Exercises for slimming belly and sides

So it is conceived by nature that fat deposits on a female figure basically accumulate on the abdomen and hips. At the same time, every woman dreams of having a beautiful figure that is impossible without a thin waist and a flat stomach. This explains the great popularity of physical exercises for weight loss of the abdomen and sides. There are many complexes of such exercises. It is very important not only to choose the right combination for classes, but also to approach it correctly.

How to make abdominal weight loss exercises effective?

Fitness specialists advise not just to repeat exercises for rapid weight loss of the stomach, but to visualize what happens during their performance in the body, which muscles contract, strain, and which stretch. For this, briefly get acquainted with the muscular structure of the abdomen.

The anterior and lateral walls of the abdomen are formed by abdominal muscles - straight, transverse and oblique. The totality of these muscles is called the abdominal press.

This name is due to the fact that with the simultaneous reduction of these muscles, they press on the organs located in the abdominal cavity. With the muscles of the abdomen, the body tilts forward, sideways, turning to the sides. Also these muscles are involved in respiratory movements.

It matters how many times a week to do a set of exercises for weight loss of the abdomen. If you practice every day, the belly will become embossed, but, at the same time, and voluminous. For a thin waist is better to practice three times a week. Do not expect from exercises for weight loss belly fast effect. Fat deposits accumulate in the abdomen and sides not for one year. Therefore, they will leave too long. In addition, physical exercises will have a greater effect if you adhere to proper nutrition, eliminating from the diet high-calorie and harmful foods. Well after the end of the exercises take a shower, then massage the problem areas with a special cream.

For maximum effectiveness, exercises for weight loss of the abdomen and sides begin to perform with 8-10 repetitions, gradually bringing up to 20-30 repetitions. The number of approaches is also gradually increased to three. Rest between sets is 5-10 seconds. Complex exercises for weight loss belly

Complex of exercises for weight loss of the abdomen and sides

Like any other exercises, exercises for weight loss of the abdomen begin to perform after a warm-up. As a warm-up, you can make slopes, squats, twists of the trunk.

We present an effective complex of exercises for weight loss of the abdomen.

Exercise 1. Lie on your back, put your hands behind your head( it's best not to lock them in the lock), bend your knees and cross. On exhalation lift the body and stretch to the knees, on inhalation return to the initial position. The exercise is aimed at the muscles of the upper press.

Exercise 2. Lie on your back, put your hands under your buttocks, legs stretched out. Raise your feet 15 cm from the floor, do swings crosswise. Important: make sure that the waist is firmly pressed to the floor. This exercise uses the muscles of the lower press.

Exercise 3. Lie on your back, put your hands behind your head, bend your knees, feet are pressed to the floor. Ankle your right leg on the knee of your left leg. Raise the body of the body, trying to reach out with the left elbow to the right knee. After making the necessary number of repetitions, change your leg. The exercise trains the oblique abdominal muscles.

Exercise 4. Lie on your back, bend your legs in your lap, press your waist firmly to the floor. Leaning on the shoulders and feet, slowly lift the pelvis forward and up. At the upper point, hold for 30 seconds, then slowly sink to the floor. This exercise well trains the rectus abdominis muscle.

Exercise 5. Stand upright, legs slightly bent at the knees, hands in the lock behind the head. Do the slopes to the right and left, trying not to turn the body of the body and do not bend back. Effective exercise for the lateral muscles.

Exercise 6. Lay down on the left side, the forearm of the left hand rests against the floor, perpendicular to the trunk, the right hand is located at the waist. Simultaneously lift the straight legs and trunk, then lower. This exercise involves the lateral muscles of the trunk.

Exercise 7. Lie on the floor, legs straight, hands behind the head. Simultaneously lift the body and legs, trying to connect them at the top point. The exercise involves the upper and lower press.

Exercise 8. Sit on the floor, leaning back on the forearms of the arms. Bent at the knees, pull to the buttocks. Tilt your legs to the floor, first to the right side, then to the left. In this case, try not to tear your feet off the floor. This is an effective exercise for the oblique muscles of the abdomen and lower press.

Exercise 9. For this exercise you will need a 1.0-1.5 kg dumbbell( you can take plastic bottles with water).Stand up straight, place your legs slightly wider than your hips. Lean first to the right side, while the right hand with the dumbbell slides down the right leg. Return to the starting position, make a slope to the left side. The exercise is aimed at working out the lateral muscles.

Stretching of abdominal muscles

Specialists recommend each set of exercises to finish stretching the muscles. Thanks to the stretching of the muscles, which worked intensively, they will relax, which will add efficiency to the exercises.

The most common stretching of the muscles after the exercises for weight loss of the abdomen.

Stretching of the rectus abdominis muscles. Lie on your back, arms extend upwards and spread wider than your shoulders, bend your knees slightly, feet on the floor. Bend the chest so that an arc is formed between the coccyx and the shoulder blades. Hold for 5-10 seconds, return to the starting position.

Stretching of oblique abdominal muscles. Lay down on your back, arms extend upwards and bend at the elbows, legs bend at the knees, feet on the floor. Closed legs slowly tilt in one direction, head turn into the other. Hold in this position for 5-10 seconds, feeling a pleasant sipping of the sides. Repeat the other way.

During stretching, make sure that the loin is firmly pressed to the floor. For a more compact pressing, you can put under it a folded several times a towel.

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