Causes of redness under the eyes of a child

Quite often parents face the problem of redness under the eyes of a child. This redness indicates that there was some kind of failure in the baby's body. Since the skin under the eyes is almost transparent, very tender, even minor disturbances in the functioning of the circulatory or lymphatic system can manifest itself in these areas.

Consider what are the causes of the appearance of redness under the eyes of the child and what should be done to eliminate them.

Infectious causes of redness around the eyes in a child

Red circles under the eyes of a child may indicate the presence of an inflammatory process in its body of an infectious nature. Often they appear as a result of intoxication of organs and systems of the body of the baby with the products of vital activity of pathogenic bacteria, viruses, parasites.

The most common cause of this redness is called helminthic invasion. It is very important to prevent the infection of these and other parasites to observe the careful hygiene of the ba

by. It is necessary to ensure that the child always washed his hands before eating and after every visit to the toilet. In addition, the baby needs to spend every day hygienic procedures in the morning after sleep and in the evening before going to sleep.

Redness under the eyes of the child sometimes occurs with chronic tonsillitis( inflammation of the tonsils), which also refers to infectious diseases. The cause of tonsillitis is usually a staphylococcal infection. Symptoms of this disease are frequent angina or other respiratory infections that affect the baby. With a close examination of the throat and tonsils of the child, there you can see a white or yellow coating. This indicates the presence of a foci of infection.

The appearance of redness under the eyes of a child can be triggered by diseases of the oral cavity, in particular caries. To prevent such pathologies, it is necessary to teach the baby to take care of teeth and oral cavity from an early age. In addition, you need to periodically check with a dentist.

If redness under the eyes of a child is a symptom of infectious diseases, it is necessary to undergo a course of treatment. It is only the doctor who can choose the therapy and its duration. Do not self-medicate. This can cause severe side effects, which will affect the cardiovascular and digestive system of the baby.

Causes of red circles under the eyes of a child of non-infectious nature

The causes of red circles under the eyes of a child of non-infectious nature It is quite common for the child to have reddening around the eyes due to allergic reactions of the body. In this case, on the reddened area of ​​the skin there is peeling, burning, itching. In children under five years most often there are food allergies. Usually at this age, allergies are caused by eggs, milk, fish, nuts. Older children may suffer from pollen and domestic( dust, animal hair) allergies. First of all, it is necessary to establish the cause of the allergic reaction. To do this, in the medical institutions are tested for an allergen. Then the allergist doctor prescribes the necessary therapy. Allergy is often hereditary. Moreover, the risk of developing the disease significantly increases if both parents suffer from it.

Often the cause of the formation of redness under the eyes in a child is the development of such a pathology as adenoids. These formations are formed with the growth of lymphatic tissue in the nasopharynx. Adenoids block the nasal passages, as a result of which the baby's breathing becomes difficult. The cause of development of adenoids are frequent colds, heredity, allergic reactions, poor ecology. Symptoms of this pathology, in addition to the appearance of redness under the eyes of a child, are swelling of the face, difficulty in nasal breathing, snoring in a dream. Adenoids are removed surgically. They must necessarily be removed, since with a lack of nasal breathing, the baby can develop hypoxia( lack of oxygen) of the brain. And this is a rather complex and irreversible complication.

Redness under the eyes of a child of school age can be caused by vegeto-vascular dystonia. This condition is associated with disruptions in the functioning of the vascular system, which contribute to an insufficient intake of oxygen into organs and tissues. With such a pathology, the child's pale skin pale, there is rapid fatigue, weakness, dizziness, headaches. In such situations, parents should take the child to a consultation with a neurologist. Usually, the doctor appoints a small patient a sparing regimen, which includes small physical exertion, regular rest and frequent walks in the fresh air.

In some cases, redness under the eyes of a child may indicate only his fatigue. Therapy in this situation is a properly organized regime of the day and nutrition of the baby. His diet should contain the necessary amount of meat and dairy products, vegetables and fruits. Often a child needs to take a course of taking vitamin complexes.

Sometimes red circles under the eyes of a child are an individual feature of its subcutaneous tissue. Often it is inherited from parents.

In any case, if there is redness in the child under the eyes that do not go through the day, you need to seek help from a doctor. Only the doctor will be able to establish the exact cause of this condition. If necessary, he will appoint the necessary treatment. All this will save the child from the development of unwanted, and sometimes dangerous, diseases.