Causes and treatment of leg edema during pregnancy

Many women in the situation complain that they have swelling of the legs. When pregnancy is a fairly common phenomenon. But common does not mean normal. Puffiness in the last trimester of bearing a baby can indicate an inadequate diet of a woman or about health problems with a future mother. In this article we will consider why the legs swell during pregnancy and what to do to reduce this ailment, as well as recognize the symptoms of swelling of the lower extremities, and how dangerous this condition is for the health of the mother and child.

Why do legs swell during pregnancy?

It is impossible to unequivocally answer the question, why the legs swell during pregnancy, as this phenomenon can be provoked by various factors. Consider all the possible causes that can lead to swelling of the legs:

  • Incorrect nutrition. In the body of a woman expecting a child, a large amount of hormone progesterone is produced. This hormone contributes to the accumulation in the body of sodium, which, in turn, is c
    haracterized by the ability to attract water. If the future mother consumes a large quantity of salt, spicy, fried, pickled food, then she drinks a lot, and under the influence of sodium, the liquid lingers in her body, which leads to swelling of the legs during pregnancy.
  • Kidney disease. In some women, before the conception of a child, there are problems with the urinary system in general and kidneys in particular. In the period of bearing the baby, because of the weakening of immunity, chronic diseases can worsen, and as a result, the future mother has so-called "renal" swelling. For example, exacerbation of a disease such as glomerulonephritis can lead to severe swelling of the legs during pregnancy. In order to eliminate the swelling caused by the malaise of the urinary system, it is necessary first to cure the underlying disease.
  • Late toxicosis or preeclampsia. This condition is a pathology that appears in the last trimester of pregnancy. The main symptom, which indicates the development of this condition, is swelling of the legs.
  • Varicose veins. This disease can trigger swelling of the legs during pregnancy. And with each subsequent bearing of a child the probability of developing this ailment increases.

Symptoms of foot edema

For the first time, a woman carrying a baby observes that her legs are swollen at the moment when habitual and different footwear becomes small at the end of the day. After a night spent in a horizontal position, a slight swelling of the legs usually passes. If the future mother does not take any measures to reduce puffiness, then in the future she may have strong swelling of her legs during pregnancy. The main way with which you can determine the swelling of the lower limbs is to simply press a finger on the skin in the ankle area. If, after such manipulation, a depression appeared on the surface of the skin, which does not disappear for a long time, this indicates that a woman who is expecting a baby has swollen feet.

What are the dangerous leg edema during pregnancy?

Strong swelling of the legs during pregnancy is not an independent disease, it will be more correct to call them a symptom, indicating that the body of the expectant mother is not all right. Therefore, with the appearance of puffiness in the lower extremities, the expectant mother must necessarily consult a doctor for advice so that he can determine the cause of this phenomenon.

When your pregnancy swells: What should I do?

Why do legs swell during pregnancy? If the legs swell during pregnancy - what to do in this case, the doctor should say. Not a mother, girlfriend or grandmother on the bench, but a qualified specialist. The causes leading to the appearance of puffiness are different, and, naturally, the methods for reducing this phenomenon are also different.

So, if swelling of the legs during pregnancy has appeared due to the malnutrition of a woman, then it will be sufficient to adhere to diet and drinking regimen to eliminate it. A diet aimed at reducing the swelling of the body should contain a minimum amount of salt, since this product retains fluid in the body. The daily salt norm should not be more than 5 grams. It goes without saying that the future mother should exclude from the menu all kinds of pickles, pickled and pickled foods, fatty, fried and spicy dishes. If possible, it is necessary to eat boiled and stewed food, and it is desirable to cook it without adding salt, and then, just before use, slightly to add.

To reduce the severe swelling of the legs during pregnancy, it is also necessary to monitor how much fluid a day the future mother drinks. In the volume of daily consumed liquid, not only water, tea, compote, juice, mors, but also a soup from the first dishes, moisture contained in vegetables and fruits are taken into account. The normal volume of fluid drunk by an adult woman per day is 1.5 liters. If the last trimester of pregnancy falls on a hot season, then a pregnant woman needs to consume no more than 2 liters of liquid daily.

When the swelling of the lower extremities in pregnancy is caused by a kidney or urinary system, late toxicosis, varicose veins, then, first of all, one must cure the underlying ailment, as it carries a danger to the health and life of the mother and child. During the treatment of the disease, the expectant mother should adhere to a diet aimed at reducing the amount of salt consumed, as well as monitor the amount of liquid consumed per day.

After consulting a doctor, a woman waiting for a baby can start taking infusions or decoctions of herbs that have a diuretic effect. They help to remove excess fluid from the body. But it is worth noting that it is not necessary to decide independently which homeopathic remedy to take, as there may be side effects that may adversely affect the health of the future mother.

If there are no contraindications, to reduce the swelling of the legs during pregnancy, you can do a light massage of the lower extremities. This will contribute to the outflow of fluid, and the swelling of the legs will decrease.

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