How to treat barley on the eye of a child?

Barley is a purulent inflammation of the sebaceous gland of the century. It occurs due to the ingress onto the eyelid of bacteria of staphylococci and streptococci( nonspecific conditionally pathogenic form).Microorganisms begin to penetrate into the middle of the century along the channels of the sebaceous gland. After this, there is a blockage of the eyelid and the formation of a focus of inflammation. A special role in the formation of barley on the eye in a child has a temporary decrease in the body's immune function.

The first signs of the appearance of barley include reddening of the eyelid, burning sensation and pain. After some time, the swelling begins to increase, and on the spot of redness a specific abscess with a white head or a crust forms. At the time when the abscess grows to its maximum size, its spontaneous breakthrough and purification takes place.

In general, the growth of barley on the eye in a child occurs in the period of three to four days. But when the process of inflammati

on is formed in the area of ​​the outer corner of the eye, a considerable swelling can form. The cause of its manifestation are disorders of lymph circulation. And the doctor should be consulted if an elevated body temperature level is observed, the recurring form of barley on the eye, edema does not pass within three to five days and constantly increases or interferes with the child's vision.

What if the baby has barley on his eye?

Usually, with barley, children initially develop swelling in the eyelid region, and then it begins to blush and increase. The entire infectious process develops around the cilia of the baby. Then the eyelid begins to swell, and as a result of this, a significant narrowing of the eye's slit occurs.

When answering a question about what to do if a child has barley on his eye, it should first of all be noted that timely medical therapy is necessary. Because if a long time does not treat the disease, it can happen that the baby's eyeball will completely stop opening. There may also be headaches and twitching of his eyelid.

As you know, barley can form immediately on two eyes. And often there is a spontaneous dissection on the fourth day. At this time, the child's well-being should improve. But parents should remember that you can not squeeze out an abscess yourself. This can lead to complications( for example, purulent meningitis, abscess of the eyelid and other consequences).Also, you need to monitor and ensure that the child does not lose his eyes at the moment when barley is opened. In this case, infection can spread to another part of the eye, and this will entail the secondary formation of the disease.

On how to treat barley on the eye of a child, it is important to note the following: first of all parents should find out the cause of the disease. Many believe that such a disease occurs due to hypothermia of the body. In fact, barley appears as a result of bacterial infection( from dirt).That is, the causative agent of the disease is Staphylococcus aureus. Also, barley can occur when there is a shortage of vitamins A, B and C in the child's body.

In addition, the appearance of barley is also associated with heredity, and the state of immunity. This disease occurs in chronic diseases, as well as in disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, diabetes mellitus or worms. But barley is not considered a contagious disease.

How to treat barley on the eye in a child?

At the first symptoms of the appearance of barley on the eye in a child, treatment should be started immediately. Be sure to ask for help from medical specialists. But if the parents are sure that redness is barley, the child can be given emergency help. It consists in applying dry heat to the site of the inflammation focus. And in those cases when the disease is accompanied by high fever, it is necessary to use antibiotics.

How to treat barley on the eye in a child The attending physician may prescribe UHF therapy in the treatment of the disease( the effect of a high-frequency magnetic field on the patient's body).This physiotherapy allows you to cope as best as possible with the disease. But it can be used only in the absence of increased body temperature. In those cases when the spread of the disease has begun( that is, pain, redness, edema, temperature and lymph nodes) is increasing, it is necessary to use antibiotics and sulfonamide medications.

If barley develops on the eyes of a child, treatment can be performed with alcohol compresses. To do this, moisten the cotton disc with a 70% solution of alcohol or vodka( in cases where the child has sensitive skin) and apply it to the inflammation focus. The disk should be covered with the palm of your hand( or your own, or the child).This will give warmth and warms the sore eyelid.

It is also recommended to use marigold infusion. To do this, ten to fifteen dry inflorescences should be filled with 200 milliliters of hot water and insist forty minutes. Then strain the resulting broth and apply instead of compresses and lotions. But if you can not prepare the broth yourself, then you can buy an alcohol tincture of marigold in the pharmacy. Before use, it must be diluted with water( 1:10).In cases where barley can not be cured by folk remedies, it is necessary to consult a physician for the application of various eye drops and ointments.

If there is barley on the eye of a child, treatment should be carried out not only from the outside, but also from the inside. It is necessary to limit the child in the use of sweets. And in the diet it is better to include foods that are rich in vitamins A, B2 and C. They will help to strengthen immunity and restore the process of regeneration of your baby's skin.

Prevention of the disease

To prevent the onset of the disease, prevention can and should be done. It provides for the implementation of simple requirements and rules. First of all, it is necessary to wash the hands of the child after walking on the street, visiting the toilet and even after playing with paints, plasticine and other items that can infect the body. Also need to cut the nails to the baby as often as possible. Because under them there is a lot of dirt and bacteria. Do not allow a child to gnaw his nails. And if the baby wears contact lenses, then you need to monitor their proper storage.

In order to avoid the appearance of barley on the eye in a child, one must constantly increase its immunity. Well-suited procedures for tempering the body, as well as the inclusion in food rich in vitamins and trace elements of foods. Do not allow the transition of the disease into a chronic form. In particular, in the presence of incidental infectious diseases, such as caries and tonsillitis. Also avoid dusty rooms.

There are cases when during the disease barley requires surgical intervention. This occurs when the abscess of the century is formed. In such situations, the surgeon makes small incisions of the tissues and removes the pus formed there. Therefore, in secondary manifestations of the disease, it is recommended that the child's blood be given for diagnosis. This will be a general blood test and a sample for sugar. You can also take a smear to establish the state of the flora of the conjunctival cavity. Such actions will help to establish the true cause of the recurrence of the disease.

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