What kind of liver do you use during pregnancy and how much?

The liver of animals and fish has long been considered a product of health, at some time this product was even attributed to magical properties. But what is good for a healthy person in the ordinary state, in other periods of life can be contraindicated or allowed in a limited amount. With a liver - a similar situation. What is possible, what doses do not harm, and in what general the benefits of such dishes - this will now be discussed.

Can I get pregnant?

Can the liver be pregnant? To find the right answer, first we will understand what the composition of the liver of animals and birds is, what is so valuable in it, for which this product is so appreciated by the cuisine of many peoples of the world.

Purely culinary virtues of the liver are rarely contested: if it is cooked correctly, it becomes a genuine delicacy. But more importantly, a fact recognized by nutritionists around the world: the liver has a little more protein than other parts of the meat carcass, and the minerals and vitamins co

ntained in it are much more easily absorbed. That's why weakened, sick people are recommended this product.

Therefore, it is definitely possible to have a liver in pregnancy, it is shown even with a number of deviations in the health of a future mother: it positively affects blood quality( especially in cases of impaired coagulability, propensity to thrombosis), helps with atherosclerosis and diabetes.

Pork liver contains the so-called vitamin of beauty - vitamin H, also a set of B vitamins( as many as 8 varieties).

Chicken liver is digested even easier than beef( it is less caloric).It has a lot of folic acid and vitamin A( vitamin A), which makes this liver quite popular at pregnancy.

Beef liver: benefits and limitations

But still the most common dish is traditionally considered beef liver during pregnancy. Its caloric value is about 130 kcal per 100 g. The advantages of its composition: amino acids, enzymes, very necessary vitamins K and D, beta-carotene and other useful components of

. One of the most useful substances for a woman in this period is iron. Therefore, at the first signs of iron deficiency anemia the doctor will certainly advise to include in the diet dishes from the liver. But, choosing beef liver during pregnancy, we must remember: yes, it has very little fat, it is low in calories, but cholesterol contains 4 times more than other types of meat.

Another danger: too much vitamin A concentration, an overdose of which for the fetus is harmful. The recipe for consumption is simple: the liver can be, but in small quantities. Why do doctors not limit the eating of plant products, many of which seem to have the same vitamin A?That, but not quite, in animals and plant products, it is different. The latter specialists speak of pro-vitamin, and "ready-made" vitamin A is a component of animal food.

How to avoid negative consequences? It is best in the first 15 weeks not to include this dish in the menu, and then use it in reasonable doses.

How to cook? First, select a fresh liver, high-quality, remove the outer film from it, then soak in milk for a few minutes. Cut fairly large, put out in the "company" carrots and onions, 10-15 minutes, so that the usefulness remained intact.

Liver of cod and other fish: the arguments for and against

Liver cod during pregnancy And what about the liver of cod during pregnancy, can you eat it? And here everything is ambiguous. Of course, the cod liver is a very valuable, nutritious product, simply stuffed with all sorts of usefulness and goodies. The main problem is that it is difficult to buy it alive, it is usually seen on cans in cans, and its calorie content is enormous: 600 kcal, besides, it is an allergenic enough product.

But this is a storehouse of proteins, fatty acids and carbohydrates, almost a complete set of minerals and the most useful vitamins for the body, including PP, C, E, A, D, B group. Together they reliably protect against various infections and mum, andbaby, strengthen immunity, improve visual acuity, increase concentration of attention and activate the brain as a whole.

Vitamin A, contained in the cod liver, during pregnancy improves the visual function, vitamin D helps absorb calcium, so necessary to create a strong skeleton of the child. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant plus a very important element in the vascular protection system. B2 improves the activity of the nervous system and helps to produce red blood cells. Folic acid( vitamin B9) saves from anemia.

And for the health benefits of high maintenance in the cod liver of polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega3.They control the level of cholesterol in the blood, increase the tone of the vessels, work on the activation of metabolic processes and immune defense.

It is very important in similar processes and chrome, its deficiency is able to push the development of diabetes, increases the propensity to obesity. More than the daily norm of this element is hidden in 100 g of cod liver.

These are all pluses, but there is a downside. Excess of vitamin A, as well as in the case of beef liver, can harm the development of the fetus. High caloric content, fat content of the product - another risk factor.

Someone prefers the liver of pollock or burbot, their advantages are that you can buy these products in their natural form, without excess fat. In these by-products there are even more macro- and microelements than in the cod cod, and they can be simply boiled, used in salads and other dishes.

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