How to quit smoking during pregnancy, without creating stress?

Nicotine and other harmful substances of cigarettes adversely affect the health status of pregnant women and their future babies. How to quit smoking, avoiding frequent neuroses in such situations? This is real, if you know some important details and use some simple techniques.

Possible risks of bad habit for fetus

Smoking remains a common habit, despite the efforts of physicians. The statistics call frightening figures: more than 20 percent of women of childbearing age do not part with a cigarette, even knowing that in each of them there is a set of harmful substances in hundreds of names. Having learned that soon they will become mums, some lucky ones still doubt: should I stop smoking during pregnancy or should I wait? Motivation "iron" - to part with a long-term habit is not easy, it will become an additional stress for the future mother and fetus.

But this is only an excuse for those who have not made a worthy choice. In fact, if this process is not done without problems, then reduce the in

convenience to a minimum. But a huge list of risks that threaten the baby, if not quit smoking during pregnancy, is able to drive into a real neurosis.

Harmful inclusions in cigarette smoke lead to serious consequences, such as:

  1. oxygen starvation of the fetus;
  2. placental peeling;
  3. severe during pregnancy;
  4. small size and weight of baby;
  5. lag in intrauterine development of the child;
  6. premature delivery;
  7. congenital malformations of organs;
  8. birth of a dead child;
  9. syndrome of sudden infant death in the first months of life.

Is it safe to quit smoking during pregnancy?

And yet, some doubts remain. Any "sharp movements" can not but affect the state of the nervous system, it is really an emotionally traumatic moment.

But if gradually, persistently, consistently, step by step go to the goal, then it will be achieved! Strive to quit smoking with pregnancy is not really worth it. It is better to reduce the number of smoked cigarettes every day, in parallel to choose lighter varieties. Try not to smoke a cigarette to the end, leaving first a quarter, then a little more.

And most importantly: to find this habit of a positive substitute, then quitting smoking during pregnancy will not be very difficult. It is proved experimentally: most often the craving for smoking is not a direct nicotine addiction, but simply becomes a habitual ritual. It is something to replace it with another "ritual action".The simplest, it is the most effective, is to do all possible sports exercises. It is known that the physical load is accompanied by the production of pleasure hormones, and they favorably affect the emotional background, are a powerful distraction.

There are a lot of other options, like quitting smoking with pregnancy fast enough. But you always need to start with motivation. Just imagine how your baby suffocates from poisonous fumes, how it gets bad, how she tries to protect herself from this "gas attack".And measure the imaginary "pleasure" and the very real dangers threatening the future baby.

Not all remedies are good

In everyday life, there are some medications that weaken, and then curtail cravings for smoking. Among them there are numerous chewing gums, different kinds of sprays and medical patches. But they all contain nicotine, albeit in small doses. In addition, these methods can provoke an allergy, which is also unsafe for both mothers and fetuses.

Some doctors, in response to a question on how to stop smoking during pregnancy, recommend Ziban tablets. But medications can not be attributed to sparing methods of getting rid of addiction, especially when it comes to women in this particularly vulnerable condition. And categorically this medication is not recommended to nursing mothers, because the drug easily penetrates into the milk.

There is a popular belief that you can quit smoking during pregnancy through the use of electronic cigarettes. In fact, this type of cigarette is an electronic mini-inhaler, with the help of which the body gets vapors of liquid resembling tobacco smoke. The similarity is not only external: and as part of the contents of the cartridges nicotine is often present. Even if the producer positions himself as a champion of environmentally friendly components, and the annotation claims absence of nicotine in this brand of electronic cigarettes, one must remember: their influence on human health has not been sufficiently studied, and quality control is poorly conducted. When deciding how to stop smoking during pregnancy radically, do not rely on such dubious options.

How can I quit smoking during pregnancy without any problems?

How can I quit smoking during pregnancy? Do not try to force yourself, to force. Do not turn the rejection of a bad habit into a feat. It is always easier to do what we sincerely believe is necessary. A refusal of tobacco is really a very necessary, competent step, an urgent need. This is your gift to the baby, and to yourself too. To be healthy and beautiful with heirs - is not it an occasion to say goodbye to a cigarette without "breaking" and shed tears over your "unhappy" share?

By the way, it is the "encroachment" of tobacco on female beauty that often becomes an incentive to solve the dilemma: whether to quit smoking during pregnancy or stay in the camp of fuming - in favor of a healthy lifestyle. And not "from Monday", but immediately.

Walking more, choosing a simple fitness program, getting out into the pool, finally, instead of a cigarette, take a carrot or other vegetables and fruits more often. To go on a visit, visit concerts and other entertainment events, learn to knit - there are countless activities that will distract and benefit. Life will become more intense, play with new colors. These acquired habits will also want to be preserved after the birth of a child, which means that you and him will create an enabling environment for development and will be an example of a constructive solution to problems.