How to disaccustom the child from breastfeeding

In the life of every baby and his mother, the moment comes when it's time to stop breastfeeding. Of course, it will be better if such time comes by itself. Although there is often a need to wean a child from breastfeeding much earlier than his physiological needs.

Many mothers experience in advance how the process of weaning will pass, are afraid to make mistakes in this difficult matter. So still, how to separate from breastfeeding a child with the least discomfort for him and his mother?

When weaning from breastfeeding

Ideally, it is good to continue breastfeeding the baby to three years. This is the age when the baby itself will extinguish the need to apply to the chest. He will be ready to give up this kind of feeding without much effort. But this does not mean that the abstinence from breastfeeding to this age is impossible. There are certain general patterns, focusing on which you can stop the process of breastfeeding.

The woman's organism is most often ready to stop breastfeeding 1.5-2

years after its onset. After this time, mom can stop lactation at any time, of course, given the needs of her crumbs.

Completion of breastfeeding at an earlier time can not be called physiological. It can be the result of an illiterate organized process of feeding, or the resulting problems with the health of the mother.

Of course, when to wean each child from breastfeeding, each mother decides on her own. But the cessation of lactation at a time when the woman's body is not yet ready for this can lead to serious problems with her health. In addition, that the mother will need to continuously express for some time, she may have soreness and soreness of the mammary glands, manifestations of lactostasis( milk stagnation in the milk ducts).Some mothers experience depression, there may be a prolonged discharge of milk from the breast.

There are certain signs that indicate the readiness of the mother's body to wean from breastfeeding. The main indicator is the speed of filling the breast with milk during a sufficiently long, about 24 hours, a break in applying the baby. Breasts should not be filled if the woman left the baby for several hours. Moreover, there should not be a need to subtle the breast.

If there is no possibility to leave the child for such a long time, you can try one day to feed it with only one breast. At the same time, mother will feel how her other breast fills.

When the mother's body is ready for the baby's excommunication, it is necessary to wait two to three months. This is necessary to ensure that the child receives a sufficient amount of immunoglobulin, which will maintain its immunity for six months after the termination of breastfeeding.

When to wean from breastfeeding The best indicator of a child's readiness for excommunication is Mum's sensations. But there are also more accurate criteria that it's time to wean the child from breastfeeding. It is believed that the child is ready for excommunication if it is applied to the breast no more than 1-3 times a day. At the same time, he does not suck pacifiers, nipples, a lower sponge, pens, clothes, toys. In other cases, gradually reduce the number of attachments to the chest to 1-3 per day. Only after this, complete cessation of breastfeeding is possible.

Specialists recommend choosing the right time in order to wean the child from breastfeeding. Do not recommend starting such a process in the warm season. This is due to the fact that at this time there are fresh fruits and vegetables. The baby's diet changes, the risk of infections and gastrointestinal disorders increases. You can not begin to wean crumbs from the chest, if it is sick or is sick of one of the members of the family. In this case, wait at least a month from the moment of recovery. In addition, it is not recommended to begin excommunication at a time when important events occur in the child's life. It can be defining it in a kindergarten, getting a mom to work, moving, traveling from home, the appearance of a nanny. In such situations, the child is excommunicated a few months before the event, or a few months after it.

How to wean from breastfeeding

It is very important to competently approach the process of weaning from breastfeeding. After all, breastfeeding for a small crumb was the main part of communicating with the mother. It calmed the baby, brought him a sense of peace, security. Therefore it is very important to spend as much time as possible with the child during the termination of breastfeeding. A close tactile contact with the mother will help the baby not to think about the desire to suck. Mom should often take the child in his arms, stroke him, play with him in games related to tactile sensations.

A big mistake is made by those mothers who combine the process of weaning from the breast with the removal of the child into a separate crib or room. It is better to evacuate the baby three to four months after weaning.

It often happens that after starting the process of weaning, mother notices how her baby starts sucking on the bottom sponge, her finger or some objects. This is a sign that the little man is not yet ready to be excommunicated, he is very afflicted by this. If you ignore such symptoms, in the future it can seriously affect his nervous system. It is better to wait a little longer with excommunication.

Well, if my mother decided to wean the child from breastfeeding, let's try to outline the main stages of such a process.

1. Reduction in the number of attachments during wakefulness of the child. At this stage, it is best for mother to try not to sit down when the child does not remind him of the process of feeding. If the child asks the mother about breastfeeding, she should pretend that she did not understand the request or did not notice it. After that, it is better to switch the child's attention to something interesting to him. Thus, the number of attachments to the breast decreases.

2. Developing a child's habit of keeping fit for daytime sleep without breastfeeding. Best for this, putting the baby in the crib, get away from him, promising to come soon. The first time the mother returns in 15-30 seconds and puts it as usual. Every day the absence of a mother increases slightly. And the day will come when, after returning, the mother will see her child asleep without breastfeeding.

3.Dialysis from evening falling asleep under the breast. The principle of action of the mother in this case is similar to the previous one.

4. Disqualification from morning breastfeeding. At this stage, mom needs to get out of bed before the baby. When the baby wakes up, you need to distract him with your favorite food or drink. After that, offer an interesting game or read your favorite fairy tale. And in one day the child will simply forget about mother's breast in the morning.

Mom should make every effort to wisely and carefully disaccustom the child from breastfeeding. The reward for this will be a healthy baby who knows that his mother is the best in the world.

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