Why are vitamins needed when planning a pregnancy?

The role of vitamins in human life is enormous. And when a new little man begins to form inside a woman, the need for these "energy" increases significantly. Is it possible to stock up these important substances for future use, while planning a child? And what vitamins are the most important for the future mother and her children? We are looking for answers to these and other topical questions.

Preparing the body for future loads of

Pregnancy makes special demands on the body of a woman. This is not an easy test, and it would be good to prepare for it in advance. That's the way the responsible future mothers do. Doctors know that it's worth starting a few months, and better - six months before conception. We need to consult a specialist, he will advise what vitamins to take when planning a pregnancy, in what sequence and dosage. Otherwise, then the baby, taking a fair dose of useful substances for the construction of cells, will weaken mom, which again ricochets on his own health condition.

Vitamins will be useful not only for the future mother, but for the father as well, because how confident the partner feels, how active the spermatozoa are, the physical potential of the baby also depends to a large extent.

Such "replenishment" is especially important in stressful situations, under unfavorable external conditions and other risk factors.

What vitamins are needed for pregnancy planning: B9 and E

Vitamin B9, the same - folic acid is one of the first prescribed drugs. Its use protects the unborn child from neural tube defects, that is, significantly reduces the risks of such diseases as incomplete closure of the spinal cord, hernia of the brain and its underdevelopment. These pathologies can develop in the first four weeks of pregnancy, that is, when a woman still does not suspect her condition.

Folic acid is the first answer to the question of which vitamins are most needed when planning pregnancy. It promotes the growth of cells, the laying of tissues. Where is it contained? In legumes and many vegetables, rice and buckwheat, kefir and sunflower seeds, cod liver, cottage cheese a number of other products.

Vitamin E: in case of its critical shortage, it is difficult to get pregnant at all, and if this is possible, the concentration of hemoglobin in the blood drops sharply, the fetal pathologies develop more often. It is very important for the processes of renewing the cells of the body, to ensure the balance of hormones and to maintain a number of other functions.

Contained in vegetable oils, herbs, wheat and rye seedlings, in the liver, eggs, dairy products.

Other important vitamins and microelements

What vitamins are in the planning of pregnancy? Vitamin B6 is one of the important "controllers" for the synthesis of amino acids, respectively, and protein. It significantly softens the manifestations of toxicosis, reduces the risk of developing pathologies of the nervous system and the brain. Rich in vitamin B6 beef liver, potatoes, vegetables, uncooked grain, yeast.

What vitamins should I take while planning pregnancy? Vitamin B1, which is also useful for the nervous system of mother and child, for energy assimilation processes. B2 is responsible for the future growth of the baby, that is, the formation of bone and muscle tissue, the nervous complex. Cereals, fruits and vegetables, seedlings, beef liver, eggs and dairy products are rich sources of B vitamins.

Vitamins A and C catalyze the processes of resistance to infections, contribute to the tone of the skin, help to eliminate toxins and maintain immunity. Fruits and vegetables, especially citrus fruits, carrots, greens, and many berries are storehouses of these vitamins.

Vitamin D is a fatty variety of sea fish, eggs, spinach, fish oil, mushrooms, berries and milk. He is responsible for the condition of the skeleton, teeth, and nails of the unborn child.

Synthetic complexes: dosage of vitamins in pregnancy planning

Speaking about preparing a woman for future pregnancy, we approach the natural question: yes, vitamins help the body to strengthen, become stronger. But can they be accumulated for future use? It turns out that it is practically impossible. Only fat-soluble vitamins can accumulate in the body, and even in small amounts. Water-soluble analogs are used, and excess is simply output to the outside.

Speaking about the dosage of vitamins in the planning of pregnancy, we must also remember one more thing: in food they are contained in small quantities. For example, to get a daily dose of vitamin B1, you will have to eat a kilogram of low-fat meat or absorb an 800-gram loaf of bread( from wholemeal).The same situation with "fruit" vitamins: apples, bananas, berries are needed in volumes that are simply impossible to "overcome", and even every day.

Therefore, without the use of pharmacy vitamin complexes can not do. For pregnant women and only those planning to become mothers, there are special combinations of the most popular vitamins, they will be advised by a doctor and will prompt the necessary dosage, the algorithm for taking synthetic vitamin preparations.

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