Vitamins alphabet for pregnant women

Vitamins Alphabet for pregnant women( Alphabet Mom's health) is a vitamin and mineral complex, which includes vitamins, minerals and other substances necessary for the future mother and her baby. The peculiarity of this vitamin preparation is that it is created taking into account the interaction of all its constituent components. This ensures hypoallergenicity of the remedy and increases the effectiveness of vitamin prevention by 30%.

Composition Alphabet for pregnant women

Vitamins Alphabet for pregnant women are issued in blisters for 60 tablets of different colors: orange, yellow, white with a cream tint. The composition of tablets of each color includes a certain set of useful substances.

The yellow tablet "Iron +" contains the following components:

  • vitamin B1( 1.2 mg) - normalizes the nervous system, takes part in the contractile function of the myocardium;
  • vitamin C( 50 mg) - is necessary to maintain the immunity and function of cellular respiration;
  • folic acid( 300 μg) - is in
    volved in the synthesis of hemoglobin, prevents fetal developmental defects;
  • beta-carotene( 2 mg) is a precursor of vitamin A, which is necessary for the biosynthesis of the pigment of the retina, the growth and renewal of the structure of the skin, dentin, bone tissue;
  • iron( 20 mg) - is part of the hemoglobin of the blood, its deficiency causes the development of anemia;
  • copper( 1 mg) - takes part in the exchange of iron and cellular respiration;
  • taurine( 50 mg) is an organic acid.

Blue tablet in the Alphabet for pregnant women "Antioxidants +" contains such components:

  • beta-carotene( 2 mg);
  • vitamin E( 12 mg) - takes part in the production of female sex hormones, the biosynthesis of hemoglobin, is a natural antioxidant;
  • vitamin C( 40 mg);
  • vitamin B2( 1 mg) - activates the processes of renewal in the tissues of the body;
  • vitamin PP, nicotinamide,( 19 mg) - takes part in the metabolism of proteins, regulates the functioning of the digestive tract, has a neurotropic effect;
  • vitamin B6( 2 mg) - is involved in the growth and renewal of the structure of gums, dentin, bone tissue, the process of formation of red blood cells;
  • magnesium( 50 mg) - is involved in neuromuscular transmission of impulses, is necessary for the mineralization of bone tissue;
  • selenium( 40 mcg) - is necessary for maintaining the norm of the chromosome apparatus, protecting the genetic functions of the organism;
  • iodine( 150 mcg) - one of the main elements of the thyroid hormones, regulates the activity of metabolic processes in the body;
  • manganese( 1 mg) - is involved in the mineralization of bone tissue;
  • molybdenum( 25 mg) - is necessary for the production of coenzymes and enzymes involved in metabolic processes;
  • zinc( 12 mg) is an important constituent of many enzymes, takes part in the metabolism and biosynthesis of hormones, as well as in the formation of leukocytes.

White with a creamy shade tablet "Calcium D3 +" The alphabet for pregnant women has the following substances:

  • vitamin D3( 10 μg) - regulates the absorption of phosphorus and calcium in the intestines, ensures the mineralization of bone tissue;
  • calcium pantothenate( 5 mg) - takes part in the oxidation, fat and carbohydrate metabolism;
  • folic acid( 300 μg);
  • vitamin B12( 3 mcg) - normalizes the work of the nervous system, participates in the formation of red blood cells;
  • vitamin H, biotin,( 30 mcg) - takes part in the metabolism of fatty acids;
  • vitamin K1( 60 mcg) - is the main factor of the blood coagulation system, regulates the function of the liver, heart, has a miotropic effect;
  • chrome( 25 mcg) - normalizes blood pressure, takes part in the metabolism of carbohydrates;
  • phosphorus( 125 mg) - regulates metabolism, acid-base balance, activates cell division and growth, improves heart function;
  • calcium( 250 mg) - activates the blood coagulation system, is necessary for the mineralization of dentin and bone tissue.

Features of the pharmacological action of the Alphabet Mom's health

As noted in the medical reviews about the Alphabet for pregnant women, the peculiarity of this vitamin-mineral complex is the biochemical full compatibility of vitamins and elements contained in one tablet. Thanks to the separation of vitamins and elements, the simultaneous administration of active substances that are capable of affecting one another, thus reducing the effectiveness of the drug administration, is excluded.

As a result of the carefully thought-out composition of each tablet of the vitamin-mineral complex, the absorption of iron, 30% of vitamin B12, 36% of calcium and 34% of manganese is doubled.

In addition, according to reviews on the Alphabet for pregnant women, the use of this drug is much less likely to cause the development of allergic reactions of the body than other vitamin products that have the same composition.

Indications for use

As indicated in the instructions of the Alphabet for pregnant women, indications for its use are the increased need for vitamins, micro- and macro elements during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Also, this drug is recommended for taking with irrational diet, intensive mental and physical exertion, long-term antibiotic treatment, during the postoperative period.

Alphabet for pregnant women - a way of using

Alphabet for pregnant women Tablets of different colors Alphavita Mamino health is taken separately, with intervals of at least 4 hours. In total, three tablets of different color are taken per day.

The length of the course of treatment is determined by the physician. As a rule, it is one month, after which a two-week break and a second course of admission are necessary.

Each tablet of the vitamin-mineral complex is consumed inside during a meal and washed down with a sufficient amount of pure still water.

Contraindications and side effects of the Alphabet for pregnant women

According to the instructions of the Alphabet for pregnant women, this drug is contraindicated for people who have hypervitaminosis or excessive mineralization of the body. Also, a contraindication to the intake of vitamins is thyrotoxicosis and a child up to 12 months.

The only side effects of Alpha Mamino's health may be allergic reactions to certain components of the drug.

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