Why is it toxicosis in pregnancy?

The waiting period for the child remains in the memory of every woman for a long time. But if some mothers remember him as a bright and joyful time, others with horror remember the constant nausea, frequent vomiting, and sometimes even heavier conditions. All these manifestations experts call toxicosis of pregnant women. Toxicosis during pregnancy brings discomfort, and often a real torture for many women. Consider what kind of phenomenon it is, what are the symptoms and causes of toxicosis in pregnancy, are there any methods for treating it.

What is the toxicosis of pregnant women?

Speaking of toxicosis during pregnancy, usually refer to nausea and vomiting. However, this phenomenon often leads to violations of the cardiovascular and central nervous systems, metabolism.

Specialists distinguish three degrees of toxicosis:

  • 1st-episodes of vomiting are observed up to five times a day, weight loss is small, does not exceed 3 kg;
  • 2 nd - vomiting occurs up to 10 times a day, while body weigh
    t decreases by 3-4 kg in 14 days, blood pressure drops;
  • 3rd - the number of attacks of vomiting reaches 25 per day, there is a weight loss of more than 10 kg, increased heart rate, increased body temperature.

Toxicosis of pregnant women can appear at any time, although most often there is an early toxicosis that occurs at the 5th-6th week of pregnancy and ends at 12-14th. However, many women feel its manifestation already in the first days of menstruation, and some - only in the last trimester of pregnancy.

Hearing about the inevitability of this condition while waiting for the child, some women are frightened by the absence of toxicosis during pregnancy. Such disturbances are completely vain. On the contrary, the absence of toxicosis during pregnancy indicates an easy adaptation of the female body to new conditions of life, which are aimed at bearing the baby.

Causes of Toxicosis in Pregnancy

The exact cause of toxicosis in pregnancy is not established. However, experts note some factors that provoke the appearance of this condition:

  • Changing the hormonal background. From the moment of conception in the female body, changes occur - the level of some hormones increases, while others decrease. This is necessary for the successful implantation of the fetal egg in the mucous membrane of the uterus, preventing rejection of the fetus as "alien" for the mother's body, providing pregnancy and preparing for the birth process. When such "hormonal storms" calm down, the manifestations of toxicosis go away.
  • Absence of placenta in early pregnancy. Typically, the disappearance of toxicosis in pregnancy coincides with the time of placenta formation, which delays toxic substances of the fetus. And up to that time the female organism suffers from these products of the vital activity of the child.
  • Presence of chronic diseases. If a woman suffers from chronic diseases, her immunity is weakened, which provokes the appearance of toxicosis.
  • Unstable emotional state. It is noticed that a strong toxicosis during pregnancy is more often in those women who are worried, are subject to depression, repeated mood changes. And, often this phenomenon appears in those future mothers who are sure that it is impossible to bear a child without it.
  • Multiple pregnancy. It is proved that in women who expect twins, there is often a toxicosis in the second half of pregnancy.
  • Hereditary predisposition. If a woman's mother had a toxicosis at one time, there is a big risk of a recurrence of this situation in her. Especially it is often observed in the case of late toxicosis.
  • Age of the woman. According to statistics, toxicosis is more common in women after 30-35 years, especially if this is their first pregnancy at this age or before it there were multiple abortions.

Symptoms of toxicosis of pregnant women

The cause of toxicosis in pregnancy The most common manifestations of toxicosis in pregnancy include nausea and vomiting. The more episodes of vomiting observed in a day, the heavier the condition of a woman. So, if vomiting occurs up to 25 times a day, the general condition of a woman becomes severe, her dehydration develops, blood pressure decreases, and the pulse becomes faster. Often there is an unpleasant odor from the mouth, the body temperature rises. In particularly severe cases, there are violations of the kidneys, which is the reason for the need for termination of pregnancy.

Symptoms of toxicosis in pregnancy include skin rashes, which some women appear on 12-14 weeks. Such a rash may have a different appearance, but always accompanied by severe itching, often leading to sleep disorders, increased irritability.

Dangerous manifestations of toxicosis - a violation of calcium and phosphorus metabolism in the body of a future mother. This can lead to softening of the bone tissue( osteomalacia) or cramps in the muscles of the hands( tetany).

What to do in case of toxicosis during pregnancy?

In order to reduce the unpleasant symptoms of toxicosis during pregnancy, a woman needs to lead a correct lifestyle, observe the regime. It is necessary to avoid unrest, excessive physical exertion, more to walk in the fresh air.

You should eat often, but in small portions. And, you should avoid sharp, fatty foods, seasonings.

Severe toxemia in pregnancy, which poses a risk to the condition of the woman and the fetus, is treated with medication. It should be remembered that only a doctor should prescribe medicines to a future mother. Usually, women are prescribed medications such as Bonin( Meclozin, Hofitol, Zofran( Ondansetron), Metoclopramide.)

Many women are helped to cope with the toxicosis of ginger tea, which they use in the morning. To make it, a small slice of fresh ginger is brewed for 15 minutes with boiling water.lemon and honey and drink.

To reduce the manifestations of toxicosis, you can use acidic fruit juices, cranberry juice.

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