How to wean a child by hand?

On careful and gentle mother's hands, babies can spend hours on end. In the arms of a loved one and a loved one it is much more pleasant to eat, sleep and explore the world. But the woman herself may not like this pastime. On how to wean the child of this habit, read on.

Why does a child like to be in his arms?

Sometimes it may seem to the mother that the desire of the baby to get in his arms is a form of manipulation. In this there is some truth, if it is a grown-up child. The need for the same babies to stay with the mother in her arms usually has completely objective reasons:

  • Pain, discomfort or hunger. For example, painful sensations in infantile colic pass faster if you hold the child to him and shake a little. And feed the baby is comfortable, holding it in his arms.
  • Fear and insecurity. The kid comes into this world without knowledge and experience. Therefore, much of his environment seems hostile and frightening. On the hands of my mother is much calmer than in a large and u
    ncomfortable bed.
  • The need for new impressions. The child just does not like the whole day to spend in his crib, looking at the wall. It is much more interesting to wander around the house. If the crumb is not yet able to move independently, the hands of adults become the only possible vehicle.

Otdition at the hands of the baby

Children must take up to a year on their hands, because their need for intimacy with their mother is still too great. If your child is too "manual", and does not give you the opportunity to do household chores or just relax, then try these methods:

  • Take your kid everywhere with you. Move the child around the house in a stroller, car seat or a special chaise longue. So he will always be with you, which will save him from a sense of loneliness.
  • Hug, but do not hold. If the baby cried, especially during sleep, do not immediately grab it and rock. Stroke the crumb on the back, hold it to you, kiss it, sing the song. In the case where the cause of crying is not serious, such actions are sufficient.
  • Diversify children's leisure. The child is bored lying in bed without a cause, so you can hang your mobile, and decorate the walls with bright pictures. Among children over six months, developing mats or simply scattered toys are very popular.

Ottuchenie at the hands of an older child

Otutchenie at the hands of an older child Undoubtedly, schoolchildren do not ask for their hands, but children of 2-3 years often express such a desire. At the same time, it is physically difficult for mother to raise a grown up child. Here's what you can do in this case:

  • Take care. The need for mother's hands often results from the desire to attract attention. Maximum free time should be spent with the child so that he does not feel abandoned.
  • Entertainment and team games. Together with the baby build houses from pillows, put dolls to sleep, erect locks from the designer. You can also invite a few friends to make the crumbs more fun, and he forgot about your hands.
  • A fascinating walk. To walk along the street without any attempts to ride on my mother, the child needs to be distracted by interesting tasks. Let him name the colors of cars or explore the tracks left on the ground.

To disaccustom a child by hand, you can offer him an alternative. But better enjoy moments of intimacy with your baby, because very soon he himself does not want to sit in your arms.

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