The child grinds his teeth at night

Any mother is alerted by the sound of a gnashing of teeth, coming from a cot. This phenomenon varies in duration and frequency. Of course, scratching teeth causes a lot of anxiety and questions.

There is an erroneous, but rather widespread, opinion that this is caused by the presence of worms in the body. Parents should not immediately run to the pharmacy for drugs to fight worms. Anti-warts pharmacological agents are not so safe.

The drug has a toxic effect not only on parasites, but also on all the baby's cells without exception. And the probability that parasites will show up in a child gritting his teeth is not higher than that of any other.

In connection with this, it is unacceptable only for the sake of prevention to take these drugs. If you suspect the presence of worms in your child, it is much wiser to pass tests that will help determine if there are actually worms in the body.

A child grinds his teeth at night, causes

The grinding of teeth in medicine is called bruxism. T

his problem can not be ignored in any case, since there is a threat to the health of children's teeth. Why does the child grind his teeth at night? The exact causes of the squeak of teeth doctors have so far failed to establish. But there are several prerequisites for provoking bruxism:

  • Stressful situations. Children's psyche is very tender and easily traumatized. At the sight of an adult, the problem can be insignificant: a hike in a kindergarten, a move, the appearance of a new member in the family. An excess of positive emotions is also undesirable and can lead to a stressful state. Psychologists are advised to dose the amount of emotions and impressions of the child.
  • Sleep disorders. If a child has a tendency to disturb sleep - nightmares, a violation of the alternation of its phases, then the risk of bruxism is very large.
  • Presence of adenoids in the child. The risk of developing bruxism, in the presence of adenoids in a child, is eighty percent.
  • Hereditary factor. The addiction to bruxism is transmitted from parents to children. The hereditary factor is often manifested in boys.
  • Cutting teeth. In infants, scratching teeth can occur with cutting teeth. The gums of the baby itch, and he, involuntarily squeezing his jaw, tries to eliminate the itching. First, check if the baby has swollen gums. Spread the child's teeth with a special gel that relieves pain and itching.
  • Pathological structure or malocclusion. The creaking of the teeth can indicate the presence of a child with a jawbone structure or problems with bite. To establish the diagnosis accurately, parents should contact a dentist for advice.

A child grinds his teeth at night, what should I do?

There are various methods of treatment for bite correction. Leaving the problem without attention is unreasonable and fraught with complications: the tendency to the destruction of teeth, the erasure of tooth enamel, the risk of caries.

A child grinds his teeth at night, what should I do? The level of development of dentistry is now so high that it allows eliminating any malocclusion with almost 100% probability. But for this you need not to waste precious time.

Why does a child grind his teeth at night? The specialist will help determine the cause and cope with it. In most cases, by the age of 7, the problem recedes itself.

Some children grind their teeth not only in sleep, but also during waking hours. Parents need to stop all attempts to grind their teeth.

Often doctors advise a complex of vitamins. As you know, the lack of B vitamins, calcium, magnesium increases the convulsivity of the chewing muscles during sleep.