Child upbringing in 2 years

Raising a child in 2 years is a difficult stage in the life of parents. In the old days they said: "We must educate, while walking under the table."The main attention at this time should be turned to the development of the child's aesthetic and moral principles, speech, movement. Also, one should not leave aside feelings and emotions, cultural and hygienic skills, full physiological development, strengthening of health and immunity.

How to raise a child in 2 years

At this time the child begins to walk and talk, which means that the field of his activity increases. The child climbs into the tables, opens the boxes, often falls, gets the first cones in his life. This can not be avoided by any active child.

The child continues to study everything that is near him. At this age, the character of the little man is laid and the most active development of the child in intellectual terms occurs, as well as the accumulation of his vocabulary.

Communicate more often with the child. Read the verses, disc

uss out loud your and his actions, answer the name of this or that object. And the more parents talk with the child, the faster their children learn to pronounce words and phrases, and the more correct phrases will be built. The main mistake parents - when they are in conversation with the child specifically distort words. All this leads to confusion and kartovosti. Another mistake is to meet every phrase the child says with laughter.

How to raise a child in 2 years? The main thing - educate by example. Do not forget that the child copies your behavior and style of communication. Starting from the second year of his life, the kid consciously repeats the speech and every act of people close to him. Children perfectly copy as heard in a voice intonation, and heard, let and unfamiliar words. In families where quarrels, disputes, scandals where do not pay attention to moral concepts sound, the child will reproduce exactly the same line of behavior. And in families where absolutely all family members peacefully, friendly and friendly talk with each other, in the upbringing and development of the child in 2 years, the correct concepts of family and morals are already formed.

Be understanding. When your child is naughty, cries, does not want to leave the playground, understand it and kindly explain that you know how hard it is to throw an exciting game, but it's time to go home. The idea is to let the kid know that you are on his side. Do not get irritated, do not swear, even if you are uncomfortable with other parents.

Set the rules and a certain life rhythm already from this age. If the regime of the day is present in the upbringing of the child 1-2 years of life, then it will be easier for him. When a child lives according to the regime, then at some point he has an appetite, and he eats with pleasure all that is offered to him, calmly and without a vagary falls asleep;he spends a lot of time on the air. In addition, at an early age for normal physiological development and prevention of fatigue, it is just necessary to correctly alternate active games and rest. In most cases, lack of sleep or fatigue is the cause of childhood whims and hysterics, disobedience.

Strong, healthy baby sleep is of great importance, since it predetermines the proper development of the nervous and mental system. Remember that a sound sleep should be preceded by a balanced state of the baby, so avoid immediately before bedtime moving and active games. If the child is stubborn, then something must be carried away. If you do not want to go to bed, then, changing your child, explain what you will do after sleep, where you go, what you see interesting. This is more pleasant and much easier than the order "go to bed."And, you see, more accompanies the principles of child upbringing in 1-2 years.

Praise the child for good behavior. Establish elementary rules and praise your baby for observing them. Model the correct behavior. Patiently show the child how to behave properly. Create conditions for good behavior, for example, plan the space of the child so that it is convenient for him to play and collect toys.

Tell the kid what he can do, instead of talking about what he does not know how to do. For example, if a child wants to eat a candy before dinner, do not say it's harmful, say that he can now eat an apple or an orange.

Give the child the choice. This will allow the baby to feel some freedom, and you - to keep the process under control. Offer your child a few blouses to choose from when you go for a walk, a few books when you go to bed, etc.

Try to avoid situations that can cause moods, a "flash" of disobedience. For example, if you planned to meet with a friend and go to her with a child, then do it in the fresh air, for example, in the park. Do not expect that he will behave calmly while you chatter over a cup of tea in a cafe - the baby will just be bored.

Assist the child in the knowledge of the world around him. He is interested in everything, I want to touch everything, try it "on the tooth", listen to how each object plays, how it feels, what can be done with it. Do not bother the little explorer! Do not take everything from him, forbidding touching a book, a pen, a cosmetic bag. If the house has items that are really dangerous for the baby( sharp objects, lighter, knives, etc.) - just exclude them in advance, put them in places that are inaccessible to his hands and eyes.

Teach your child to eat and dress yourself. Do not rush to take the spoon from the baby, but encourage his desire for independence. When putting on a child something, do not rush and do not worry, do not abuse the baby. He will learn everything if he can calmly watch your leisurely actions.

The right choice of toys

Child upbringing and development 2 years For the upbringing and development of a child in 2 years, you need to buy educational toys. Kid from 2 years old begins to play different subjects with the help of toys. The parents' business is to teach and organize this or that game. Then with the help of toys the baby will start faster and better to comprehend everything new in this world.

You can make beautiful toys yourself from improvised materials, different in tactile sensations( these are bags, boxes with different materials to touch), so that the baby can be touched, removed, folded. During the game, the names of colors, shapes of objects are remembered, necessary skills are developed.

Education of a child in 2 years is an interesting and unique period of life. And all that is required here for parents is to be patient and learn to understand your baby.

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