The causes of diarrhea in a child, and how to treat it?

Quite often alarmed parents ask the doctor why the child has diarrhea. Diarrhea( diarrhea) - the allocation of feces liquid consistency, which can occur several times a day. Consistency, frequency of urge and color of diarrhea are important diagnostic signs that will help to establish the correct diagnosis and prescribe treatment. Diarrhea - one of the most frequent ailments, a sign of disruption of the intestine. It is especially dangerous for a baby, and also for a baby up to three years. A prolonged debilitating and liquid stool can lead to dehydration of the child's body.

In case of severe diarrhea, treatment should be started immediately, in order to maintain a normal water-salt balance in the child's body. And for this, parents should know what to do if the child has severe diarrhea. Today we will talk about the possible causes of diarrhea in a child, how to stop diarrhea in children.

Types and causes of diarrhea in a child

According to experts, stool disorders in children can provoke non-

infectious and infectious factors. If diarrhea in a child is non-infectious, it quickly passes.

Digestion can be disturbed by taking incompatible products or hard-to-digest food, with teething, with acetone syndrome, and with individual intolerance to medications.

We list the types of diarrhea that the doctors give:

  1. Infectious diarrhea - occurs with dysentery, viral diseases, salmonellosis, foodborne infection.
  2. Rotavirus diarrhea - accompanies rotavirus infection. The first signs - increased vomiting, moderate diarrhea, and after several hours the temperature rises, there are headaches.
  3. Alimentary diarrhea is an indicator of the monotony of food or malnutrition, the manifestation of an allergic reaction to a certain food product. This type of diarrhea is the reaction of a child's body to improperly selected medication, a vitamin deficiency.
  4. Diarrheal diarrhea - occurs when improper digestion of food, with insufficient production of enzymes of the pancreas and liver.
  5. Toxic diarrhea is a reaction of the body to poisoning with toxic preparations( mercury or arsenic).
  6. Neurological diarrhea in a child is an indicator of nervous exhaustion.
  7. Symptom of scarlet fever, measles, rubella, sore throat or flu is the reaction of the child's body to general intoxication.

Strong diarrhea in a child of white color with an acidic odor is observed with teething. Sometimes diarrhea is accompanied by fever. If the digestive disturbance does not affect the well-being, the baby does not look pale and sluggish, and there are no signs of dehydration, then, most likely, digestion will soon be adjusted once the eruption of the tooth from the gum ends. Green mucous diarrhea in a child with an increase in body temperature may indicate infection in the body. If the feces have a sharp odor, then perhaps this is dysentery. Watery diarrhea of ​​yellow color also indicates the development of a viral infection. In this case, the baby complains of abdominal pain, swelling, and bubbling. Black diarrhea is a dangerous sign of intestinal bleeding. If you have this symptom, you should immediately seek medical help.

Treatment of diarrhea in children

Why does the child have diarrhea? If parents found out why the child has diarrhea and there is no reason to go to a medical institution, then first of all, the baby should be given absorbents so that the intestines are cleared of toxins( Smectoo, Activated Carbon, for example).

If diarrhea accompanies vomiting, it is necessary to give drugs that will maintain the water-salt balance of the body( for example, Regidron) to prevent dehydration. To restore normal microflora in the intestines, children with diarrhea should definitely take probiotics( for example, Bifiform, Linex).

In case of diarrhea, parents should correctly organize the baby's diet. He should drink a lot of liquid - water, broths of dried fruits, fruit drinks. At the time of malaise, you must exclude fatty foods, sweet and flour, juices and fruits. Useful dishes from rice, from different cereals, from potatoes without butter.

In case of severe diarrhea, the child is well helped by herbal teas with mint or chamomile. In the treatment of diarrhea, a simple recipe has proved to be a simple recipe: pour a glass of rice with water( six glasses) and simmer over low heat. Ready to boil the broth and give the child in a warm form( one-third of the glass every two hours).

A solution for replenishing fluid and salt in a child's body is very easy to prepare: in half a liter of warm water, dissolve one teaspoon of salt and four teaspoons of glucose. Ready to drink baby should drink every ten minutes. You can brew ordinary chamomile and give the baby chamomile tea, alternating it with saline.

Tea from blueberries works great: half a liter of water will require two to three tablespoons of blueberries. Boil the tea ten minutes, strain and let the child drink. Dried or canned berries are not bad. Let the baby eat blueberries in small portions, carefully chew it, and before swallowing a little hold in his mouth. In blueberry jam there are no vitamins, but there are tannins and pectins that help stop diarrhea in a child. When diarrhea helps the stems of cherries with berries: take five or six twigs on a glass of water, brew and let the baby drink.

If dehydration of the body increases, the child grows apathy, vomiting increases, and the temperature does not decrease, then the doctor should be called immediately.

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