboos and prohibitions, they are frightened by the angry voice of the mother or the irritation of the pope. Mistakes are made not by children, but by adults. It is much more effective to once again praise the baby, which will be the best incentive for further knowledge of the world and yourself. If the child starts to get nervous, throw toys, scream, turn away, parents should stop and think. Maybe you are ahead of time and give too difficult tasks. Do not overestimate the child's mental abilities, otherwise he will lose the desire to play with you. Maybe the child is hungry or tired, wants to sleep or go out on the street, but maybe he just does not care about the game. Do not ignore the alarms, but try to recognize them correctly.

The most important thing is that the development of the child should be comprehensive. Draw, sculpt, sing, dance, feel, look, chew, throw. Let the world in which you lead your baby, he smiles. It was you, Parents, who had the honor to be called Mom and Dad. Do not disappoint and do not grieve your baby, he has so much to come up with and do.