Skin care on the abdomen after childbirth

Flabbiness of the skin on the abdomen after pregnancy and childbirth is quite common. The skin stretches, loses its elasticity. Even after losing weight, it can no longer take its original form and is covered with unpleasant fine wrinkles. Many mothers are familiar with this problem. If you are familiar with it first-hand, then it's time to act. In this article we will tell you how to tighten the skin of the abdomen after childbirth.

Lose weight gradually, so that the skin "has time" for reducing body weight. Consider that the elasticity of the skin is proportional to the age of the person. During pregnancy, you need to follow not only the proper nutrition, but also daily lubricate the skin of the legs, abdomen and thighs with a special cream or oil from stretch marks. Proper care will save stretched skin on the abdomen after childbirth.

Cosmetic care will increase the elasticity of the skin. And this means that the saggy belly after birth does not threaten you. To maternal happiness is not oversha

dowed by a corrupted figure, you need to take care of yourself in advance. If you still have flabby skin on your stomach after giving birth, do not get discouraged. Practically from any acquired shortcomings the figure can be got rid of.

How to tighten the skin of the abdomen after childbirth?

Swimming pool. Swimming is the most effective, simple and pleasant way. Therefore, do not mourn the former beauty, it is better to run into the pool. The weakened nerves of young mothers will calm the water as best as possible. Of course, yesterday you could carelessly sleep before dinner, go shopping and do yourself. And now all the personal space and free time was occupied by the insanely beloved, little man. Changes in life are not all possible to take immediately, hence the tearfulness and depression. And then there are unpleasant surprises in the form of flabby skin, stretch marks and excess weight. How here not to be upset! But if you are crying and inactive, the situation itself will not change. Swimming will help restore the beauty of the body, and over time the stomach will again become elastic and smooth.

Hoop or hula hoop. If you do not have the time and opportunity to visit the pool, remember the old proven tool - the hoop. Only the hoop is needed not simplified, but stuffed with special "balls".It is with those who are able to initially leave bruises on your waist, unusual to such loads. But beauty requires sacrifice. So, having laid the child to sleep, begin to twist the hoop. Enough half an hour, but they must be daily.

Masks for the abdomen. After the hoop mask will calm the skin on your stomach and help in dealing with stretched skin. For a basis take blue and white clay. They have a unique regenerating effect, that is, the ability to make your skin supple. You can also put a mask on your face. It is enough to repeat the procedure once a week. A few months later, from the sagging skin on the abdomen after childbirth and bad mood, there will be no trace. But do not forget about the pool and hula-hoop. One masks of clay with such a serious lack of skin can not cope.

Essential oils. To wash off the mask with clay is best in the bathroom with essential oils. Essential oils really help to get rid of the stretched skin. Suitable juniper, orange and jojoba oil, it can be added to the bath with hot water a few drops. The above mentioned oils can also become an excellent basis for a traditional massage. The skin will be toned if applied before a massage. It is important to choose natural essential oils for such procedures, and massage regularly.

Morning jogging. Charge the child for half an hour to a young father. And get yourself sneakers with mezzanines and a run! It's time to get good habits and get back in shape. Pregnancy has made your adjustments to your figure, but notice that the issue of flabby stomach is often worried about the nulliparous women.

Fitness classes. If morning runs are not your option, buy a subscription to the gym. Of course, regular fitness classes will provide your muscles with a significant load. Home fitness and aerobics classes can successfully replace the gym. Do not forget about the morning exercises, climb the stairs on foot, swing the press. In a word - lead an active lifestyle, and your skin will be in shape. After playing sports, the waist will be thinner, and the legs - slimmer.

Trekking in the bath. Regular trips to the bathhouse are what young mom needs to return to the form. Take a thermos with an infusion of herbs, a strong birch broom and a good companion. The bath will give elasticity and freshness to the skin, excellent mood and pleasure. Well, if next to the steam room there is a pool with cold water. The contrast of temperatures gives a tremendous effect on the skin. So for health and beauty, go to the bath!

Stop eating. It's about diet again. It is not necessary to eat for two because of habit. Do not forget that all the extra calories are stored on the waist. Flabby skin, your folds on the sides, double chin - not the result of birth, and the consequence of the habit is at night, and there is a lot. So overweight is completely your fault. Do not eat too much, limit the sweet and fatty. Give the fried potatoes to your husband, and then he will love you not only for a rich inner world, but for a chic figure.

Summing up

Stretched skin on the abdomen after childbirth If you have entered into a fight with excess weight and are full of determination, the result will not take long. Just do not forget that jogging once a week and a hoop put in a corner will not be of use. We need complex measures: regular massages, diets, training.

And remember that you do not need to be too hasty. Allow the body to recover after delivery. Before starting workouts, it is best to consult a doctor. The expert will help to determine how young the mother is ready for training. But do not put off doing sports in the long box, either. Rather resume the exercises, you will quickly get rid of the stretched skin on the abdomen after childbirth.

Do not wait for an instant result. Sometimes it takes months to restore the original shape. Not seeing a month's desired effect of training, do not despair. Regularity, discipline and perseverance will necessarily lead you to the goal.

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