How to cope with stammering in children?

Stuttering is one of the most common speech disorders. Most often, children suffer from stuttering. In addition, most stuttering adults acquire this ailment in early childhood. Therefore, in no case should we be frivolous about this problem, hoping that with time, everything will pass by itself.

What prevents you from talking stuttering?

Stammering causes a disturbance in the rhythm and smoothness of speech, the consistency of the speech muscles, breathing and voice. The organs involved in the verbal process: lips, tongue, throat - are subject to convulsions. Seizures are clonic( the main reason for the painful repetition of individual sounds or syllables, mostly - at the beginning of the word), tonic( cause the inability to permanently overcome the "failure" in speech) and mixed type. Children most often stuttered are two to four years old.

Reasons for

There are a number of reasons for stuttering, they can be divided into:

  • physiological;
  • psychological;
  • social.

To physiological reasons include diseases of the nervous system associated with birth trauma, heredity, etc. Also, stuttering can be caused by an organic disruption of the subcortical areas of the brain. Often problems with speech arise due to diseases of the organs of the speech system( larynx, pharynx, nose) or the depletion of the nervous system after suffering severe diseases such as typhoid, measles, whooping cough, rickets, etc.

Psychological causes stuttering associated with emotional state,caused by a strong psycho-emotional shock. Excitation causes the child's speech to work slower than the brain. The main psychological cause of stuttering is childish fears, for example, fear of loud sounds, darkness, loneliness, punishment, loss of parents, inappropriate behavior of animals, etc.

To social reasons include excessive severity of parents, voice overload due to learning several languages, insufficientattention of parents to the formation of the child's speech. It is very important that during the formation of speech parents talk with the child, clearly pronouncing all the sounds, and correct it, explaining how to correctly pronounce a particular word. Otherwise, it is not rare that there is an instantaneous speaking, utterance of words on exhalation, disturbances in sound reproduction.

How to cure stuttering?

How to cure stuttering It is necessary to start treatment with the advice of a psychoneurologist who can prescribe soothing drugs that relieve spasms of the speech muscles. Also the doctor will necessarily estimate an atmosphere in family and will prompt concrete educational methods. If necessary, recommend, specialists who should be connected to treatment.

The main methods of treatment for stuttering are:

  • Speech therapies - release speech from the stuttering child from stress, by eliminating the pronunciation incorrectness and bringing up a clear articulation, as well as rhythm, fluency, expressiveness of speech.
  • Breathing Exercises is the traditional method of treatment, which makes it possible to make the voice natural and free. Regular repetition of exercises allows you to train the diaphragm, make it participate in the process of voice formation, learn to breathe deeply, make the vocal cords mobile.
  • Acupressure is one of the practices of alternative medicine. Stuttering is treated by affecting the points located on the back, face, chest and legs of the child.
  • Computer programs as a method of treatment for stuttering suggest the use of specially developed computer systems to synchronize the auditory and speech centers of the child. By recording the child's voice with a microphone, the program plays the speech with a delay for a split second. The child listens and tries to adjust to his own voice. As a result of such exercises, the child's speech gradually becomes continuous and smooth.
  • Medical treatment is used as an auxiliary method in a complex general course. The doctor can recommend anticonvulsant, tranquilizer or other drugs.
  • The psychotherapeutic techniques are based on the notion that stuttering is a form of learned behavior. At the same time the efforts of the doctor are aimed at convincing the child to speak confidently and freely, without fear and "inhibition".The most common methods of this method are distraction, relaxation techniques and hypnosis.

The most important thing in the treatment of stuttering is a serious attitude towards the problem, responsible and regular implementation of all the doctor's recommendations. It is also necessary to adequately perceive the problem that has arisen, be ready for change, including in its relationship with the child.