The child often blinks - the causes and treatment

Since birth every person has a reflex movement like blinking. It is thanks to this natural process that the cornea of ​​the eye is moistened, dust is removed from its surface. Blinking in a person becomes more frequent with eye fatigue, getting into them sorinok.

With a physiologically normal blink frequency, this reflex movement is almost invisible to others.

But sometimes parents notice that their child often blinks their eyes. In this case the eyelids of the baby's eyes are tight and repeatedly compressed, he can take his eyes up and away.

Most often, this behavior is observed in children 4-12 years old.

Parents react differently to this situation. Some try not to pay attention to this, believing that the kid just grimaces. Others perceive such behavior of the child as some of his bad habits, and start struggling with all their might. But the indifference of parents, and their constant monitoring usually only aggravate the situation. First of all, you need to determine the reason why the c

hild often blinks. And only after that try to help the child.

Why the child often blinks

There are many reasons for blinking. Parents should always seek help from a doctor. Usually, to establish the exact cause of blinking, it is necessary to consult an ophthalmologist and neurologist.

In a school-age child, frequent eye fatigue is a common cause. It comes in the case of a long sitting at the computer or textbooks. But if after a long rest and normalization of the child's day regimen, the blinking does not stop, it is necessary to look for other reasons for this condition.

Sometimes the cause of eye blinking in children is the drying of the cornea of ​​the eyes. In addition, to frequent blinking can lead to deterioration of the view of the baby. But in this case, the child will also squint.

In addition, blinking can occur as a result of micro-eye injury, the presence of foreign bodies in them, some deviations in the activity of the organs of vision. Even in the case when the foreign body is in one eye, the baby will blink both. When you remove the interfering cornea object, the blink stops immediately.

But the most common reason that a child often blinks his eyes is a nervous tic. This term refers to involuntary contraction of the face facial muscles.

Parents should not ignore even very minor and fast-running tics in children. After all, they indicate that something is wrong with the child's nervous system.

Determination by the doctor of the cause of the child Frequent blinking can occur in a child after severe fright. In many cases, this condition develops in children who are in constant stress, experiences. This is very susceptible to first-graders or children who first went to kindergarten. Not every kid calmly perceives the change of habitual surroundings and the process of getting used to a new collective.

A triggering mechanism in the development of nervous tics in children can be a strict teacher or teacher, problems in communicating with children, severe upbringing and many other factors. Usually from the perspective of adults, most of these reasons do not deserve attention. But for a small person they can have a very great value. Psychological factors of development of the nervous tic are usually accompanied by such additional symptoms as high fatigue, increased anxiety, depressed state, decreased appetite, sleep disorders, nightmares, irritability.

Often, hereditary predisposition can also be the reason why a child often blinks. Genetic predisposition can be transmitted even after several generations. But most often, one of the parents or close relatives also suffered from nervous tics or obsessive-compulsive neuroses.

Causes of blinking of eyes in children are sometimes cerebral traumas, for example, concussion.

In addition, this condition can develop against the background of taking certain medicines or after suffering illnesses.

How to get rid of blinking eyes in children

In most cases, neural tics in children disappear by themselves, without requiring special medication. But for this, parents need to follow certain recommendations.

1.Do not focus on this issue in the presence of the child. Experts point out that the more often a child is told of a nervous tic in his presence, the more frequent seizures will appear, and the more intense they will be.

2.Time out for help to specialists. This is very important for effective treatment of the baby. Blinking in neglected form requires much longer therapy and greater effort on the part of the child.

3. Do not press on the child. Many parents, whose children often blink their eyes, constantly pull it away. This only complicates the situation even more. And not because the kid does it on purpose. Constant jerking and screaming leads to the fact that the child involuntarily, unconsciously fixates on blinking. As a result, even a very insignificant nervous tick sometimes takes a heavy course.

4. Creating a comfortable psychological environment for the child. Of great importance is the psychological situation in which the baby lives. Parents should learn not to discuss their problems with the child, do not figure out the relationship, do not speak ill of his friends. Often adults can not even imagine how much their kid understands. But since the child's psyche is not yet very stable, many "adult" problems he perceives are much heavier than parents. And the result of such experiences is sometimes that the child often blinks.

5. The correct mode of day and rest. Young children are not yet able to limit themselves in watching TV, spending time at the computer. They can not bring themselves to go to bed on time. Therefore, parents should monitor their correct treatment. It is necessary to try to limit as much as possible the time spent by the child at the computer, TV and, in general, indoors. It is much more useful for children's health and psyche to spend time in the open air, to participate in outdoor games.

Often compliance with all of the above recommendations helps to restore the emotional health of the child. And, as a consequence, there is a frequent blinking of the eyes in children.

But in cases of neglect of the condition or during its severe course, observance of these recommendations does not bring relief to the baby. Then you have to resort to treatment with medications. Such therapy is often used in the case when blinking is a symptom of a certain disease. In this situation, the use of medicines is directed to the treatment of the underlying disease.

In the treatment of eye blinking in children, physiotherapy methods are often used - massage, reflexology, special gymnastics. Well proven in the therapy of nerve ticks bath based on soothing herbs.

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