Why there are pains in a breast at pregnancy and how them to reduce?

Women's mammary glands are organs that are one of the first to react to the onset of pregnancy. They swell, increase in size and often hurt. Pain in the chest during pregnancy often causes anxiety for the future mother. Some women are worried why the chest hurts during pregnancy, and others are concerned about the lack of such manifestation. So, does breast always have a chest pain during pregnancy or is this a non-mandatory symptom of a child's waiting period? Consider whether the chest hurts during pregnancy, and how to alleviate this phenomenon.

Why does my chest hurt during pregnancy?

The embryo envelope in the woman's womb produces a hormone( human chorionic gonadotropin) that stimulates the mammary glands to prepare for feeding the baby. Thanks to these processes, the woman's breast increases in volume, sometimes in several sizes. The greatest increase is observed in the first trimester, but, often, especially in primiparous expectant mothers, the mammary glands increase during the entire wai

ting period of the baby.

Rapid accumulation of fat in the breast often leads to ruptures of connective tissue, resulting in the appearance of extensions known to all. At first, these stretches have a pinkish color, which then becomes white and less noticeable. Actually, these gaps also contribute to the appearance of pain in the chest during pregnancy.

The blood supply to the mammary glands is significantly increased, which is manifested by the appearance of a venous network on the skin. In addition, nipples and okolososkovye mugs darken, from the chest can be a little colostrum, especially in the last period of pregnancy.

As a result of the development of additional lobules in the mammary glands, they become very sensitive. This also leads to pain in the chest during pregnancy. Is there always a breastache during pregnancy?

The organism of every woman is individual, which means that the pregnancy proceeds also individually. Whether the chest will be ill during pregnancy depends on many factors. Quite normal specialists call the absence of pain in the mammary glands during the bearing of the child. In addition, this condition in different women appears at different times - some in the early stages of pregnancy, and others - in the second half.

Also, future moms experience different sensations associated with breast tenderness. Some breasts ache only when squeezed, and many women complain that chest pains during pregnancy appear in the nipple area. It is known that sometimes the future mother has a chest pain when it is cooled.

However, experts pay attention that if a woman notices the increase or, conversely, the reduction of soreness of the mammary glands during pregnancy, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Increased sensitivity and pain in the chest sometimes indicates some pathological processes in it. At the same time, a decrease in soreness in the mammary glands in the first three months of pregnancy may indicate an increased risk of a miscarriage threat or a frozen pregnancy. It is not necessary to panic prematurely, but you need to consult a doctor in this case.

How to reduce breast tenderness during pregnancy?

Breast pain ceased during pregnancy In order to stop breastache during pregnancy or at least reduce the pain, you must first choose the right bra. It should be made of natural fabrics and have wide straps that evenly distribute the load of the breast. One should avoid a bra on bones, the ideal model is one that supports the breast, prevents its sagging, but does not squeeze it unnecessarily. In the first months of pregnancy, it is recommended to pick up a cotton bra, in which it will be convenient to sleep. At this time, the female breast is particularly sensitive and grows rapidly, so the slightest movements cause pain.

Usually by the end of the second trimester, the soreness of the mammary glands is gone, but they are often hot, which causes suffering to the woman. You can try to reduce these feelings by applying wet compresses to your chest. Effective compresses made from cloth soaked in medicinal herbs such as chamomile and calendula. Some women are helped by a pain in the chest during pregnancy, a shower jet aimed at the chest.

To stop chest pain during pregnancy, you can use the following tips:

  • Chest hardening. For the purpose of hardening, use contrasting wiping of mammary glands and air baths( lasting 10-15 minutes) for them.
  • Performing exercises for the chest. It is recommended to make special simple exercises on a regular basis, which promote the outflow of lymph from the breast and reduce its soreness. All exercises should be performed in the supine position, without burdening the lower body.
  • Acquisition of special linings in a bra. This is necessary in the event that a woman has a small discharge from the nipples of the breast, which can lead to irritation and cracking of the nipples, and, as a result, soreness.
  • Drinking tea from nettle and fennel. This drink has an easy diuretic effect, due to which the body withdraws fluid and reduces swelling. Before using it, consult a doctor.
  • Decrease in the diet of salt. Salt helps to retain fluid in the body, leading to swelling.

Pain in the chest during pregnancy is quite common. Do not be afraid of their appearance, it is better to try to reduce the soreness. However, with any changes in the chest, including the intensity of pain in it, you should immediately consult a doctor.

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