Pregnancy and smoking are incompatible concepts

In our time, the harm of smoking has been unequivocally proven. And no one doubts the fact that smoking and pregnancy are incompatible concepts. But, despite this, many women who carry a child continue to smoke. Some can not give up this addiction because of their weaknesses, and others do not even try to do it. Therefore, for those women who doubt whether it is possible to smoke during pregnancy, in this article we will consider what effect this mother's habit has on the baby in the womb.

Why is it harmful to smoke during pregnancy?

When inhaled cigarette smoke in the body of a pregnant woman gets about 4000 different chemical compounds, with 60 of them are carcinogens. All these substances are in the circulatory system, which is the same for the mother and child. The most dangerous in cigarette smoke are nicotine and carbon monoxide. They cause many complications during pregnancy, and are one of the main causes of the development of vices in the fetus. The most severe consequences of the combinat

ion of pregnancy and smoking - the small weight of the fetus, premature labor, the birth of a dead child, arise from the fact that carbon monoxide and nicotine significantly reduce the amount of oxygen entering the fetus. Under the influence of these substances there is a spasm of blood vessels, their diameter narrows, and the volume of blood falling to the baby decreases, and with it the amount of nutrients and oxygen. In addition, in the blood that will be in the child's body, some oxygen will be "displaced" by carbon dioxide molecules. For information, passive smoking during pregnancy leads to the fact that in the body of a woman, too, the processes described above occur.

Pregnancy and smoking: consequences of

If you have not decided for yourself with the answer to the question whether it is possible to smoke during pregnancy, then let's consider how this habit affects the development of the child. When the fetal organism that forms is regularly lacking oxygen, it affects the formation and growth of all its internal organs and systems.

In the course of research conducted by doctors it was found that smoking one pack of cigarettes a day during pregnancy leads to the fact that the weight of the baby is reduced by 250 grams. If the future mother smokes two packs a day, the fetal weight will decrease even more. In most cases, low-birth-weight babies are born with a weight of less than 2.5 kg. Insufficient growth and weight of the child at birth will further adversely affect the physical and mental development of the baby.

Let's look at how smoking is reflected in pregnancy. A child of small height and small weight usually have underdeveloped some internal organs. Quite often, at the time of birth, the lungs do not have time to form, which means that after the birth the baby can not breathe on its own, and will be connected to the artificial respiration apparatus. When a child can already breathe by himself, underdevelopment of the lungs will affect his health in the future. He will be prone to frequent acute diseases of the respiratory system, which are highly likely to become chronic. In most cases, children whose mothers have combined pregnancy and smoking are diagnosed with asthma.

According to statistics, babies born to women who smoked throughout the first trimester of pregnancy have a 50-70% higher risk of developing cardiovascular pathologies( atrial septal defect, obstructed blood flow from the right ventricle of the heart to the lungs).

Even passive smoking during pregnancy can adversely affect the development of the baby's brain. It has long been noted that children of women who smoke often fall behind in development, face learning and behavior problems, because they have a low level of intelligence.

Combining pregnancy and smoking greatly increases the likelihood of premature labor, and a lack of oxygen can lead to fetal death. Even after birth, children of smokers are more likely to develop sudden childhood death syndrome than babies of women who led a healthy lifestyle. And it's not so important how many cigarettes a day a woman smokes in a position. Even one or two cigarettes a day can provoke a significant narrowing of the vessels, and lead to irreversible consequences in the formation and growth of the child.

Pregnancy and smoking: it's time to "tie"

Is it possible to smoke during pregnancy? If you have already realized how smoking is reflected in pregnancy, and decided to abandon this negative habit for yourself, then the earlier you do it, the better. The ideal option would be to stop smoking before the conception of the baby, at the stage of pregnancy planning, so that the body could get rid of toxins. In addition, smoking reduces the chance of getting pregnant by 40%.

It's not always possible to accurately plan your life, and strictly follow this plan. If you smoke and suddenly learned that a small man grows up in your stomach, it's never too late to quit smoking. It is proved that pregnant women who parted with a cigarette in the first trimester have the same chances to safely endure and give birth to a healthy baby, like women who have never smoked.

Smoking and pregnancy at the term of 14-16 weeks lead to the fact that the growth of the fetus begins to slow down. But as soon as the future mother refuses this habit, the baby will begin to receive oxygen in sufficient quantity, and the rate of its development will accelerate, and will approach the normative. Even if the smoking woman in the position "tie" with a cigarette at 30 weeks of pregnancy, then her baby will still be able to grow up and gain weight.

If you want to quit smoking, but you can not do it yourself, ask your doctor for help. He will tell you what medications will help you quit smoking.

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