How to choose the right baby food for newborns?

When you have to think about transferring to artificial feeding, moms face a difficult choice. In specialized stores, eyes run up from the abundance of all kinds of jars, packs of baby food. What to prefer, which of these products are as close as possible to the quality of mother's breast milk? Now we will try to understand this important issue.

Principles of choosing

The newborn is the baby of the first month of life, up to 28 days old. But in practice it is often called babies in general, that is, children under one year old. In any case, often there are situations when the mother's milk is small, and sometimes it is not produced by a woman at all. Then you have to resort to all kinds of mixtures for newborns as complementary foods or the only source of food.

Milk mixtures and other types of baby food on the Russian market are many: Nutrilon, Humana, Nan, Hipp, Nutrilak, Agusha, Malyutka and many others, totaling about 80 brands from around the world. This is not only a substitute for breast m

ilk, but also fruit, vegetable purees, juices, fish and canned meat and other varieties of dishes for the youngest.

To determine the choice, you need to know what these products differ from each other, consider their classification, evaluate the features of the composition. Adapted or partially adapted - the most significant gradation of mixtures for newborns. The closest to the mother's breast milk are those adapted, although they can not completely reproduce all elements originally programmed by nature. Both are performed on the basis of cow's milk, but in the adapted components are more balanced. Specialists advise to pay attention to such high-quality baby food as American mixtures "Enfamil-1", Dutch "Fisolak" and "Nutrilon", Finnish "Tuttel" or "Bona" and a number of other well-proven brands. The number 1 on the label indicates that this product is intended for newborns, and figure 2 indicates a mixture for children up to a year."Three" on the package says that the product is intended for older children, over a year.

Other principles of division: fresh and dairy mixtures( acidophilic), dry or powdered, whey and casein. The latter differ in the form of the protein component of the composition: casein or whey proteins. Unfortunately, so far casein in the mixes on the market is larger, but it is better to choose those milk substitutes that contain a high percentage of whey proteins.

Regarding the choice of dry or liquid products, each type has its own advantages. Ready to use you just need to warm up, but also the storage time they have is small. The most popular of them: "Tuttel" and Russian counterparts: "Agu-1", "Baby", "Baby Milk".Dry can be stored for future use, but "fuss" with them more.

It is worth paying attention to the content of carbohydrates, iron, fats and other components, to consult a pediatrician, which is more suitable for you. For example, excess iron can cause dysbacteriosis or adversely affect future teeth. It is better if carbohydrates are mainly lactose, glucose admixture is allowed, but sucrose is best avoided.

Briefly about the specialized products of

There is a special group in the list of baby food for babies and special group: specialized mixtures, that is, designed for special categories of children: allergic, premature, with stool problems, regurgitation, etc.

So,laboratory-confirmed, allergies to cow's milk proteins, it is better to use the mixtures from this list: Nutri-soya, Izomil, Enfamil-soya, Al-soy and their analogues.

For anemic( anemic) children, products with a high concentration of iron such as "Enfamil with iron" are suitable. For the often belching - "Nutrilon Antireflux", "Frisov", "Enfamil-AR".If children are intolerant of lactose( milk sugar), it compensates for Al-110 or Human-SL.And "Pre-Nan" or "Nenatal" are good for compensating for low weight in premature babies. Your baby does not sleep well, is restless? Then, boldly buy the lure from the line "Night formula" of different original brands.

Addictive - the process is ambiguous

Mixtures for newborns Of course, in any case, the recommendation of a specialist will help. But it will not guarantee the correctness of the choice, because there are such phenomena as individual intolerance or complexity of adaptation.

Often at the beginning of the use of mixtures, there are problems with the intestines, regurgitation, sometimes they are added rashes on the skin, and in the stool there are impurities of mucus or greens. If these side effects are not too strong, then you should try to continue eating, and after a few days, you will get addictive. In the event that the problems are only aggravated, then there is an individual intolerance of some elements of the mixture, and it will have to be abandoned. If the baby is used to some kind of mixture, then just for a change it can not be changed, otherwise the stomach and intestine can give unexpected reactions.

Modern components for the generation Next

Today, nutrition for children contains new components that make it, if not ideal, then most useful and "quiet" in terms of reactions of metabolic processes, assimilation. Moreover, modern mixtures strengthen the immune system of newborns, help them to withstand infections and adverse environmental influences.

Prebiotics - substances that stimulate the activity of the digestive tract and are split in the large intestine, contribute to the formation of useful microflora. Probiotics, that is, ready-made live lactobacilli and bifidobacteria, also contribute to the optimization of digestive processes, enhance immunity, and combat allergies. Energy "donors" and building elements for RNA and DNA are nucleotides. Its contribution to the development of the body contributes and fatty acids, and other important components of the menu for babies.

In selecting a mixture for a newborn, one must be attentive: consulting with a doctor, and then, if possible, adding new food gradually. Monitor the baby's reaction and adjust its diet if the body reacts violently to new food components.

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