How dangerous is the bump on the child's forehead?

Slipped, fell. I got up - a bump! Algorithm quite familiar for most active shalunishek. And the inactive "philosophers" also do not do without such problems. One of the parents does not pay much attention to such "trifles".Others, on the contrary, panic. And what should be a competent reaction? How real are such injuries? We are looking for answers to these pressing questions.

A cone on the forehead of a child: the reasons can be different

Not always the "decorations" on the heads of our children grow from the blows. A cone on the forehead of a child and on other areas of the head may appear due to other reasons. For example, it is the result of the accumulation of subcutaneous fat, and often tends to proliferate, densify, and unpleasant pain sensations are also present. In no case can not such a worm pierce, try to squeeze out, since there is a great danger of bringing the infection under your skin and seriously aggravating the situation.

Only an address to a doctor will help to solve the probl

em, today there are several ways of treating fatty seals, including, quite often, resort to the procedure of cryodestruction - exposure to the body area by strong cold. This is a painless method and at the same time quite effective. But parents can prevent the appearance of a wen, carefully caring for the baby's skin. Especial attention is required for blackheads: the skin should be cleaned in a timely manner, protecting from blockage of pores.

Redness of the skin and the appearance of seals may be an abscess, but also a deep one. Only the surgeon will correctly prescribe the treatment: sometimes it is enough to use sucking ointments in combination with vitamin therapy, antibiotic intake and restorative measures. Only in some cases, sparing surgical intervention is required.

Finally, although very rare, the cones on the child's forehead may be symptoms of dangerous diseases, such as hemangioma or melanoma, and only the specialist will be able to make the right diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

How to avoid the consequences of a blow?

But still these are exceptional cases. Most often a small or big bump - from the impact of the child's forehead on a fairly solid objects. When the impact primarily affects the vessels, they are traumatized and ruptured, which is why the hematoma is formed, and the tissue becomes bluish on the site of the edema.

The brow is formed very quickly, a few minutes after the stroke. But if very quickly take action, then the bump on the forehead of the child will not grow. The easiest way is to apply something cold to the injury site: the vessels will quickly narrow, which will help to avoid swelling. For example, use a cool spoon, a metal bowl. Better still, get ice from the freezer, but do not apply it directly to the skin, but through a soft, clean cloth, so that the temperature difference is not too sharp. If the child on his forehead has stuffed a bump, you can wet a towel or napkin and also attach it to the impact site, but you can not just water the head with water.

And one more important point: all the above actions are performed, if only the skin of the baby is not damaged in case of a bruise, that is, a lump is formed, without scratches, through which, with inept manipulations of adults, pathogenic microorganisms can penetrate.

The child hit his forehead: the cone should be treated

The child hit his forehead with a bump But not always adults are close, and even in this case, not every time "improvised" funds are quickly located. Or simply my mother panicked, rushed about, lost time. The child on his forehead has stuffed a bump, and it will have to be treated. For example, such a popular natural remedy as "Aibolit", it is made on the basis of beeswax. There is also a homeopathic remedy called "Traumeel C" and a heparin ointment, or medications such as "Troxevasin" or "Lyoton".

There are a number of proven folk methods, the most common: a sponge, this prickly flower is sold in pharmacies. It brew and make lotions. From a purely domestic means suitable grated potatoes, in the form of compress, or a small piece of raw chilled meat. Cabbage leaf is also a good analgesic and anti-inflammatory plant, and in summer it is possible to tear off( in a clean place) plantain, or also get dried in a pharmacy.

It is checked up repeatedly: the big shin from blow of the child a forehead will pass much more quickly if to do an iodine setochku. Once the "lattice" is absorbed, it should be painted again, and so until the cure.

Do not miss the alarms

Even if at first the special alarms did not cause a drop, you need to watch your son or daughter for a while. If the child hit his forehead, the cone may be less of an evil. Especially if there are other symptoms that indicate the likelihood of concussion:

  • Pale skin, blue lips;
  • Weakness, unnatural drowsiness;
  • Difficulty breathing, sometimes with short-term loss of consciousness;
  • The cone grows to a solid size or, on the contrary, a dent appears in the place of the bruise;
  • The child has nausea and vomiting;
  • There may be blood from the nose and ears, convulsions, headaches;
  • The pupils are enlarged, dark circles appear under the eyes;
  • The child does not calm down for a long time, cries, behaves unusually.

The presence of even a few or one of the listed signs of trouble should be a signal for an immediate call of an ambulance. Even if the alarm turns out to be false, consultation with specialists is not superfluous: the doctor will correctly assess the situation and suggest the best ways to help the child.

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