How to quickly lose weight after giving birth: safe ways

Pregnancy is the most beautiful time in the life of every woman. However, many of us who carefully follow their figure are probably afraid that after giving birth they will not be able to regain the former tightened form of

. The imagination does not appear the most attractive picture: overweight after birth, stretch marks, saggy breasts. .. In fact,harmony after the birth of a child can be in the shortest time, the main thing - that was the desire and perseverance. Today, we tell the readers how to lose weight quickly after giving birth.

Minimize the consequences - the main goal before the birth of

To start thinking about your figure is needed even during pregnancy itself. The more you indulge your not always useful whims, the more time it will take to recover from the birth of the baby.

Of course, and to limit yourself in everything also is not worth it, the body of the future mother should receive vitamins and beneficial microelements to the maximum. Ideally, you need to develop, together w

ith a nutritionist-professional, a special diet for pregnant women, which will help maintain a healthy balanced diet and minimize the number of not very useful foods in the diet.

In the diet for pregnant women there is nothing particularly new. The main postulates remain the same as with an ordinary healthy diet: do not overeat, eat small portions five to six times a day, exclude fast food, soda and fatty foods.

Great harm to the child and the figure also brings alcohol, canned foods, sausages, convenience foods, too many sweets and coffee.

During pregnancy, you should eat more fresh vegetables, fruits with a low sugar content, dairy products of low fat content, white meat and cereals. This not only helps to get more useful vitamins and minerals for the growth and development of the child, but also helps to keep the beautiful figure after his birth.

Also during pregnancy, you do not need to completely limit yourself in movement - of course, excessive physical activity is contraindicated at this time, but there are entire complexes of special exercises for pregnant women, special gymnastics and yoga. It is very useful for pregnant women to visit the pool. You can just arrange a regular walking tour. Small loads will not harm the baby, besides it will help to keep muscles in a tonus and will facilitate the process of childbirth.

Achieving the ideal is a noble goal after the birth of

Weight after birth After giving birth, it's time to take up the restoration of the figure with full force. The answer to the question of how quickly to lose weight after childbirth, has long been known, perhaps, to every woman who follows her appearance: you need to eat less and move more.

For the normalization of weight after birth, do not sit on a very strict diet, because you still have to breastfeed. In this case, you must follow the same principles of nutrition as in pregnancy: nothing greasy, salty, less spices and sugar, completely eliminate alcohol and coffee, in return - more vegetables, dairy products and useful grains.

To those who from the very beginning transfer the child to artificial food, lose weight will be a little more difficult. After all, they do not have a limit, so many women who do not breast-feed after a birth with pleasure eat everything that they had to deny themselves for nine months.

The following recommendations will be very useful for women who control their taste preferences and really have a great desire to restore a slim figure after delivery:

  • Vegetables are the main weight loss friend. Prepare delicious vegetable salads, but do not dress them with mayonnaise. For filling, lemon juice or olive oil is suitable.
  • You do not need to completely exclude meat from the ration, but do not fry it during cooking, better boil it or use a steamer. Also important is the choice of meat: chicken breast, low-fat turkey or rabbit meat will not harm the figure and replenish protein stores for muscles.
  • Porridge for breakfast should become a permanent habit. Oat flakes are energized for the whole day and normalize the digestive tract.
  • Dairy products are simply necessary, because during pregnancy the body lost a lot of calcium. However, monitor their fat content.

Well, of course, do not forget about sports. Of course, motherhood involves a lot of movement and physical activity, especially in the first months. Do not immediately run to the gym - the body of a young mother should recover a little after giving birth. In a month and a half or two months, you can start restoring the muscles of the press to remove excess centimeters on your stomach.

If you start to study immediately after childbirth can not wait, sign up for special gymnastics courses, pilates or dancing. Also, try to walk more with the child - walking will also help in the process of losing weight.

You can get rid of unnecessary folds on your stomach by wrapping it. This simple procedure does not take much time. Clays( blue, pink or black) are best suited for wrapping. Dilute the clay with water, apply the resulting mixture to the problem areas and wrap them with a film. Rinse the clay after about 10 minutes. Repeat this procedure two or three times a week. For a change, mix clay with sea salt, honey or olive oil.

If you follow the above recommendations in the diet and the absence of laziness after childbirth, any woman will certainly be able to regain a beautiful figure in just a couple of months.

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