Rash in newborns is not a harmless phenomenon

Joyous efforts after the birth of a baby are often replaced with worries and worries about the change in his state of health. One of the frequent dysfunctions is a skin rash. Sometimes it has a "household" origin and quickly passes with the increased attention of adults to the hygiene of the newborn. But sometimes the reason is deeper and more serious, and maternal carelessness can be fraught with risks to the health of the baby.

The main causes of skin dysfunctions

Eruptions on the face and other areas of the baby's skin often cause anxiety from the first weeks of his life. They have different structures, are caused by numerous causes. On the skin and mucous membranes appear pathological elements that differ from healthy areas with texture and color, and often also cause unpleasant sensations. Spots, blisters, papules, black or white dots - the appearance of these formations and the adjacent dermal areas, the reaction of the child to them is important for the diagnosis.

The skin of a newborn is

very sensitive to external stimuli and internal destabilizing factors. Sufficiently conditional these sources of problems can be divided into several groups:

  • food allergy;
  • infectious rash;
  • drug rash;
  • contact dermatitis;
  • diaper dermatitis;
  • urticaria;
  • sweating;
  • atopic dermatitis;
  • neonatal acne.

Food and Drug Rash

The reaction to food allergens manifests itself usually in the form of a red or pink rash on the face, namely, on the chin and cheeks, although it also occurs in other places of the small calf. Reddish spots are flaky, and if you do not take measures in time, they can grow into scabs.

The source of the problem in infants is an allergic reaction to food components in the mother's menu. If you are not ready to take tests to identify specific allergens, just exclude from your diet products at risk: citrus, fish, nuts, tomatoes, whole milk. Do this consistently by observing the child's reaction.

Consult with the pediatrician before the beginning of complementary feeding: even the best quality mixtures are able to give individual reactions of intolerance to individual components.

Drug rash does not always have the nature of severe allergies, it can be an easy side effect of taking antibiotics or other medications. Even "harmless" vitamins often provoke such phenomena, especially if they are uncontrolled and uncontrolled. Only the doctor will determine the source of discomfort and will appoint competent treatment.

Hives are sometimes isolated in a separate type of rash. The name she received because of the appearance, reminiscent of the consequences of a burn by a common plant. But more often hives are considered only a frequent manifestation of allergies, primarily, just a drug or food. Although it can occur against the background of hypothermia or overheating, as a result of stress or mechanical effects on the skin.

Usually, when a baby appears on the body, urticaria is prescribed antihistamines, such as Zirtek, Suprastin, Fenistil, and externally - ointments with menthol or anesthesin. In neglected cases - hormonal ointments.

Atopic dermatitis

Causes of rash in newborns Much rarer the rash is caused by such an allergic disease as atopic dermatitis. His early manifestations: swelling of the cheeks and forehead;peeling and itching in the area of ​​the hands, legs, buttocks. Later, rashes in the form of itchy small vesicles are noted. The enlargement of the tonsils is another characteristic symptom.

Usually the disease is hereditary. The most important task: to identify the allergen, to which the body reacts, and this can be not only food components, but also dust, animal hair or plant pollen, household chemicals and other substances. Ointments, herbal decoctions, antihistamines will help to remove symptoms, but will find the cause and appoint a doctor only.

Contact dermatitis and sweating

On the body of an infant, irritation can also occur as a result of contact with irritants such as detergent, leaving a trace on the laundry, and the children's clothes themselves sometimes are of inadequate quality. On the skin there are rubbed, small rash, - these are signals of trouble.

One of the varieties of contact dermatitis can be considered diaper dermatitis. This formation of redness, vesicles and peeling in the perineum from contact with wet, dirty diapers or diapers, as well as rubbing the skin with folds of diapers.

Allergy is not such a rash, so the treatment is purely symptomatic: the use of healing ointments( Boro-plus, Bepanten, etc.), and most importantly - proper care. This will help to avoid such an unpleasant consequence as a bacterial infection.

Sweating is a natural reaction of the body to overheating, it is also sometimes isolated in a separate type of rash. Its prevention is to comply with hygiene measures, the usual powder is good. It is also important to maintain a stable room humidity and temperature regime, often ventilate the room.

Neonatal Acne Rash

Acne of newborns or neonatal acne is detected in 25-30% of newborns already in the first weeks of life. On the face and neck, small pimples appear on the head, in which there are no clogged pores( comedones).Sometimes they generally can be noticed only by touch like a certain roughness of the skin, without foci of inflammation and suppuration.

Similar deviations are associated with a change in the hormonal background of a newborn and with the reaction of his skin to contact with yeast fungi and other types of pathogenic microflora with which the baby meets for the first time. Soon, the addiction and acne of newborns will take place without medical intervention. In other cases, specialist help is required.

Infectious rash

The most dangerous form of rash is a reaction to various infectious diseases: enterovirus infection, chickenpox, measles, rubella, scarlet fever, baby roseola. Here, medical control, competent algorithm of treatment are especially important. Parents can only follow the recommendations of a specialist. Most often at the first stage of treatment will be in the hospital.

The rash in newborns has a different origin. It is important at an early stage to identify its cause and prescribe treatment, then the consequences will be minimized.

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