What kind of tea can I have during pregnancy?

The future mother is very careful about her diet. After all during pregnancy the woman is responsible not only for the health, but also for health of the child. As you know, during this period it is better to completely abandon coffee, alcoholic beverages. Therefore, women can only pamper themselves with juices, tea. But is tea safe in pregnancy? In order to answer this question, let's consider the influence of the most popular sorts of tea on the organism of a pregnant woman and her baby.

Green tea during pregnancy

Green tea is an extremely useful drink. It is called the source of many useful substances - vitamins, microelements( calcium, magnesium, iron).

Thanks to the high content of natural antioxidants, green tea helps to strengthen the body's immune system. The positive influence of this drink on the work of the heart, the state of teeth and bones was noted. It helps maintain normal blood sugar levels, prevents the appearance of malignant cells. The positive effect of green tea on elasticit

y and vascular permeability is proved, which is very important in pregnancy.

Many women during pregnancy suffer from manifestations of toxicosis. And with this problem helps to cope with green tea.

Specialists recommend drinking a drink for those women who have problems with blood pressure while waiting for the baby. This is explained by the property of green tea to regulate the level of cholesterol in the blood, the excess of which leads to an increase in blood pressure.

Also, green tea during pregnancy is advised to drink for the treatment and prevention of digestive disorders, which are often found at this time in women.

At the same time, women should remember that tea contains caffeine. Moreover, the content of caffeine in tea is not less than in coffee. The only difference is that the caffeine of tea is digested longer than the caffeine of coffee. Therefore, do not abuse green tea, in a day you can drink no more than two or three cups of this drink. Scientific studies prove that eating more than six cups of green tea during pregnancy causes a slowdown in the development of the fetus. In addition, doctors argue that excessive infatuation with green tea contributes to a deterioration in the absorption of folic acid. And, as you know, this substance is necessary for the normal course of pregnancy and child development.

Can kidney tea be pregnant?

During pregnancy, many women suffer from edema and kidney problems. Since drugs during this period are undesirable, many future mothers turn their attention to herbal preparations, in particular kidney teas. But is it possible to have kidney tea during pregnancy?

Kidney tea is a collection of herbs that have diuretic properties, which is intended for the treatment of kidney diseases. When using this tea, an excess of urea, uric acid and chlorides is eliminated from the body. As a result, the woman decreases or completely disappears edema.

Usually renal teas do not cause significant side effects. However, in every woman, the pregnancy has its own characteristics. And medicinal plants that fit one pregnant woman can harm another woman. Therefore, it is best to consult a doctor before taking this tea.

As a rule, the mother of the future is recommended a renal tea from the leaves of the medicinal plant of staminate orthosiphon. Doctors say that if you take such tea in these dosages, it will not have any side effects. For the treatment or prevention of edema, this kidney tea during pregnancy is prescribed at different times. Also, kidney tea from the leaves of staminate orthosiphon is prescribed in the complex treatment of inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system in expectant mothers.

In no case should the dosage specified in the instructions for renal tea be exceeded. The course of treatment for such a collection of herbs is usually 3-4 weeks.

Ginger tea in pregnancy

Ginger tea in pregnancy Ginger refers to plants that doctors often recommend to use for future mothers. But you need to remember that you can take ginger only after consulting a doctor, since this plant has many contraindications.

Experts have proved the beneficial effect of ginger tea on the digestive, nervous, circulatory, respiratory, immune, reproductive, excretory systems of the body. It has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic effect, normalizes metabolism in the body.

In the first trimester of pregnancy, ginger tea is often used to relieve symptoms of early toxicosis - nausea, vomiting, dizziness, excessive salivation. In addition, such a drink can eliminate the feeling of heaviness after eating, diarrhea, increased gas production. Ginger tea in pregnancy stimulates appetite, prevents aversion to food.

Often, such a doctor appoints a future mother for the prevention or in the treatment of common colds, such as SARS, flu, sore throat.

This tea during pregnancy removes anxiety, irritability, tearfulness, apathy. Regular use of the drink is able to stabilize the emotional state of a woman, improve her mood.

At the same time, ginger tea can not be consumed in the last months of pregnancy, to women who previously had miscarriages.

There are also general contraindications to the use of ginger and tea from it, which are especially important to observe during pregnancy:

  • allergy to ginger;
  • diseases of the digestive system in the acute stage;
  • feverish conditions;
  • arterial hypertension;
  • hepatitis, cholelithiasis;
  • inflammatory skin diseases.

You can buy ginger tea from the pharmacy and brew it according to the instructions. You can prepare a decoction of ginger root yourself. When self-made ginger tea during pregnancy, remember that such a drink should not be strong brewing.