Application of Natalside during pregnancy

A pregnancy companion for many women is hemorrhoids. This disease is a varicose veins in the anus or anus. In addition, often with hemorrhoids there is a sharp thinning or, conversely, condensation of the venous walls of the rectum, as a result of which the outflow of venous blood from this area is slowed. The reason for the frequent development of hemorrhoids in pregnancy is a weak outflow of blood from the pelvic region, which is due to the pressure of the growing fetus. In addition, the expectant mother often leads a sedentary lifestyle, moves little, improperly eats. All this contributes to the progression of the disease.

The initial symptoms of hemorrhoids are usually mild. A woman can feel discomfort, itching in the rectum. As the process develops, the intensity of the pain syndrome increases, traces of blood, mucus on fecal masses appear. There may be a foreign body sensation in the rectum, burning sensation near the anus.

Hemorrhoids, like any other disease, must be treated. But during

the gestation period, most women are not allowed to take medicines. However Natalsid during pregnancy doctors not only allow, but even recommend to future mothers.

What is NatalSeed?

This drug is available in the form of rectal suppositories( suppositories).Each candle contains 250 mg of the main active ingredient of sodium alginate and an additional ingredient is a polyethylene oxide base. Realized Natalsid in packages containing 10 suppositories. This form of release is the most safe for expectant mothers, as it has a local effect, which minimizes the effect of the drug on the fetus.

Safety of Natalside suppositories during pregnancy from hemorrhoids is also explained by the fact that they are made on a plant basis. For their production, natural polysaccharides are used, which are obtained from marine brown algae.

Natalsid has anti-inflammatory, hemostatic, wound-healing effect. In addition, after getting into the rectum, suppositories have the property of swelling, mixing with the feces that are there, which significantly facilitates their removal, contributing to a more complete emptying of the intestine. According to reviews about Natalside during pregnancy, the use of this drug greatly facilitates the process of defecation, relieves discomfort in the rectum.

Indications and contraindications for the use of Natalside suppositories during pregnancy

Indications for the use of Natalside in pregnancy are the following conditions:

  • chronic bleeding hemorrhoids;
  • cracks in the anus, including in the epithelialization stage;
  • proctosigmoiditis( inflammatory process in the rectus and sigmoid colon).

Contraindication to the use of this drug is the individual intolerance of its constituents, primarily sodium alginate.

As the reviews on Natalside during pregnancy indicate, side effects from its use are very rare. They appear in the form of allergic reactions of the body to the components of suppositories. Such reactions include burning, itching in the rectum, redness of the skin around the anus. If these or any other symptoms occur, use the drug immediately and, if necessary, consult a doctor.

How to use Natalsida from hemorrhoids during pregnancy

Natalsid from hemorrhoids during pregnancy Rectal suppositories of Natalside should be used during pregnancy as directed by a doctor. As a rule, this medicine is prescribed 1 candle twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. The suppository is inserted into the rectum in the prone position, best on the left side. Before the introduction of the drug, it is necessary to empty the intestine in a natural way or with the help of an enema.

The duration of therapy should be prescribed by a doctor, depending on the severity of the disease, the presence of concomitant pathologies, complications. Usually the course of treatment is 7-14 days.