Fortune-telling( palmistry): the significance of lines

The mysterious sciences, which are not accessible to everyone, allow us to predict the life path of a person. Chiromancy was always popular - fortune-telling. It was believed that everything in the palm of a person is waiting for him. People who know how to read lines on the upper limbs of a person - palmists, have their secrets of predictions. However, ordinary people interested in esotericism may well submit to fortune telling. Our article will be devoted to some aspects of this process: both general principles and specific signs.

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General principles for the interpretation of

lines Perhaps most of us have heard that there are lines in the palm of your hand that are responsible for a particular aspect of life: heart, mind, life, and others. Before taking on the value of each, it is necessary to find out what signs to look for in them.

Divination by hands, in addition to being correlated with each line separately, has general principles.

So, the lines are interpreted according to their o

utline: with a pronounced quality line they are stronger than with a poorly delineated line.

chiromancy divination by hand

If the line has flaws( shapes, chains) or is interrupted, this indicates the difficulties of those aspects of life to which the line refers.

As you can see, general principles in palmistry are easy to understand for themselves, because they are logical. We next consider the divination of the hand: the meaning of the lines and their location.

Heart line

Heart line shows the sensual component of a person's life. It starts from the rib of the hand - under the little finger - it passes through the upper part of the brush and breaks off at the middle or index finger.


It happens, it seems that there is no line of the heart in the palm of your hand, but in fact it is not. Just the lines of the head and heart are aligned, that they speak of their possessor as a man of reason. Because of such nuances, fortune telling is a difficult but interesting science. Next, we will give an explanation of some signs of the line of the heart.

  1. Heart line with almost no branches, well-drawn and bright - in front of you a person who rarely changes his attachments, but he is not averse to narcissism and ignoring the interests of others.
  2. A narrow line that does not have branches indicates that the person is on his mind, secretive and uncommunicative.
  3. Going up small "twigs" on the line characterize the nature, prone to affection and love. Offshoots that are looking down are loneliness.
  4. The line has a steep bend - a symbol of excessive sensitivity. The more straight line, the more indifferent to the problems of others.
  5. Too long line - sensitive and receptive nature. A person with a short line does everything under the influence of emotions.

In addition to form and length, palmistry( hand-held divination) takes into account the relative position, including the heart line.

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About the location of the heart line

It usually starts under the hill of Mercury( the little finger), but its end can be found in different places.

  1. The end on Saturn's hill - the owner is focused on his emotions, which are poorly controlled. If, in addition, the Venus hill( at the thumb) is well defined, the ardor of a person becomes stronger.
  2. The end of the line between Jupiter( index finger) and Saturn( middle) is a moderate emotionality that is relevant.
  3. The end of the line on the hill of Jupiter - devotees, honest people in love, they make their idols out of their chosen ones and are very worried if their ideal turns out to be not the one they cherished.
  4. The end of the line at the edge of the palm - a person may not exhibit the best emotional qualities, such as jealousy.

This concludes with the line of the person's sensory life and we will consider guessing on the hands of other aspects of the personality.

Line of the head( mind)

It starts near the line of life and ends next to the hill of Mercury( little finger).Palmistry, fortune telling, takes into account such features of it.

  1. A clear line of mind speaks of a clever person, whereas a weak line indicates an indecisive person with difficulty articulating thoughts.
  2. The owner of a long line is too focused on his thoughts, whereas the short line makes the thoughts superficial.

Location of the mind line

  1. If the beginning of the line of the mind is under the line of life, it speaks of weakness, uncertainty, the desire to please others. If from one place with a life line - a strong family influence, above the life line - independence, self-confidence.
  2. The end of the head line on the Moon Hill( at the edge of the palm) is an ingenious nature, which is prone to despondency. Fork-shaped end - a person's gift of writing. When a line is directed to a finger, it gives the person the qualities that this finger symbolizes.

The intermittent line of the mind shows the milestones essential for the destiny. Gaps, which coincide with the intervals on other lines, indicate a vital change.

Line of destiny

Guessing on hand the meaning of the lines of the palm of a man interprets and in terms of his fate. The corresponding line starts from the wrist and rises to the middle finger.

If you did not find this line on your hands, it means that a person avoids uniformity and does not make plans. A distinct line is reliability, responsibility. The presence of a line only on a working hand speaks about purposefulness, the line on the passive hand is dreaminess, hope.

The line begins high - a long search for its destination. The closer you get from the wrist, the sooner a person decides who he wants to be.

If the starting point for the line is the Moon Hill - you have a creative personality. The beginning next to the line of life is a long affection for the home.

The end of the line, located at the base of the middle finger, means an ability to work until old age. On the line of the heart - the abandonment of ambition due to the inability to plan.
Gaps on the line - any changes, overlapping breaks - a sign of changes for the better.

chiromancy of divination by the lines of hands

Life Line

Many of us very vaguely imagine fortune telling. And the line of life is the one that amateurs pay the most attention to.

The life line starts at the fold of the skin above the thumb, ends at the wrist. The beginning of the line in the zone of Jupiter indicates ambition, in the area of ​​the thumb - the lack of imagination. The further the line of life from the line of the head, the more independent the person.

Smooth, deep and clear line - an indicator of remarkable health and longevity.
Too bright line of bloody color indicates a bad state of health. A thin, barely noticeable line indicates a deplorable state of the body.

Interrupts and intersections - the presence of diseases or the likelihood of their development. United gaps - a person will survive what happened to him, breaks without connections say the opposite. The effect is enhanced if the gaps are visible on two hands. Changing the line after the gap speaks about the future life of the person: a good line - the case will change the destiny for the better, a bad line is a harbinger of troubles.

A curved line means energy, a sloping line is closed.
The sharp disappearance of the line indicates that good health will remain until death, the blurred end is the deterioration of well-being in old age, the end on the hill of Venus( near the thumb) is the love of the family hearth, the end on the hill of the Moon is the desire to travel.

palmistry of fortune-telling


The theme of our article was palmistry - guessing on the arm. This esoteric science has become very popular, and many people are interested in it. Someone was given an innate gift to foresee the future along the lines of the palm, and someone mastered certain skills by training and perseverance.

We now know about the general aspects of hand-to-hand handwriting and the interpretation of individual lines. Therefore, it's time to look at your palm and try to see the answer to an exciting question. ..

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