Increase of lactation

It has long been known that the increase in lactation in the female body is promoted by the use of certain products. In ancient mythology, some foods, such as coconut, elder, barley, lotus and almonds, personified motherhood. For the correct growth and development of the baby, breastfeeding is vitally important, and therefore the experience of our ancestors will be very useful for young mothers experiencing difficulties in feeding the baby.

Products increasing lactation

About products that increase the lactation of nursing mothers, written many articles, and everywhere it is said that the food should be balanced, diverse and hot. Diet and feeding are incompatible things, first of all you need to take care of your child's health, and of course, your own health, because only a healthy mother can feed and grow a healthy baby. To increase lactation during the day, you need to drink a sufficient amount( 2-3 liters) of black tea( you can with milk) and water without gas. Fermented milk products are also

mandatory in the feeding of a nursing mother. To increase lactation and provide the body with nutrients, a very good product that increases lactation is a high-fat beef or chicken broth. It is a natural energy source enriched with valuable microelements.

Moderate use of products that increase lactation, will help to avoid the hyperlactation that may occur due to uncontrolled use of lactation drugs or products. It is better to gradually introduce new foods into the diet, especially since changes in the nutrition of the mother can cause an allergic reaction in the baby. In addition to the nutrients and calories that are needed to maintain lactation, lactogenic products also contain plant sterols, saponins and tryptophan, phytoestrogen, natural plant sedatives that support the mother's body.

Products that increase lactation The ubiquitous and highly available lactogenic products are:

  • Dill seed. Dill( fennel), as well as juice from freshly squeezed carrots and beets - are wonderful sources of iron and minerals, beta-carotene, essential oils, and these vegetables contain natural glucose, so they do not need sugar.
  • Legumes and cereals: oats, millet, lentils, chickpeas, barley, rice, beans.
  • Leafy vegetables: kale cabbage, rucola, spinach, dandelion leaves, chard.
  • Drinks: water without gas, herbal preparations, coffee substitutes from dandelion, barley and malt.
  • Nuts: cashew, macadamia, almonds.
  • Fats and oils: butter, sesame, linseed, olive and coconut oils.
  • Garlic. An unusual but effective way to increase lactation. Studies show that babies drink more milk if the mother eats the garlic head before feeding, but because of her "aromatic" properties, this embarrasses many.
  • Turmeric is an excellent remedy for mastitis( stagnant milk in the chest).It has very good anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Ginger. In addition to lactational properties, this product is also a wonderful antidepressant, but it should be applied with caution, without abusing, as it can cause bleeding and enhance the effect of certain medications.

Drugs for increasing lactation

Among the many means for increasing lactation, each woman chooses the most suitable for herself. Here are a few recipes of folk remedies:

  • Caraway Kvass: oven-rye rye bread( 1 roll) is poured with warm water and left for 3 hours. Then add white raisins( 30 g), sugar( 400 g), cumin( 10-20 g) and yeast at the tip of the knife. The container with kvass is left in a warm place for fermentation for 12-14 hours.
  • Salad dressing infusion: lettuce seeds( 20 g) with a rolling pin and place in enameled pots with boiling water( 200 ml).After 3 hours, infusion can be consumed. Drink it 2 times a day for 100-150 g.
  • Drink from dill seeds: the simplest and most affordable means for increasing lactation.20 grams of dill seeds are poured in 200 ml of boiling water, insist on a water bath, after which they drink in small sips 4-5 times a day for 2-3 tablespoons.
  • Drink from anise: 40 g of anise seeds are insisted for 2 hours, pre-pour 200 ml of boiling water. Take infusion before meals 2 tablespoons 3 times a day.
  • Cream-caraway drink: pour two cups of cream into a ceramic dish, add 40 g of cumin seeds, then cover with a lid and simmer in the oven for 30 minutes at 80 degrees. In the ceramic pot, pour 2 cups of cream, add 2 tablespoons of cumin seeds, close the lid and put in the oven for a longing( with low heat) for 30-40 minutes. After cooling, take 2 times a day for 150 g.
  • Dill milk: curdled milk or kefir mixed with chopped dill seeds, add nutmeg, salt. After this, dill milk drain. This curative drink is consumed for breakfast.

And now let's talk about ready-made preparations for increasing lactation. There is a lot of ready-made teas that stimulate lactation. Such teas contain, as a rule, natural ingredients: Italian dill, cumin, anise, lemon balm, nettle. With daily use of such drinks, lactation is increased by about 20%.

The famous "Hipp" tea includes anise extract, glucose, nettle, lactose, fennel, melissa leaves, nettle, cumin.

Tea "Top-Top" contains Italian dill, extracts of anise, caraway, lemon balm( balm), nettle, herb gale, lactose and glucose. The components of this drink get to the baby through the mother's milk. They regulate the bowel motility of the nursing mother and baby, enhance the tone and intestinal motility, and also contribute to better digestion. Such tea can be purchased in the departments of baby food.

The most famous preparations for increasing lactation can be presented in the form of the following short list:

  • "Apilak".It contains royal jelly. This biologically active product, which has antiviral, bactericidal and antitoxic effect, improves metabolism. However, in some cases, this drug can cause an allergic reaction.
  • Mlekine is a homeopathic remedy for increasing lactation. It differs from other means in that it can be consumed throughout the whole period of feeding. This drug is especially recommended for those mothers who have problems with veins( varicose veins).
  • "Lactogon" - a domestic inexpensive drug, also increases lactation, but you should know that it is capable of causing allergic reactions.
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