Raising a child in 3-4 years: the first crisis

The age of four years is considered the beginning of the preschool period. It is at this age that special attention is paid to the psychological education and development of the individual. Raising a child in 3-4 years, parents often miss his physical development. And this fact is unacceptable. Since at the age of four, the child's intensive growth begins.

For three years of his life the child has already learned a lot, he knows a lot. He can not only walk alone, but also run and jump. Rise and fall on the steps, jump off the hills and much more. The child can take and throw various things and objects, can play with them, build various pyramids from cubes and even ride a tricycle.

But in fact his muscles are not yet so strong and require further physical development. With the upbringing and development of the child in 4 years, the performance of various games and exercises will gradually lead to the strengthening of muscle mass and its entire body.

Patterns of child upbringing in 4 years

As you know, muscle tissue in children aged 3-4 years is very poorly developed, and, moreover, also not evenly. But gradually, performing various mobile exercises and games, it is normalized. Also in this period there is an active replacement of cartilage tissue with bone. But it is not yet strong enough, as mineral salts are at a low level of its content. Therefore, the first signs of curvature of the spine appear at this age.

On how to raise a child in 4 years and at the same time do not disrupt the posture, we should say the following: first of all, parents are obliged to monitor the correct process of sitting on the chair. This is due to the fact that in children the small muscles that are responsible for coordinating the body's balance are poorly developed. Therefore, it's very hard for them to sit on a chair. Children are easier to run and jump.

Many specialists in pediatrics note the negative impact of television and computers on the further development of babies. Often, such actions lead to sleep disturbance or the appearance of hysterics. Therefore, parents should limit watching TV to fifteen minutes a day. And for computer games do not start up.

In addition, with the upbringing and development of a child in 4 years, not only sleep disturbance can occur due to mental fatigue. He is influenced by the reception of fatty foods, as well as salted, smoked and marinated food. Also, the cause of poor sleep can be a plentiful drink in the evening.

For more effective and useful sleep, parents need to create comfortable and favorable conditions. So, for example, before going to bed, you should teach your child to brush their teeth and go to the toilet. And his room to air every evening. Because fresh and clean air is the guarantee of a healthy baby's sleep.

How to raise a child 4 years old About how the child was brought up in 4 years, its developed habits testify. It is at this age that the baby becomes very inquisitive. And his interest manifests itself both to the surrounding objects, and to the phenomena and processes that take place. New information and knowledge children receive in the process of games and various activities. But they only need to be trained to what they will be able to perceive and comprehend. And the learning process itself should be a bit ahead of schedule. In other words, the child must be taught those things that he does not yet know, but can understand and comprehend.

The day regimen of a child in 4 years is similar to that of a three-year-old. But daytime sleep should decrease in time, since the baby is able to restore his strength much faster. For a day's rest it will be enough for him two hours.

Many experts argue that for successful and effective education of a child in 3-4 years, he needs to communicate with peers. With them, the kid can feel at the same level. In addition, such communication will provide an opportunity for the child to learn how to stand up for oneself and consider the opinions of other children.

At this age, the child very well learns visual and visual information. At the same time he tries to repeat everything he saw. But he can not remember everything, because his impressions stop only on strong emotions. Very often, kids try to perform the actions of their parents and other adults. Sometimes this leads to dangerous situations. Because at the age of four they are not yet able to distinguish between good and bad deeds.

Crisis in Toddlers Behavior

No matter how the child was brought up in 4 years, the crisis in his behavior will still come. And parents should remember this. It is this age that makes the baby aware of his personality and show personal qualities. That is, in all situations it contradicts its parents. But parents should also understand that this behavior of the baby should eventually pass. They only need to help the child overcome this line.

It is important that the kid understands and feels his importance. Was loved and needed. During this period, the child should be given more free actions. And the parents themselves should try not to resort to conflict situations. Then the baby will be more friendly and sympathetic. But restrictions in behavior should be.

With the upbringing of a child in 4 years, a crisis in behavior can manifest itself for many reasons. First of all, this condition is associated with a lack of attention. This is the most well-known cause of bad behavior. Because the baby starts receiving much less attention from his parents in connection with the mother's coming to work. In such situations, parents need more time to spend with the child on weekends and in the evenings.

The second cause of bad behavior is self-assertion. During this period the baby wants to feel his importance in the family and respect. Parents should ask the child for help and involve him in cooperation. Such situations will help the child to feel his authority and take into account the positions of both sides.

The third reason for the appearance of bad behavior when raising a child in 3-4 years is revenge. It arises from the insult of the child. Thus the child starts to take offense because of any trifles. And his negative feelings are manifested in the refusal of food, his whims and bad attitude towards other children. During this period, parents are obliged to show love, understanding, trust and great attention to their baby. It is also necessary to maintain a state of emotional contact. Talk more and talk about the feelings of others. It is forbidden to resort to corporal punishment.

Bringing up a child in 4 years, his self-esteem may be underestimated. This state is the fourth cause of bad behavior of the baby. This is because the child very often feels indifference and negativity from the parents. Gradually there are doubts in their abilities and a feeling of insecurity in themselves.

But it is possible and a different situation, in which parents very often indulge the child and excessively take care of him. And if such a child starts to visit a kindergarten, in most cases it turns out that he simply does not know how to eat, dress and do anything by himself. Then, too, there is a low self-esteem and a sense of revenge.

When raising a child in 4 years, special attention must be paid to his personality. Avoid criticism and support all the beginnings of your baby. Do not forget to help him to overcome difficult situations.

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