Features of child upbringing 6 years

The upbringing of a child of 6 years is somewhat different from that of young children. Since it is directed not only to the development of the child, but also to his preparation for the upcoming study at school. But let us first consider what children at the age of six already know how.

By the age of six, children easily remember new information, can retell the story they read, or make a short story on the picture. If the child is regularly engaged with the child, the baby's vocabulary allows him to maintain a conversation, talk about the world around him, about the seasons, about animals, about everything that interests him. Also, children are very fond of showing their talents and achievements to adults, and, of course, they are waiting for them to be praised for it. They learn to control their emotions, although so far they do not always get it. Children at this age like to imitate adults. Therefore, a small assistant will gladly perform an uncomplicated but very responsible assignment, for exampl

e, pour indoor plants, remove toys.

The upbringing of a child of 6 to 7 years is not limited only to the training of the baby, also its physical development is an important point. At this age it is already possible to make long walks with the child. Children with pleasure climb climbing stairs, walk on a log and independently ride on a swing. You can take the child to some sports section. The main thing is to find the kind of sport that the child will enjoy and enjoy.

Lifestyle of the six-year-old child

The regimen of the day at this age may already be different from what was before. Basically, this applies to daytime sleep. If the child is not in the kindergarten, but at home, then he probably will not want to go to bed at lunch and will do everything in his power to avoid it. Do not forcibly lay the child in the afternoon, spend a lot of time, strength and nerves, but no use. Better early put him to sleep in the evening, at 9 o'clock. At this age it is recommended to sleep at least 10 hours. Parenting in a child of 6 years of habit to adhere to the daily routine is important for the future first-grader. Since in the future he will have to live on a schedule.

Regarding the diet, it is not much different from the "adult" menu. A child can be given fried food, which greatly diversifies his menu. Although you should not offer the child mushrooms, smoked sausage or natural coffee. The young organism is not yet able to digest these foods.

Development and upbringing of the child 6 years

Development and upbringing of the child 6 years is in many ways aimed at preparing for school. It is desirable to develop a habit of watching him, being neat and tidy. It is useful to give the child daily household tasks, which he will perform on his own, for example, set the table. This will help him in the future easily get used to the need to perform daily tasks that the child will be asked in school. An important quality for the student is the ability to listen attentively to the teacher and answer the questions positively and coherently. In order to raise this quality for a child of 6 years, we need to interest him in this process. It is not difficult. It is enough for the parents to read the book to the kid, to talk about the subjects that interested him, after which it is necessary to discuss this with the baby. So that the child himself told what he liked and what he thinks about it.

Toys for the child 6 years old

Properly selected toys are very important for the upbringing of the child 6-7 years. They will help develop in the child logical thinking or creative abilities. Children of this age will be interested in not just painting a picture, but for example, coloring a mug, a clay photo frame or an animal figure. Now in children's shops many different sets for children's creativity are sold, and each parent can choose exactly what his baby will like.

Child upbringing 6 7 years For the development of logical thinking, you can buy puzzles for 80 or more pieces, various designers. It is desirable that, along with the designer, there was an instruction on how to add it so that the child could assemble the model himself. The toy store also has a large selection of games that teach letters, numbers, reading and the basics of mathematical activities( addition and subtraction).The child will be easier to understand new information if it is filed in a game form.

Psychology and upbringing of children 6 years

Application of the basics of psychology in the education of a child of 6 years will help to grow an independent and a good person. Parents should understand that the best method of education is education by one's own example. For example, if you want a child to clean up his toys and things, then you yourself should also ensure that your personal belongings do not lie scattered around the room. Be your child's friend, discuss with him, what worries him, pay attention to him and then, when the child grows up, he will not move away from you, and you will be aware of his life.

Parents of future first-graders often reflect on how to prepare for the coming changes with the help of psychology and child-rearing for 6 years. So that he could adapt to the school as easily as possible. After all, his daily routine, the familiar atmosphere, the people around him will change. Many schools have preparatory courses for future students. Visiting these lessons will help the child not only learn the letters, learn to read, count and write, but will also give an opportunity to gradually get used to the new situation.

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