Pregnancy twins: how to determine if it can be programmed?

The double is both a double joy and a lot of trouble. There are a lot of people's acceptances, advice of "experienced" moms, how you can plan a twins. What of these recipes is really feasible, and what is a myth, let's try to find out, based on the experience of specialists. We will also deal with the specific features of the course of this pregnancy.

Single and multi-egg twins

Double is not a rare occurrence: three cases per hundred births. This is both joy and responsibility, and a non-standard course of time. What are the signs of twin pregnancy, and how is it formed? What is the difference between monozygotic and dizygotic pairs? It all depends on the process of maturation of the egg. Usually one egg leaves the ovary, ready for fertilization, and in different ovaries the process is uneven, aging takes place at different times.

But sometimes something goes wrong, two eggs are simultaneously included in the process of ovulation, both are ready for fertilization. This is the answer to the quest

ion of how to become pregnant with twins. In this case, nature creates differently identical twins, in people they are called twins, and in the language of science this is a dizygotic pregnancy. Another option: in the fallopian tube, the fertilized embryo is divided in two. These are identical or monozygotic twins, since they began to develop from one egg.

Signs of twin pregnancy and peculiarities of

leakage. Are there any noticeable differences between a normal pregnancy and a multiple pregnancy? The test for such a pregnancy works earlier than in the presence of a single fetus, since the hormonal background varies significantly. Test strips are able to show a positive result already in the very first days of a delay in menstruation.

As for the remaining signs of pregnancy, twins, they are very blurred. Precisely to say that you expect two babies at once, it will be possible only on ultrasound, and then in the second trimester. Uterus at first the same size as when carrying one baby. According to the first perturbations, the "diagnosis" is also difficult to determine. Subjectively, the woman usually recognizes them at the 20th week, if the child is first, and at the 18th or 19th weeks with the second and subsequent pregnancies. And it does not matter how many babies will be born after the expiration of pregnancy.

The abdomen in pregnancy twins at first does not differ much in size, only later, in the second and third trimesters the stomach volume may become slightly larger.

The distinctive features of multi-fetation are a higher degree of toxicosis( and that not always), a greater need for folic acid( vitamin B9), capable of preventing birth defects of children. More often twins are born in women aged 30 to 40 years, when nature works "on the lead", trying to compensate for age-related risks.

The most common problems of

But there are not just features, but also the problem moments of multiple pregnancies. Iron deficiency anemia occurs more often, late toxicosis( gestosis) with increasing pressure, a large concentration of protein in the blood is also among the negative signs. Other problematic issues: placental insufficiency and non-traditional presentation of the fetus: transverse or pelvic.

And babies develop unevenly, often one takes more nutrients, and the other lags behind in growth and progression. In the worst case, when the weight of twin pregnancy in one of the kiddies is too small, it can result in developmental pathology, miscarriage or premature birth.

Are there ways how to get pregnant with twins?

Genetic predisposition is very important. Physicians can help by using hormone therapy or in case of in vitro fertilization. In the latter case, to guarantee the effect, several already fertilized eggs are implanted in the uterus. Sometimes only one survives, more often a few.

Ideal for conception of twins menstrual cycle in 21-22 days. Time of the year is spring, when in the literal sense of the word hormones play. Strangely enough, but the abnormality of the uterus is also an argument in favor of twins, for example, "bicorn" uterus( with a septum).

Women for some reason believe that breastfeeding helps prevent another pregnancy. In fact, on the contrary: it is this period that promotes conception, and, precisely, how to get pregnant with twins. Finally, and the psychological mood is important.

Diet and Weight in Pregnancy Twins

Weight at pregnancy twins It is also widely believed that twins are underestimated weight. In fact, the deviation from the norm is small. On average, twins are only 400 grams lighter than ordinary newborns. Moms with ordinary pregnancy arrive in weight on average 10-12 kg, with twins - at 15. But in fact the abdomen during pregnancy twins can be very voluminous, and almost the same as with one fetus.

But a certain diet can help to "project" twins. Such a "provocateur" is a diet consisting, first of all, of proteins. The priority should be meat and fish, seafood and legumes, milk products, eggs. Nuts, soybeans, fruits, wheat sprouts, bee products are also considered catalysts of the process. A special product: yams, that is, sweet potatoes. Often twins are born precisely in the regions of the world where food predominates this product. Most likely, it contains components similar in effect to the female sex hormone estrogen.

Childbirth with multiple pregnancies

In the case of twins and other variants of multiple pregnancy, birth occurs earlier than with one child. Gemini, as a rule, are on light for a period of 35-37 weeks, triplets - in 32-34 weeks. Some lag in development at first they are present, but with due medical control and maternal care is quickly adjusted.

The birth itself also has its own characteristics, most often it is necessary to resort to caesarean section, the more that the kids are placed incorrectly, which greatly complicates the natural childbirth, can lead to hypoxia in infants.

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