Recommendations for the education of a hyperactive child

Many parents face the problem of child's hyperactivity. Such a baby is in continuous motion. He can not sit still for a minute. It seems that this "zhivchik" has his hands, legs, and even his head in constant motion. But at the same time, the child still has time to ask a lot of questions that do not have time to wait for answers. What is a child's hyperactivity? And how can parents help in this situation a child and, of course, themselves?

What is the child's hyperactivity?

For the first time such a state of the child was identified as a separate disease in the 80s of the last century. It was called ADHD - attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. The exact cause of the appearance of such a state is not established. Some experts argue that ADHD appears as a result of a violation of the central nervous system of the child. It is based on minimal brain dysfunction - areas of the brain that are responsible for attention and self-control, work with violations. The kid is difficult to concentrate and kee

p attention. A hyperactive child is unresponsive, impulsive, inattentive.

Children's hyperactivity becomes a serious problem of modern society. According to different statistical data, this condition is observed in 3-18% of children. Moreover, in boys, hyperactivity occurs 4-5 times more often than in girls.

Factors triggering the appearance of START II

Since the causes of the onset of hyperactivity of the child are not established, let us consider the factors that can provoke such a state.

Features of mother's pregnancy. There is a negative impact on the development of the baby unfavorable ecology, smoking mum, oxygen starvation.

Problems during the course of labor. The risk group includes children born with cesarean section, premature babies, with low weight. Dangerous rapid or protracted labor, birth trauma.

The heredity factor. Many parents of hyperactive kids in their childhood, too, delivered the same trouble to their parents, suffered from restlessness, absent-mindedness.

Craniocerebral injury in early childhood. A banal fall from a stool can cause such a serious condition.

Incorrect nutrition of the baby. Some doctors say that the more artificial colors, preservatives, flavoring agents in the child's food, the greater the likelihood of an imbalance in the nervous system.

Symptoms of hyperactivity

There are certain signs that indicate a child's hyperactivity.

  • The child is in constant motion, can not control himself. Continues to move, even when overtired, and quite tired falls into hysterics and cries.
  • The kid quickly and much speaks, "swallows" words, interrupts without listening, asks many questions, without waiting for answers.
  • The child practically does not react to prohibitions, behaves equally actively, regardless of where it is.
  • The kid does not know how to restrain aggression. He fights, scratches, bites, often provokes conflicts.
  • Such a child can not concentrate for a long time even on the most interesting lesson, does not finish assignments, often is forgetful.
  • The baby does not sleep much, has sharp mood changes. He often interferes with conversations, interrupts.

If at the age of 7 years the child manifests most of these symptoms, a specialist consultation is necessary. First consult with a teacher, a psychologist. And only if these specialists can not help, you need to seek help from a neurologist. It is very important not to confuse hyperactivity with certain diseases or with the temperament of the choleric.

How to help your child?

The child should be in a quiet home environment When educating a hyperactive child, you need to follow some recommendations.

It is necessary to warn educators, teachers about the peculiarities of the child's behavior.

The kid should be in a quiet home environment. Such children react very sensitively to their environment. They are very sensitive and receptive to the mood of those who surround them, and are quickly "charged" with positive or negative emotions of close people.

You can not exceed the load on the child, try to make it like everyone else.

It is necessary to observe the regime of the day, not to overexcite the baby.

Such a child needs praise and does not tolerate prohibitions. It is better to distract him with something, but do not constantly make observations.

In order for the kid to spend his energy reasonably, it is necessary to add it to sports games. We must try to teach the child the rules of the game, obeying these rules.

It is very good to periodically take a relaxing massage course. In the process of reading or talking with the baby, you can easily stroke him on the back, hand. It will act on him relaxing.

Stormy emotions, aggression give rise to the same feelings in the child. Therefore, it is very important for parents and relatives to learn how to control themselves.

You can choose a special diet that will improve the baby's condition. In its diet should include foods with a high content of vitamins and trace elements. In the autumn-winter period it is necessary to give the baby a vitamin complex, which the doctor should select. It should be remembered that hyperactive children have a high predisposition to allergies. Therefore, allergen-containing foods( eggs, red and yellow vegetables and fruits) should be introduced into the diet very carefully. To reduce excitability, it is better to avoid chocolate, lemonade, canned food, muffins, dry sausages.

This baby does not need to rush to give to the kindergarten.

A hyperactive child more than other children needs love. Constant prohibitions, notations, comments can sow in his soul doubts about parental love. Therefore, parents should let the baby know that he is loved. And not only for good behavior or obedience, but simply for what it is.

It is very difficult for parents to have an overactive child. But they must remember that the adolescence of hyperactivity in these children is passing. And it is very important that by that time the child does not have an inferiority complex and a load of negative emotions.

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