What kinds of sports are suitable for children?

Many books and articles are written about the benefits of sports activities for children. Sport helps to keep cheerfulness and mobility, to throw out the accumulated energy, to be more disciplined. Also, sport is a good way to strengthen immunity. Doctors say that small sportsmen suffer from cold and cardiovascular diseases much less often than other children. A very important question, what kind of sport to choose for a child?

How to choose?

In order to competently pick up a sports section, one desire of a child or parents is not enough. It is necessary to determine the physical abilities of the baby, and also to take into account the state of health. There are many special scientific methods that determine the child's predispositions to various sports.

Each child comes to this world, already having certain sports makings, which can be revealed even at a very early age. Usually such testing does not take too much time and is conducted in the form of a game. If parents are thinking about a profe

ssional sports career for their child, then you should pass this test as early as possible. After all, for many sports there are certain age limits for a possible start.

If sports will be used exclusively for health and general development, you can less carefully approach the choice of sport. It is important that there are no medical contraindications for these classes, so that the lessons will benefit, not harm.

At what age should I start?

Sports laboratories and research centers have set the optimal time for starting classes in different sports sections:

  • 6-7 years is the most favorable time for starting sports or artistic gymnastics, sports acrobatics, figure skating, trampolining, water sports( swimming, water skiing, jumping in the water), as well as large and table tennis, hockey and wushu.
  • 8-9 years - the time of basketball, football, skiing, orienteering, volleyball, handball, biathlon, bobsled, water polo, speed skating, track and field, sailing, skiing, rugby.
  • 10-11 years - time for practicing athletics and boxing, horse and luge sports, academic rowing, rock climbing, fencing, cycling, wrestling, martial arts, archery.

What to choose from?

Which one to choose for a child To team sports include football, volleyball, basketball, hockey, etc. These sports will be of interest to mobile, sociable children who are not inclined to individual manifestation, but on the contrary feel more confident when speaking in a team.

Positive impact of team sports:

  • development of endurance, speed, response;
  • strengthening of the visual and musculoskeletal system;
  • improvement of lung and heart function;
  • an opportunity to throw out emotions and aggression;
  • team work helps you learn to solve conflicts peacefully and coexist in a team.

To , the martial arts of include karate, aikido, boxing, taekwondo, sambo, judo, etc. Suitable for boys and girls. Martial arts classes contribute:

  • to the development of endurance, accuracy of movements, flexibility, good response;
  • develop self-protection skills that can be very useful in life;
  • splash emotional aggression;
  • development of self-control;
  • health improvement.

Classes gymnastics or sports dances will suit artistic children. They help to develop:

  • flexibility, endurance, accuracy and refinement of movements;
  • beautiful graceful posture;
  • creativity of the child;
  • the ability to keep yourself on stage, to speak to the public.

Classes floating will cause delight in children who like to splash in the water( and such a large part), in addition, the swimming promotes:

  • to strengthen the musculoskeletal system;
  • improve blood circulation and work of the nervous system;
  • strengthening of immunity( effect of hardening).

Classes are useful for children suffering from myopia, diabetes, scoliosis, obesity.

If the child is engaged in track-and-field athletics ( running, walking, javelin throwing, long jump, height, etc.), the

  • strengthens the musculoskeletal system;
  • formation of dexterity, speed, strength, endurance;
  • appearance of a sense of will to victory.

It is important that the baby likes doing this kind of sport, then he can achieve great results.

and figure skating classes for are very useful as they are excellent:

  • improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system;
  • strengthens the musculoskeletal system;
  • develop endurance;
  • improve immunity( hardening effect);
  • helps children suffering from osteochondrosis, metabolic disorders, scoliosis.

In these classes, children who love the winter, easily bear the cold, artistic will be able to fully express themselves.

Tennis is an excellent choice for ambitious, mobile and well-coordinated children. Helps develop:

  • quickness of reaction, dexterity of movements;
  • dedication and ability to win;
  • the work of the respiratory system.

Tennis is useful for children with metabolic disorders and osteochondrosis.

Horse riding helps to cope with their shortcomings nervous, restless, not self-confident children. Will delight kids who love animals.

Undoubted advantages of this sport are:

  • small physical exertion;
  • active work of the muscles of the back and legs;
  • treatment of mental disorders;
  • unforgettable emotions, which brings communication with horses.

Whatever sports section you choose, remember: the child himself must decide whether he will become a professional athlete, or the sport will be just a hobby. The success of classes will, first of all, hang from whether the kid likes what he does.

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