What is evidence of bloody and white mucus discharge during pregnancy?

Pregnancy rarely occurs completely without complications. But when a woman is responsible for her health, the problems can be minimized. Separation from the genitals is no exception. Knowing their reasons, a woman is able to prevent such troubles or quickly get rid of symptoms without compromising the development of the child.

Allocations at different times: what is the norm?

During pregnancy, serious changes occur in the body of the woman, which concern different organs, systems, hormonal background of the future mother. One of the manifestations of such adjustment is white mucus discharge during pregnancy. Sometimes, "smear" can and another color: there are segregations greenish, brown, yellow, with a different smell.

It is important for the diagnosis of a combination of a number of signs: the color and smell of this substance, the presence or absence of burning, itching, pain, increased body temperature and other additional symptoms. The doctor draws conclusions based on a complete history, a

ppoints laboratory studies.

Most often, if it's just "whiting", which do not cause any inconvenience, then in the first weeks of the term this way the body reacts to the very fact of conception. A mucosal discharge during pregnancy at 38 weeks may indicate that the woman is ready for childbirth, begins the separation of the mucous plug of the vagina, that is, gradually liberated the birth canal. If a similar situation occurs earlier, and mucus departs abundantly, it can be a signal of trouble, probable premature birth.

White mucous discharge during pregnancy: what should alert?

What other dangers lie in wait for a woman, announcing a stronger leucorrhoea? There are many reasons for concern. For example, candidiasis, this disease in the people is often called thrush. It causes a fungus, quite common, present in almost all women. But until then he does not show himself much, and only with the weakening of immunity can manifest as a pathological microorganism. And during pregnancy, as is known, the decrease in immunity is "planned", so nature protects the fetus, which a strong immune system can simply be torn away.

Candidiasis is shown with curdled exudates that have a sour odor. Development of the fetus is harmful both the inflammatory process itself and illiterate self-treatment, which women sometimes resort to, considering thrush as an "easy" disease without taking it seriously. But "habitual", traditional drugs that treat a woman's milkwoman at another time, during pregnancy are extremely harmful. Moreover, they easily penetrate the placental barrier and enter the blood of the baby.

All kinds of sexual infections also manifest similar symptoms. If they are not treated in time, mucous discharge during pregnancy at week 38 and later can become a real threat to the newborn. When passing through the birth canal the child becomes infected, and then the disease can manifest at any moment, causing serious damage to the health of the baby, who is not yet ready to fight the pathogenic microflora. Therefore, it is necessary to determine in advance what kind of infection is present, in order to perform treatment under the supervision of a doctor until the moment of delivery.

Sometimes mucus is a reaction to allergens contained in conventional pads. Then you just need to change these hygiene products, find such daily, which are made without the use of fragrances and other harmful components.

Yellow and green discharge

In addition to whitish, there are also bloody mucus discharge during pregnancy, and also can smear both yellow and greenish color.

Allocations can normally have a yellowish tint - this is an individual sign. But if they get too bright a shade, and even in combination with burning and itching, it almost always indicates the presence of infection. What - a question for a special survey.

If the vagina is afflicted with staphylococcus, or if there is an E. coli, the affected mucosa gives a greenish discharge. There are other diagnoses, more rare, they are even more in need of laboratory confirmation and scrupulous treatment.

Than the bloody mucus discharge during pregnancy is dangerous?

Bloody mucus discharge during pregnancy At the very beginning of pregnancy, spotting on linen sometimes appears in those days when the next monthly periods were expected. And in this case they do not represent any danger. Simply implantation of the embryo occurs, in which the vessels of the uterus wall are slightly damaged, hence small blood traces.

In the future, the same drops of brownish-red color, with a brown tinge, give rise to a suspected detachment of the fetal egg. The threat of miscarriage is accompanied by pain in the abdomen. Other possible causes: frozen pregnancy, cervical erosion, placental abruption and other pathologies.

In any case, this is a good reason for consulting a doctor with a follow-up examination. This is the only way to make a true diagnosis and make timely treatment, to protect the future child from possible consequences.

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