The child's teeth turn black: what should I do?

Perhaps, it will not be a mistake to say that all moms and dads dream of having their kids have snow-white smiles and healthy teeth, so that they have to take their child to a children's dentist just for a preventive check-up. But, unfortunately, these dreams are not always given, as very often parents notice that the child's teeth turn black. This happens not only in children who already go to school, but also in infants, who only erupted the first milk teeth. In this article we will consider the reasons leading to darkening of tooth enamel, and what to do to parents if the child's teeth are blackened.

Why do children have black teeth?

The main reason that the baby's black teeth become black is caries. Caries is an infectious disease that occurs in the oral cavity. Even in toddlers who have not yet reached the age of two, and who have not yet cut through all the milk teeth, so-called "creeping" caries can form, they also call it "night bottle syndrome" or "bottle caries".This disease develops quit

e quickly, and the main reasons for the fact that the child's teeth are blackened are:

  • Night feeding. At the kid who falls asleep with a bottle of porridge or milk in his mouth, the saliva ceases to maintain a neutral acid-base balance. The reason for this is the following: during sleep, salivation decreases, so it is not enough to "wash off" the teeth of acid, which are fermented by microorganisms on the enamel, and as a result, the surface of the teeth corrodes.
  • Incorporation of pathogenic microflora into the mouth from the outside. Many young mothers consider it normal to lick pacifiers or nipples of their children;women can eat from a spoon( fork), and then feed her baby;kiss their children on the lips, and at the same time the saliva penetrates from the mouth of the adult into the mouth of the child. All of the above actions can lead to the fact that cariogenic microflora from the oral cavity of the adult falls into the baby's mouth, and the bacteria begin to multiply actively in a new place, resulting in the child's blackening of teeth.
  • Fast food temperature changes. If the baby is given hot food, and then immediately cold( or vice versa), then the thin and weak enamel on the milk teeth can not stand it and begins to break down.
  • Insufficient oral hygiene. Not all parents know that you need to start brushing your baby's teeth immediately, as soon as the first tooth has cut through. Therefore, unfortunately, there is often a situation where the baby's black tooth becomes black due to the fact that the mother did not teach her to hygiene of the oral cavity in time.

In addition to the above reasons for darkening of the teeth, which depend only on the mother, there are others:

  • Insufficient absorption of calcium by the body. In some cases, due to the imbalance in the nutrition of the child or the presence of diseases in the baby that affect the metabolism, a lack of calcium is formed in the child's body, and as a result, the tooth enamel is thinned.
  • Hereditary factor. One of the reasons for the fact that the child's teeth are blackened may be heredity. Scientists have long proven that the characteristics of the body of parents are passed on to their descendants, so if a mother or father has bad teeth since childhood, then chances are high that their children will have the same problems with their teeth.
  • Plaque on the teeth. Inadequate oral hygiene, a violation of the saliva, saliva in a small amount lead to the formation of plaque, in which pathogenic microorganisms actively multiply.
  • Eating sweet foods in large quantities. Dental health largely depends on the correct diet, which must be balanced and contain all the necessary substances for the body. The surplus of carbohydrates in the daily diet leads to an increase in acidity in the oral cavity, and to the destruction of the thin tooth enamel of the baby teeth, and it is because of this that the child's teeth usually blacken.
  • Injury of teeth and gums. Any trauma is an open wound, and in the wound pathogenic microorganisms propagate very easily.
  • Metabolic disorders of fluoride. There is such a disease as endemic fluorosis. It arises because of the increased concentration of fluoride in the body and manifests itself in the form of dark bands and spots on the tooth enamel. The main cause of this ailment is the increased fluoride content in drinking water.
  • Inadequate salivation. With deficiency of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals or vitamins in the body, the composition of saliva is disrupted, and its quantity in the mouth decreases. And this leads to an increase in the level of acidity in the oral cavity and to a darkening of the enamel of the baby teeth.

What should I do if my child has darkened his teeth?

Blackened teeth of the child If you notice that your child's teeth are turning black, then, first of all, immediately take him to a consultation with a children's dentist. To tighten with a hike to the doctor it is not necessary, as at kids caries develops promptly enough, the reason of it that the tooth enamel of milk teeth thin and fragile. The dentist, after examining a small patient, can refer the child to a consultation with a pediatrician or other narrow specialists to refute or confirm the presence of systemic diseases that lead to a darkening of the teeth. Also, the doctor will give parents advice on how to properly care for the oral cavity of children, which toothpaste and brush is best to brush your teeth, what kind of diet is needed to keep the small teeth healthy.

If the reason for the child's blackening of the teeth is carious stains, the dentist will silver his teeth. Silvering of teeth is an effective method used at the initial stage of the disease. This procedure is prescribed for children when they reach the age of three. In the event that carious disease of the tooth has passed from the spot stage to the stage of formation of a "hole in the tooth", then silvering of the teeth can not be done, since silver salts can cause a burn of the nerve of the tooth.

I hope this article answered your question: "Why do children have black teeth?" And you know what to do if the baby has dark spots on his teeth.

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