How to raise a child for up to a year?

The appearance of a child in the family is a big change for the parents, signifying a new stage in their life. Both parents should understand that the child's upbringing begins from the very first days of his life. It is in the first years of life that character is formed, it is the early memories that lay the foundation of the future personality. Therefore, it is so important to know how to raise a child for up to a year.

General principles of raising a baby

Another teacher Makarenko argued that 90% of the educational process occurs before 5 years of life. Modern psychologists and teachers have stepped even farther and believe that the younger the child, the easier it is to enclose those or other norms, attitudes, and, thus, what the person will be in the future is determined by the very first year of his life.

The main principle of how to raise a child under 1 year, should be systematic. This means that it is necessary to develop a clear plan for the development of the baby, both mental and ph

ysical. There are average indicators of the development of children, which can be found on the Internet, or in printed publications with the general title "How to raise a child up to a year old."

Psychologists have proven that parents who are wondering how to raise a child for up to a year correctly, have fewer problems with children at an older age. Developed children are always more independent, smart, have better memory than their peers, are tidy and hardy. But all this is achieved through daily efforts to educate, consistent development and work on the formation of the correct habits of the child.

How to raise a child up to a year by months?

How to raise a child up to a year old Conditionally, the process of raising a child to a year can be divided into four stages:

1. Education up to 3 months - the first and most important lessons. During this period, the baby is laid the basic principles of love for hygiene and cleanliness, and also begin to develop the first skills of communication with other people. For mother it is very important to pay great attention to hygiene. Every morning must begin with a change of diaper, and do it with a smile. In order for the kid to learn to make any sounds except crying, you need to talk with him as much as possible. No matter what, the main thing is that a child should hear a speech, comment on each action. The tone of the voice should be affectionate, pleasant, thus, a culture of communication will be formed. To grow up a smiling, joyful, optimistic child, you must often joke, laugh with him, tell funny verses and sing songs. In addition, the child should be regularly turned on his tummy, even if he does not like it. Only so he can learn to hold the head and will train the muscles of the back and neck.

2. Education from 3 to 6 months - we learn communication. During this period, the sensory perception of the baby is aggravated. In the books "How to raise a child under the age of 1 year", psychologists advise paying great attention to cognition of the child around the world. It includes listening to a lot of songs, different sounds, and they have to be diverse. In addition, you need to give the child to touch different materials, drawing his attention to the difference in sensations. In order for a child to have positive impressions of developing games, it is necessary to play when he is vigorous and full, otherwise they will only bring harm. Starting from three months, the child will actively seek adult communication, and the task of parents is to satisfy this natural need.

3. Upgrade to 9 months - more games! The first six months of life behind, parents already know how to raise a child for up to a year, and during this period he becomes very active, begins to crawl, tries to sit down and manifests the first independence. At this age, you need to begin to accustom the child to the pot, planting it after dinner and before bed. At 7 months, you can begin to teach the child to wash their hands before eating, bringing him before meals to the washbasin and giving the opportunity to play with a stream of water. Over time, this practice will form a habit for the baby cleanliness. In addition, it is necessary that the baby is always dressed in clean clothes. If it is soiled, then it must be changed, while explaining why it is done. From the age of 8 months, one must begin to teach the child to show eyes, ears, a nose. First he will do it with toys, and then switch to himself. In no case should you scold the child or shout at him, without explaining the reasons. That is, if the kid hit his mother with a toy in the face, then you need to take his hands and in a serious, calm tone say that you can not do this because your mother is hurt. Explanations are necessary for the child to react to forbidden words, learn to behave correctly and in general, they are the key moments of how to raise a child up to a year by months. To develop a common physical form, you must abandon the sliders, since they restrict the movement. And in order to develop fine motor skills one must begin to play with the baby in the hands, teach him to squeeze and unclamp the jaws, etc.

4. How to raise a child under 1 year. From the 9th month you need to start teaching the child to walk. First holding him by both hands and encouraging his every desire to stand up on his own. Over time, the child will begin to feel more confident, and he will not need the help of adults. It is very useful at this age to arrange puppet shows for the child. They develop memory and imagination, and also train attention and perseverance. It is also important to give the child as many toys of different textures and shapes as possible so that he can play with them. For example, you can teach him how to build towers from cubes, collect matryoshka dolls, twist a yule, and so on. After 10 months it is necessary to begin to teach the child courtesy and respectful attitude to other people. So, if the baby does hurt or offends other children, or even adults, it is necessary to immediately stop this behavior, explaining that it is impossible to do so, that it hurts and unpleasant for another person that good children do not behave themselves that way. And most importantly, wondering how to raise a child up to a year old, parents should remember that the main example of behavior is they themselves, and therefore should be more demanding and attentive primarily to themselves.

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