Breathing during pregnancy, avoiding mistakes and charging with positive energy

Everyone who has experienced breathing difficulties once in his life understands how painful this is. And during pregnancy, oxygen is needed for two, so problems with the respiratory system are especially dangerous. Therefore it is so important to know where such violations can come from and how to avoid them, and, if necessary, to correct respiratory functions.

Why is it difficult to breathe?

Shortness of breath, a feeling of lack of air - a very unpleasant phenomenon. And when it is difficult to breathe during pregnancy, it is twice as important to discover the causes of discomfort as soon as possible. Excess body weight in conjunction with increased physical activity may well provoke this problem. Other common causes of violations of respiratory function - the problem of the cardiovascular system, a change in the concentration of hemoglobin in the blood. To exclude these possible diagnoses or confirm them and immediately start treatment, you should not miss the "first bell" and contact the docto

r who will prescribe the examination.

But most likely, especially at the very beginning of the period, it is difficult to breathe during pregnancy for quite natural reasons. Women begin to suffocate when climbing stairs and other loads, in a stress situation, and usually this is a physiological reaction to the deep restructuring that goes on in the body of the future mother.

But even at rest, these symptoms occur sporadically, and in this case there is cause for concern."Calm" dyspnea most often occurs against the background of a decrease in the level of hemoglobin, that is, anemia, and it is fraught with a lack of oxygen supply to organs and tissues of the mother and fetus.

It is difficult to breathe during pregnancy and when there is a deficiency of mineral substances, especially magnesium, in this case a marked tachycardia is added to dyspnea. Neuroses, fears also often add problems to the respiratory system, and here it is difficult to do without the help of a doctor.

There is a small probability and whiter serious problems, for example, hypertensive crisis, a stroke can be accompanied by similar symptoms, but this, fortunately, happens during pregnancy rarely.

What to do if it's difficult to breathe?

At various pregnancy times, breathing problems have their own causes and are manifested in a special way. In the first weeks and months it is difficult to breathe during pregnancy most often because of toxicosis. Another physiological reason: dyspnoea is associated with a feeling of raspiraniya stomach, even with a small amount of eaten. And this phenomenon, in turn, is provoked by an excess of hydrochloric acid in the stomach at the beginning of pregnancy. The production of hydrochloric acid is accelerated at this time, because it is "in conjunction" with the production of growth hormone, the synthesis of which is booming at an early stage.

In recent months, the uterus, which has grown in volumes, presses on all neighboring organs, it also goes to the lungs, which are partially compressed, and the diaphragm experiences discomfort. If the baby is large, and mom is short, the load is even greater, such parents still long after the birth remember how to breathe during pregnancy is difficult.

Some relief for such bouts of breathlessness to a woman is quite possible. Reduce physical activity, protect yourself from stress( ideally).Walk more often, but not along motorways, and away from places with polluted air. The room is often ventilated, if possible, to sleep with an open window. Find the most comfortable position for sleep, in the last weeks it is better not to sleep on your back, in this case large veins responsible for blood circulation in the lower part of the trunk are pinched. It's better to sleep on your side or raise your pillows high, almost half sitting.

It is necessary to monitor the diet, especially harmful to eat up before going to bed, it interferes with proper rest and can become a source of shortness of breath. Excess weight also often leads to a sense of "fish on the shore", control of body weight is extremely important. Oxygen cocktails, herbal teas, soothing natural origin will help to quell the problem.

But a few weeks before the baby begins to gradually "crawl" into the pelvic region, the body is preparing for the critical moment, or rather, both organisms at once. Then pressure on the diaphragm and lungs weakens, it becomes easier for a woman to breathe in the most direct sense of the phrase.

How to breathe properly?

How to breathe during pregnancy It is known that harmonious breathing helps to relax, this is one of the instruments of relaxation. But how to breathe during pregnancy correctly, so that you can stock up with oxygen for two, and create a comfortable psychological environment? Do not forget that the baby, being in the womb, already perceives her emotional state, empathizes with her, this is a long-proven medical fact. Therefore, controlling emotions, creating an even, and better, joyful psychological state will certainly have a positive impact on the child.

Experts advise from the second half of the term to train those breathing techniques, which then help during childbirth to speed up the process and remove some of the pain. For example, to do such a simple exercise: just stand on all fours, relax, making slow calm breaths and exhalations. If this position is taken several times a day, there will definitely be relief.

Another exercise is performed from the sitting position, the right hand lies on the chest, the left hand on the stomach. Muscles try to relax, inhale to do a deep, through the nose, exhale fast. You can perform on the account: inhale before the count of four, and a sharp exhalation at a time.

Energy breathing specialists offer an effective way to enrich the body with vital energy through circular breathing, that is, without pauses between inspiration and exhalation. Here the pace is not very important, depending on the state, one can breathe deeply or superficially, perform long or short inhalations-exhalations, the main thing is for the cycle to go on continuously. Especially valuable is the breathing in nature, if you managed to get out of town or at least to the city park. So you can store positive energy for long hours and days, become stronger physically and emotionally, which will help you to survive the last months of pregnancy and facilitate birth.

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