How to do a month, 3 month, 8 month and one-year-old massage?

Massage is a type of passive gymnastics. It has a very strong tonic effect on the body. A massage is useful for a person at any age, but it is especially effective for small children. Experts point out that regularly performed massage promotes faster and qualitative development of the child, increases the protective forces of his body. Therefore, parents should learn how to massage their babies, starting from the first months after their birth. Consider how to do a massage to a month-old baby and to children of the first year of life.

How to massage a month-old baby?

The monthly crumbs can already be used to make certain types of massage. This will give great pleasure not only to the kid, but also to the adult who conducts it.

The main condition for carrying out this procedure is a good mood, a smile and affectionate words. It is necessary to watch, that the nails of the person who holds the massage, were short-cut. Before starting the procedure, hands should be washed with soap and greased with

baby cream. To ensure that your hands are not cold, you must rub your hand in hand before starting the massage.

The duration of the massage for a month old baby is 3-4 minutes. At the same time, it is necessary to observe the baby, if he has begun to cry, it is better to stop the massage. The actions of the adult should give the crumb pleasure, and in no case do not discomfort.

Massage in the baby is carried out on the main body parts( trunk, arms and legs), but do not forget about the places where many receptors are located( palms, feet, lobes of the ears).It is interesting that experts note the great benefit of massage the heels of an infant, which contributes to its faster development, both physical and psychological.

The main methods of massage for a month-old child are stroking, kneading, tapping and rubbing. During the first sessions, you only need to pat down, gradually introducing kneading and other techniques. Massage is performed at the feet of the child. Alternately raise each handle and stroke it in circular motions, moving from the brush to the shoulder. The legs begin to be massaged from the heels to the thigh. Back stroking along the spine. Massage the tummy do very carefully and only clockwise.

Massage for a 3-month-old child

Beginning from this age, a child can be given a preventive or restorative massage, or a therapeutic massage. Therapeutic massage is done strictly according to the indications and only by a professional masseur.

Consider a preventive massage for a 3 month old child who has the following positive effects:

  • strengthens the musculoskeletal system;
  • aligns muscle tone and forms their correct contractile function;
  • stimulates bone growth;
  • activates blood circulation and metabolism;
  • improves lymph drainage;
  • stimulates physical and neuro-psychological development;
  • normalizes appetite and sleep.

However, you need to remember that there are some contraindications to this procedure. These include an increase in body temperature, pustular skin diseases, diseases of subcutaneous fat, joints, bones and lymph nodes.

The basic methods of massage for a 3 month old child are aimed at obtaining a particular result. For an active, restless child, light strokes and rubbing, which soothe and relax, help to fall asleep quickly. Improving nutrition and circulation are facilitated by light pats, effleurage and rubbing. Mutations increase the elasticity of the muscles and tone of the skin.

The procedure for the massage of a 3 month old baby is similar to that of a monthly baby. But the time of the procedure is increased to 6-7 minutes.

Massage of the baby in 8 months

Massage for an 8 month old child Massage of the 8 month old baby is aimed at strengthening the muscles of the legs, abdomen and back to prepare for walking. In addition, it is necessary to knead the feet and palms of the crumbs, developing small motor skills.

Usually massage of children of this age consists of stroking, rubbing, vibrations and kneading. At the beginning of the procedure, stroking is always performed, which relaxes the muscles and prepares them for more intense effects, improves blood circulation and prevents painful sensations.

All massage movements on the limbs are performed from the brush to the shoulders and from the foot to the groin. The stomach is stroked clockwise, then along the oblique abdominal muscles towards the navel. The chest is massaged in circular motions, the back - along the spine.

After stroking, kneading is usually used, which is performed by two techniques - felting and clamping kneading. Then they move on to the technique of vibration, which includes shaking, shaking and tapping. Finish the massage of the 8 month old child by stroking.

Parents should know that the area of ​​the genital organs and liver of the child can not be massaged. It is also forbidden to use patting and efflorescence of the kidney area during a back massage.

A child's massage in 12 months

A single-child can be massaged on a principle similar to a massage at 8 months. The emphasis in this procedure is on the muscles of the legs, back and the press, which is necessary to prepare the baby for walking. With this massage, muscles, joints and ligaments are strengthened. The duration of it increases to 8-10 minutes.

At this age, you can already see some of the problems of child development. Therefore, often the doctor prescribes to the baby a therapeutic massage aimed at eliminating such defects. Especially often practice medical massage to a one-year-old child to correct the curvature of the legs. In addition, if a pediatrician notices a delay in speech development in a baby, he can prescribe a special massage for the back surface of the neck, collar zone and pens. Usually the course of therapeutic massage for a one-year-old child is 10 procedures.

Massage for children of the first year of life is a very important procedure that helps active and harmonious development.