Exercises for weight loss of the sides

Aspen waist is the dream of every woman. She gives the figure femininity, fragility and refinement. The right female figure is associated with an hourglass.

The lack of a waistline can be caused by an improper diet, lifestyle. Predisposition to the fat layer on the sides is often due to genetic factors. This is not a verdict. Stubborn training of oblique muscles of the abdominal press will give a positive result.

Of course, getting rid of fat at the waist is difficult, but possible. You do not have to delude yourself, you can not make an aspen waist in one week. Losing weight is a long-term and time-consuming process.

Rules of training

To achieve the result, observe the rules of training:

  • You need to work at least 5 days a week. Otherwise, you will not see the proper effect, the stomach and sides will stay in place.
  • Observe the correct power mode. Try not to eat an hour before and after your workout.
  • Be sure to warm up before training. It can be jumping rope, hoop, a small jog.
  • There is a myth: the more repetitions and approaches, the faster the press is pumped. Choose for yourself the optimal intensity of training, so as not to tear the heart muscle.
  • Swing the press correctly: in the supine position, the lower back should be pressed to the floor. For the waist, a swing with a deflection is dangerous.
  • In order for the lower part of the press to work, it is necessary to raise and lower the legs, not the trunk.
  • Be careful! Twisting, lifting the whole body can be dangerous for the waist.

Effective exercises for weight loss of the sides

To achieve a visible result, a full complex of exercises for abdominal muscles is needed. Mostly, the oblique abdominal muscles must be involved. Have enough perseverance and patience. Training problem areas should be held daily.

Wrap .This is an effective tool for shaping the aspen waist used by our grandmothers. The hoop does not give up its position now. Every day, spend 20-30 minutes with him. In a month you will certainly achieve visible results.

What is the secret? During the rotation of the hoop all muscles of the abdomen are strained. There is a load on the entire problem area. The muscles of the abdominal press are tightened, they come in tone. During the rotation, the hoop massages, breaks down the fat deposits, and has a mechanical effect. To workout was not boring, include good music. Rotation of the hoop can also be combined with viewing the series.

Massage. This is a great way to clean the sides. But do not rely on the fact that one course of massage will save you from the fat layer. The approach should be comprehensive. Massage will be a good addition to physical exercise and dietary nutrition.

Fitball .There are many fascinating and useful exercises on fitball.

Fitball uses muscle groups of virtually all parts of the body. The load on the gymnastic ball is gentle, the lessons are not tiresome.

Fun activity - jumping on fitbole. It is necessary to sit on the ball and jump on it, without lifting the buttocks from the ball, and the feet - from the floor. There is strengthening of the muscles of the press and legs.

Sitting on the ball, we proceed to eliminate excess fat at the waist. You just need to raise your legs to the sides, do not take your feet off the floor. Then you should perform deep turns with your body to the right, then to the left.

Then you need to lie back on the floor. Putting your feet on the fitball, you need to raise and lower the pelvis. Exercises for slimming the sides for women are "twisting".They can also be performed using a gym ball. To do this, in the same position, tear off the body from the floor. Hands behind the head. We squeeze our left elbow to the right knee, go back to the floor. We change the side.

Exercises for slimming your sides at home

Exercises for slimming the sides at home

Particular attention in the complex training should be given to oblique abdominal muscles. So:

  • In the supine position, the legs are together( slightly bent at the knees), hands behind the head "in the lock".Expand the legs to the right side, the back while lying flat. Exhale. Breathe - when returning to the starting position. Repeat the exercise by opening your knees to the left. If this exercise is performed correctly, you will notice the tension of the oblique muscles of the abdomen. Do 2 sets of 30 repetitions.
  • Lie on your left side, put your left hand in front of you, your right hand behind your head. Bending your knees, raise your head and legs. The elbow should be pulled to the side. Turn to the right side and repeat. Do 2 sets of 30 times.
  • Put your feet on the width of the shoulders, hands along the trunk. Do slopes one by one to the right and to the left. Try to bend down as low as possible. Make 40 slopes in each direction. The load can be increased by picking up weights. Giri can be replaced with plastic bottles filled with water.
  • Place your feet shoulder width apart. Hands are linked to the lock at the left thigh. You need to sit down as deep as possible. With your hands, make a semicircle above your head towards the right thigh. Do two approaches 30 times. This exercise is for slimming your sides for women.
  • Lie on the right side of the ball. Feet straight, right hand on the floor. Raise your left foot 25 times. Turn to the left side, perform 25 lifts with your left foot.
  • Bicycle is an effective exercise for losing weight on the sides. Lie down on the floor. Slightly raise your legs and twist the pedals, imitating cycling. The lower the foot above the floor, the greater the load.
  • Slow running in place. Legs need to be raised as high as possible. This exercise is for the muscles of the abdomen and buttocks. Observe the correct breathing.

Fat burning wraps in combination with exercises will increase the effectiveness of the process of losing weight. Burning of fat on the sides and abdomen will go faster if you spread them with anti-cellulite cream, and then wrap with food film. The thermal effect will make it possible to successfully combat sediments on the sides.

It is not necessary to attend a fitness center or gym, to help in the fight for slenderness, slimming exercises at home will come. Remember that the body used fat cells as fuel, you need to practice for at least 30 minutes. Regular exercise for the sides is the key to success.

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